Monday, January 9, 2012

Three More To The Tubes

The older-eps-to-YouTube-migration is now as up to date as it can be, with the additons of #57: Supreme Responsibility, #58: Heavens to Metroid Revisited and #59: Bat-Slap.


Wholesale Printing said...

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Unknown said...

Great, thanks for re-posting these back on Youtube...I really hate ScrewAttack's media player, I prefer a loading line telling me the vid's finished and can watch it through without that damm re-buffering lag.

Oh and on the Heavens to Metroid rebuttal vid, even thought I wasn't one of those "Japan hates women" jaggoffs on forums (what forums do you go on to hear those comments BTW?). But I just read this news on Japanese legislation form the Escapist: The heading alone almost made me spitake my drink.

hazlenaut said...

I wonder if you can put in the reality bites episode or is that episode lost