Monday, January 23, 2012

Seeking Musicians

Are you or do you know a musician who works in the "chiptune" (aka "old-school video-game style music") medium? Looking for a potential opportunity for work and exposure? Read on!

"The Game OverThinker" needs some new theme and soundtrack music, and I'm looking to work with some independent chiptune-style artists in order to get it made.

Here's what I'd be looking for - and it need not come from only ONE artist (as easy as that would make my opening credits...)

- Music in the vein of NES-era Capcom/Konami games, composed as repeatable loops.
- A short, punchy "intro" theme.
- At least 2 "action" themes.
- A "sitting around the house" theme.
- A "scary/bad stuff happening" theme.
- A "funny hijinks" theme.

This would be the terms of any deal: The ONLY thing I'm going to ask for is permission/rights to use the pieces in the show - the original artists will retain ALL rights to their work and can do whatever else they want with it, and I will put that in writing.

If this is of interest to you, please post some contact information in the talkback below (if posting anonymously, please include something for me to call you.)


Dom Malloy said...

Hi, I'm definitely interested in this. I'm not the most experienced, but I can offer "chiptune-style" music. I think it would sound decent.

I can be contacted by email via or on Twitter by @BrothaDom, but email is probably the best.


Benjamin Carignan said...

Hey. My name is Benjamin Carignan, and I do music on a gameboy. I think I could contribute to this, I've already got a few pieces that I could adapt to fit.

My email is either ben at fangamer dot com, or twitter: @bencarignan

Peter Snyder said...


I just wanted to offer some of my tunes up for consideration. Some of them are already online at (Escape!, Van Victory, or C.R.J. are the most "pure" chiptunes, but you'd be more than welcome to use any of them). If you're interested at all, please feel free to reach me at snyderp @ gmail -dot- com.

Thanks for the great show!

Pete Snyder

Scott Glasgow said...

why don't you commission (or at least talk to) SoulEye, his stuff for VVVVV was amazing, and he's been doing lots of indie chiptune stuff for little to no money

Graham said...

Do you need the new theme before the next episode is released, or are you going to use it later?

Sawtooth said...

If you're still looking, I'd love to assist you with this. I'm a musician who dabbles in chiptune music.

Right here in particular is an album of covers of 1980s tunes done in 8-bit style that I made a year ago:

If you need a reference point for my music, my other tracks can be located here:

And if you need to contact me, please e-mail me at


Exiro said...

I can chiptune, but only cars.

Kerdek said...

Theodoric Stier, Amateur Hardstyle Producer, At Your Service.


DrBrodsky said...

Hi, I'm very interested. You can see my work in and contact me twiter: @ dr_brodsky

YouriX said...

You can have my track for free here is my link:

I can give you the code for the free download if you email me at yourix[AT]

antecedentless said...

This guy seems to have an awful lot of free time...

Ritchie Thai said...

I'd love to be involved.

I don't think this is the best thing I've written, but it's more chiptune-like than others.

I consider this one of the better things I've written.

Dustin Hiser said...

Challenge accepted. I'm on it. I'll be back when I'm done.


Omberg said...

Possible "Bad Stuff/Scary Theme" I whipped up:

Omberg said...

And this kind of Bluesy "Sitting around the house" chiptune:

Alex said...

Hey, I realy like you videos, and I'd love for my music to be a part of them. I usualy don't make exclusively 8-bit music, but I use some 8 bit elements in most of my songs, so I could make some completeley chiptune songs and send them to you if you email me at