Thursday, January 19, 2012

Resident Evil 6 is Looking a Little Brown

Yeah, so... I'm just gonna be the guy who says it: This trailer for "Resident Evil 6" makes it look suspiciously like Capcom's zombie franchise has caught the Call of Duty virus. Maybe that's just a marketing thing, but it doesn't fill me with confidence.


volvo crusher said...

Well at least there's Revelations. That demo was sweet.

O.T said...

Oh my God, I will squeal with glee if a japanese game company makes a better Call of Duty than the people who made Call of Duty.

I'm so psyched.

9jack9 said...

I'm not sure I see it.

Gameplay wise it mostly looks like they've added a cover shooting mechanic to 4's game play style. I like cover shooters just fine (though they get REALLY boring in the hands of a lazy dev team) and it makes me think they're going for a more action oriented focus, or rather they've accepted that no one finds these games scary and are just dropping the horror pretense, which is at least honest.

Aesthetic wise It looks to have the same "semi-realistic" look I remember 4 and 5 having had and a silly and stupid but played relatively straight sci-fi thiller story angle as well. I'm not sure where this differs from reasonable expectations considering where the series has been in recent outings.

Plus it probably won't have the same, er, "Unfortunate" implications that 5 did at least.

Aiddon said...

Bob, RE has ALWAYS skewed towards the gritty side of things when it comes to graphical presentation. However, it's never bothered mw like it does with CoD (or MANY modern shooters to be honest) due to the fact that RE always made up for it in enemy design and some EXTREMELY interesting artistic design.

Same thing with Dark Souls. It's very gritty and grimy, but the atmosphere and other aspects of the art make it unique. Heck, even Silent Hill does the "brown" spectrum but once again compensates with atmosphere and other aspects of the overall art design. Hate to break to ya, but this comment is nothing new nor is it actually a NEGATIVE for the RE series.

David said...

I don't see it either.

Aesthetically it barely recalls the series, specially Leon's setting and China (which look way better than anything the CoD has ever made).

And gameplay wise is like 9jack9 says. It's just going down the same path the series took from "Resident Evil 4". They just made the characters more agile and added a cover system.

Gotta say it looks awesome, though. I like how they are making Leon age.

Although I know of a lot of people who will be disappointed that the series keeps going with the action instead of going back to survival horror.

And before anyone says it, no, Leon's part doesn't look horror to me. It looks action with a darker setting.

Not something bad "per se", but a lot of people miss the old style.

Nixou said...


I think the team of Extra Credits explained it well: Horror is built around the fear of meeting something against which you're defenseless: as soon as the threat is:
1. Known (Zombies and genetically enginereed freaks),
2. Manageable (Send one or two zombie slaying badass survivors of Racoon City to take care of things),
the only moves which makes sense plotwise is to charge in gun blazing.

J.C. Hedges said...

I like that they seem to be using the cover mechanics for more than just hiding from bullets. Did anyone else catch Chris getting grabbed by some tentacle beast when he leaned out of cover? That's awesome!

Misterprickly said...

R.E. has always been on the dark n gritty side.
To think they might dump that in favor of a more LoZ:TP colour scheme is more than a little unrealistic.

Sure... It would be fun to see but I don't think it would maintain the seriousness of the subject matter.

Anonymous said...

COD virus? Is this going to be the latest thing you completely and utterly run into the ground? WE GET IT. YOU DON'T LIKE COD. That's just fine, but we don't need to hear about it every goddamned time.

Anonymous said...

Just look at this video! So many brown shooters! Gah! It's a disease! Kill it!

NathanS said...

Yeah, Bob, I don't want to be the one to have tell you this, but umm, guess what audience Capcom says they want to being in with this game...

Twinmill said...

Everyone has their right to their opinions, but, seriously? Grit itself doesn't mean something's bad. I will admit, by itself, it's getting old, but, it's like, if someone dismissed any Wii title because it's 'gheeeey'. Which people used to. Not so much anymore.

If that's what you're trying to accomplish, then fine. I personally don't see that as an issue, and most people irl, total badass broskis in college to play musical instruments, are more mature than the people you satirize, in that they don't judge. At all. It's almost like you're satirizing the people that share your views about brown, gritty games. Which, if that's your goal, then congratulations.

While I admit, if that's the case, I'm sort of offended, because I am one of those people, I won't write a gritty game off either just because it's the same color as crap. In fact, comments like that, they encourage me to give RE6 a bigger shot than I originally would have, in some backwards way.

flamebreak said...

Don't judge a game by its colour.
Just because you have 16 million colours at your disposal doesn't mean you need to use them all.
If its brown it may or may not use that colour and tonal scheme for specific atmospheric purposes.
RE is after all a Horror-ish type of game.

Assuming that its caught the Call of Duty bug just because it looks brown, is incredibly ignorant.

I Luv Vietnam said...

Here we go again with the COD hate. What's next? When the releases the announcement trailer for the next COD game, is Bob and all his little minions going to be out there in the streets demanding that every single person works at Treyarch and Infinity Ward to be burned at the stake? I don't really think I'm being exaggerative here, considering all the bile and outrage coming from the haters of MW3, for nearly nearly every single feature they showcased or announced. Weapon Proficiencies? RAGE! COD Elite? RAGE!! A girl being killed a cutscene, which is no less manipulative or cheap as Bioshock? DOUBLE RAGE!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm just leave this here:
"Resident Evil to attract Call Of Duty players says Capcom
Capcom has defended the series' increasingly action-orientated focus but admitted it dreams of attracting more Call Of Duty fans to the series."

powerman said...

I was thinking they needed a resident evil in cool ! I wish it was japan though. FYI: I have only played the main story line so im not sure of any off-shot titles. :) And chris used to be my favorite. I was the only one who was crazy to play him on hard. I waited patiently until he got his own RE, and then he got all dude-bro buff...

Leon on the other hand was alot more interesting, and starred in probably one of, if not the, greatest RE game. When i saw he was back, i knew "it was on" ! Such a weird feeling but ya, i think he is my favorite now... Besides Jills rack that is :)

Anonymous said...

It's not brown, it's greyge.

Anonymous said...

Makes it look like it HAS caught the Call of Duty virus? RE has been downright RIDDEN with that disease since 4, where it stopped being "survival horror" and started being "generic zombie action".

I sorely miss the days of having to decide whether I really had eight plus bullets to put into this zombie, or whether it was worth it to try to run by it and save the ammo for later. I miss the games actually having discernable layouts and planning beyond "run to lockdown A, shoot zombies coming from the other end of lockdown A, run to lockdown B, repeat".

willywild256 said...

I see what you mean, Bob. But I saw the same brown-ness in RE4 and definately in RE5 so until I play it I'll will remain carefully optimistic.

Besides, Capcom has said that their going for the COD crowd as well and from what I see they're not alienating their fanbase. At least not yet.

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