Thursday, January 5, 2012

Still More YouTube "New" Episodes, Plus Updates

Okay, here's the latest chunk of "new classics" now viewable on The Tubes: #54: Make It Rain, #55: What We Lost In The Fire and #56: Setting Sun.

Also, you may have seen earlier that I'll be busy at Arisia 2012...

Now, to show business: While I can't get into the specifics, I wanted to give people a head's-up that, while the production schedule of a series like this often makes "immediate" changes to format difficult, the concerns of many fans about the manner in which the "framing" skits are integrated into the main body of the show have been heard and a slight-but-significant "shakeup" in that format is coming soon (probably next episode, or at least an explanation thereof) that I think will A.) lead to better episodes overall and B.) be found agreeable by many.

Additionally, I wanted to say how glad I am that the "RetroThinker" storyline is being so well-recieved for the most part. On my end, he's a nice change of pace from the pantomime-slapstick of playing the two ninjas and the one-note douchiness of Anti-Thinker.

I'm aware that some are concerned that his "arc" is turning into a polemic against modern gaming; but to those fans I'd say please stay tuned and see where it actually ends up. I can't promise that everyone will LIKE where this character's "journey" is going... but I also don't think it's a direction many are "predicting" yet.

So, yeah... stay tuned for that :)


Anonymous said...

RetroThinker is just you wearing a hat. Let's not get too self-congratulatory about this amazing new character.

Cláymore said...

Judging on the ending of episode 63, and me attempting to be spoiler-free, I really hope you explore that character/game series again sometime. It would be like your "Heavens to Metroid" re-look, except it'd be about that character as a whole once again, with the inclusion of his two most recent games.

I have heard they are significantly better than the horde of crap that we had for nearly 7 years, especially the latter of the two games which many, myself included, are praising it as a love letter of sorts. I still have my nitpicks of course, but I loved the game overall.