Monday, March 23, 2015

Episode 100 - Final Episode (lost comments re-post)

Egh. Alright, many regulars have likely noticed that the Disqus comment-section under the original EPISODE 100 post has vanished, replaced by a mostly-empty thread using the default Blogger comments engine. I'm as annoyed about it as I imagine many of you are, and while I harbor no illusions that this explanation will satisfy anyone inclined to believe that I deleted the thread because I disagreed with certain posters; I feel I owe an explanation anyway:

Thursday, March 19, 2015

EPISODE 100 - The Final Episode

Thanks for the ride, folks.

Every ending is also a beginning. If you'd like to help the next beginning be as great as possible, please consider The MovieBob Patreon.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

EPISODE 99: The Legendary Hero Returns

The penultimate episode is here, but the new adventure is right around the corner! Check out The MovieBob Patreon and consider helping the next evolution of The Game OverThinker become a reality!

Friday, February 13, 2015

All Good Things

So. Straight and to the point: What you may have heard already is true - I am no longer working for The Escapist. 

The last episode of ESCAPE TO THE MOVIES ran today (It's Kingsman, it's good) as did the last INTERMISSION.

I'll have more to say later (right now, I've an appointment to keep) but suffice it to say that I am devastated, heartbroken and quite upset by this turn of events, which came mostly as a surprise to me. I am grateful for the time I had there, for the platform that was afforded to me and - most of all - to my loyal fans and readers, who I hope will follow me to whatever venture comes next. And for those wondering: No, this has nothing to do with hashtags, "consumer revolts" or any other such nonsense - not that I expect that will keep the chattering class at bay in that regard, but facts are facts

I have several projects that are already in the offing, which I will now likely be announcing sooner or later. I'd ask anyone who hasn't already done so to please subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

I am where I am because of my fans, followers and viewers - I have not forgotten that, and will not. It's going to be a rough near-future, for this and a variety of other reasons, but I plan to emerge on the other side of it in better shape and ready for great new things. And I hope that you will join me there.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Angry Joe on #GamerGate (and Everything Else)

There was some Internet Drama over the weekend as the great Angry Joe's yearly Top Ten Gaming Controversies video got hit with a (seemingly, from this angle) bullshit Copyright claim by some other YouTube fixtures I won't do the favor a mention. Suffice it to say, it's back up, so give it a watch. You'll want to go to 31:43 the "big news," i.e. AJ on #GamerGate; but you should absolutely watch the entire video HERE.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


It's finally here!

This is it - the beginning of the end for The Game OverThinker as you know it, starting with (like we do around here) the first of a two-part Viewer Mail showcase!

REMEMBER: There's still time to put you're mailbag questions in for a chance at being featured in PART II - post them HERE (not to the comments for this video.)

Saturday, January 10, 2015


UPDATE 1/27/15: Comments on this post (and thus submissions for mailbag entries in Episode 99) will close on Friday 1/30/15 at 11:59pm. If you have a question, don't delay in asking it :)

For those of you just joining us: Episodes 98 and 99 will both be dedicated primarily to answering a final round of viewer questions.

Questions for Episode 98 have already been culled from the comments of a previous post. If you'd like to try and get a question answered on Episode 99, post it in the comments of this post.

Godspeed :)