Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The saddest game story of 2008 is that of "Little Big Planet:" The great little title that inexplicably became annointed the savior of the struggling Playstation 3 and, when said struggles unsurprisingly continued, got counted as a "sales dissapointment." You can call this a post-mortem, but I'd prefer to think of it as a reflection.

I'm on Internet TV once again!

The Escapist has once again given me a slot for a movie review on their show, this time involving "Twilight." Now you know why I didn't do that "on my own." Check out the show here:

I come in at about 5:45, but I do reccomend you check out the whole thing - they're covering the Wii version of "Dead Rising," and there's a Zero Punctuation preview for what looks like a Prince of Persia review. Fun!

Oh, and hey... just thought of something: This is the first time I've had one of these up for something that was new and revelent... so, if anyone out there is feeling helpful, it might be fun to go and toss some links to this in the direction of your favorite movie-discussion forum, chatroom, message-board, whatever - particularly ones where "Twilight" is being discussed or is likely to be discussed. The IMDB board for the film, for example, would be a good idea. I'd be interested to see what the actual feedback on something "fresh" is.


Monday, December 22, 2008



The Screwattack.com Gaming 1337 awards have moved on to the finals, and thanks to all of YOU... I made it in. "Game OverThinker" is one of the FINAL THREE nominees for "Best Gaming Show;" alongside Mega64 and Unforgotten Realms.

WTF? Look, I'm not going to put on some bullshit humble-face and pretend like I don't bust my ass on these things or that I don't think I do a damn good job most of the time but... seriously? The HELL am I doing nominated alongside Mega64 and Unforgotten Realms??

Anyway, this DOES mean I've got to gently ask you all to once again head over to... http://screwattack.com/Vote

...and vote for GAME OVERTHINKER for "Best Gaming Show" (and whoever else you like for everything else.) Thank you all so much, what a great Christmas gift I genuinely was not expecting.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

EPISODE SIXTEEN: "Holiday Show!"

It's that time of year, kids. When entertainers dash off quicker-than-usual Christmas/etc themed shows so they can get back to the relative joys of.. well, relatives. And shopping. Yay.

This installment is sort of a video game shopper's manual for the season's game-buying non-gamers. Seemed like the helpful thing to do. I've designed it to be sent out (hopefully) to anyone you think could use such information. As such, be prepared for certain deviations from the normal additude; including but not limited to: No profanity, slower-pace, less rapid-fire jokes, fewer inside references and copious abuse of an only subtly-game-themed Virtual Fireplace loop.

Happy Holidays!