Thursday, January 26, 2012

Everybody Do The "Big Nintendo Announcement" Dance!!!

Nintendo has announced that The Wii-U and (presumably sooner) 3DS will support "The Nintendo Network" - an online service for digital-distribution, DLC and (presumably) superior online-multiplayer.

Oh, goody! It's dance time!

Places everyone - you know the steps by now!

Predictable Nintendo Fanboys: Get really, really excited and start pretending that you never ever once said that this particular feature - which literally every other console manufacturer in the business has already been doing for at least six years - wasn't important and/or that Nintendo was better off without it!

Predictable Nintendo Haters: That's your cue to start acting like the "late-to-the-party" thing is really, really significant - and make sure to punctuate with an "Oooooh, super! I can't wait to play [insert-unpopular-Wii-title-here] online!"

Round n' round n' round we go! WHEEEEEEE!!!


Mr. Ellaneous said...

25 cents says we'll still need friend codes.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... nihilism ain't a good look dearie.

Aiddon said...

speaking of Nintendo:


Also, Iwata did confirm that they're making a 2D Mario platformer for the 3DS. Predictable, but still awesome

Ronan Wills said...

It's good that they're updating their online service (although the 3DS seems to be pretty good about multiplayer) but like the Wii U's graphical horsepower I fear it might be too late. People who already have Nintendo consoles are going to be happy about this but it isn't going to entice Xbox or PS3 fans who'll expect a feature like this as standard.

I'm starting to worry more and more about Nintendo. It seems like their entire strategy is based around matching what the other companies have been doing for the entire generation, when they need to either exceed them or offer something unique. The controller is supposed to do that, but that was also the case with the Wii and that didn't go as well as they had planned.

Naner said...

@Aiddon: I pre-ordered the Varia Suit. :D

@Ronan Wills: Yet Sony and Microsoft had to play catch-up with touch screens and motion-sensing, and will probably end up having to catch-up with tablet controllers. I dunno, but I'm considerably optimistic about Wii U, especially after so many developers mentioned its uniqueness. I seriously doubt the controller will be the only thing interesting about it.

Aiddon said...

@Naner: It's Nintendo, doubt in them from others only gives them power.

flamebreak said...

5 years late to the party I'm afraid Nintendo.

There is absolutely nothing convincing me to buy this Console. 1st party Nintendo games be damned, I want some new and original content from Nintendo's in-house devs.

A totally brand new IP and some worthwhile second and third party exlusives are about the only things that will convince me to buy a Nintendo console ever again.

Anonymous said...

So the 12 year olds from xbox live will be joining bob on the wii system. This should be fun

David said...

We'll see. Nintendo has always been too scared of the online world. I just don't see them embracing it like this.

Although I'll be glad if I'm mistaken.

martikhoras said...

Better online support is a good thing. Yes they are decidedly behind on this. I guess its a number of things I was able to just get out of this game with anime downloads and such so I don't see it as vital.

Its just another step on the control of your goods. I have had some bad experiences with online digital purchases and they are still treated as little more fines for tolerated theft as to a proper sale of a product the consumer now owns.

The main thing is that Nintendo needs to get themselves in a position their presence and infrastructure doesn't prevent existing trends anymore while selling their unique experiences.

Also much like anything Nintendo based what I want and what they'll deliver... there will be some deviation.

Manticore said...

Also there has been questions of a name change.

I hope not. They've had an official name, not a project name, not a fan name, an official one for sometime. Most of the penis and urinal jokes are out of the press's system. Moreover I had to boggle and the vast number of actual in the industry professional's really thinking they'd abandoned the name that had seen them the vastest success.

In this post Kindle Fire, Ipod touch/nano/etc, world using U as your sequel/model indicator isn't crazy insane for an electronic device. I totally expected some semi-exotic sequel marker.

What's with everyone else?

Smashmatt202 said...

Online stuff goes over my head, so I don't really care either way.

Sabre said...

While it is good Nintendo is finally doing this, one underlooked aspect imo is that it will have a profile system similar to Xbox and PSN, but designed around family use.

They shunned Free to Play support, and it makes sense. Although to downside is no Spiral Knights, which is basic Link to the Past, the MMO. Ok, that's over selling it, but a top down dungeon crawl with a cute style would be great on the WiiU I think. Although I'll stick to PC.

However, the reason for this comment was the "Oooooh, super! I can't wait to play [insert-unpopular-Wii-title-here] online!" bit, which is the problem I feel. I've played Mario Football online, and it can be summed up with 2 words, rage quit. Balence is also an issue, and nintendos "screw you" style of multiplayer doesnt really work in a serious conpetitive enviroment. Also, while the lack of voice means no Xbox Live kids, it also makes the whole thing feel sterile.

To me, the interesting part is Nintendo finally getting a clue about downloadible games and gamer profiles. They have all the leasons learned by the other systems so I'm hoping for good things.

Exploder Blade said...

Saying the words "Superior Online Multiplayer" and it being said about a Nintendo console seem like inflated news baiting. I have to see it to believe it. oh, and if there are friend codes, then their multiplayer can never be said to be superior.