Friday, July 27, 2012

"Sonic Fan Film" New Trailer

You might remember Eddie LeBron and Blue Core Studios for their ambitious "Mega Man" fan-film a few years back. Shortly after that, they announced they were going to take a swing at "Sonic The Hedgehog;" and with the film's release date apparently approaching (last I'd heard it was going to be a short instead of a feature) there's a new trailer - and yes, that's actually Jaleel White returning to voice Sonic:

Thursday, July 19, 2012

SGC Kickstarter

SGC 2010 was the public debut of The Game OverThinker and my first con as a professional, so you'd better believe I'm psyched at the idea of it possibly coming back. ScrewAttack is aiming to make that happen via Kickstarter; because that's what the cool kids are doin' these days:

Check it out HERE.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

EPISODE 72 - "NecroThinker: The Last Stand"

Not totally sure what was up with viewable/not-viewable earlier in the week, but now it's Saturday so here it is: The OFFICIAL rollout of our second big mailbag show AND (for those who stick around after the main show) the climax of the NecroThinker story-arc. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

It Lives

As part of moving into the new place, I've been looting my parents' house for old stuff I can still use. One discovery turned out to be my original NES and collection of games; which tonight underwent a thorough disassembling, cleaning with rubbing-alcohol (system and carts) and reassembling.

The entire process was tweeted game by game (sorry, people who don't like tweetspam, I was excited is all.) and this is my favorite photo I took of the process - you can't quite see it in this image, but the NES is on a shelf below the Wii and XBox; connected via the HDTV's inexplicable-yet-welcome coax input.

ALSO: You may or may not be able to watch the newest episode HERE.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Episode 72 Now Up... Kinda... Look, Read The Post...

EPISODE 72 is now up at ScrewAttack. It's supposed to be for Advantage members only until Saturday, but it looks like it's viewable by everyone right at the moment; so... watch away, I guess. I expect it'll snap back to proper "Advantage Preview Only" status sooner or later, but if so it should be viewable by all on Saturday either way...

OUYA Could Save Us... Maybe...

I've said for years now that an open-source console, properly funded, would be a godsend - in fact, it comes up several times in the next episode's mailbag questions - IF it was properly managed. The Kickstarter for such a machine, "OUYA," got a million dollars of hopeful crowdfunding within hours today; so apparently I'm not the only one hoping for something like this to happen. A console with the accessibility/maleability (on the development and consumer side) of a tablet or smartphone would really be something... if it works.

It's properly to be wary of any tech startup in this economy, especially in this industry, but I hope this works out. Fingers crossed.

Microsoft Has Made A Live-Action "Halo" Movie...

...and one of the stars of "Twilight" is Master Chief!

Well, okay, that's a little sensationalized: The actor is Daniel Cudmore, who played one of the Volturi (bad Euro-vampire leader guys) but you might recognize better as Colossus from the third "X-Men" movie. And no, none of this is a joke.

With an impressive amount of secrecy, Microsoft has apparently shot a live-action feature-length movie called "Halo 4: Forward Until Dawn," a prequel set during The Covenant's first attack. Master Chief will be a supporting character, with the main story focusing on a new recruit who will also appear in "Halo 4." It will first be released as a series of five webisodes on Machinma's YouTube channel starting in October, then released as a complete feature film with the Limited Edition of "Halo 4" in November.

Teaser trailer after the jump...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

COD: Black Ops II's Villain is... Occupy Wall Street?

Y'know, I don't really relish being the guy who keeps beating the "Call-of-Duty-As-Right-Wing-Propaganda" drum; but what else can you do when this stuff keeps cropping up?

Below, the new trailer for BLOPS2; which seems to reveal that the drone-army-hijacking bad guy(s) are (or are somehow tied-to) a "99 Percenter" movement called Cordis Die ("The Heart"); whose leader is suspected to actually be an aging Nicaraguan (hmmm...) narco-terrorist. The story comes from David Goyer, who also wrote "The Dark Knight Rises" which ALSO looks to potentially have an "income-inequality activists are tools-of/servants-of/opening-the-door-for destructive evil" story-element going on...


I'm back! And pretty soon, so is the show!

It's been a rough few weeks here - one damn horror-story after another and moving into a new apartment on top of all of it, but things appear to have settled and I can now happily announce that EPISODE 72 - the Special ScrewAttack G1 Mailbag Show AND the finale of the NecroThinker story-arc - will debut for all audiences THIS SATURDAY JULY 14TH!

As is customary, ScrewAttack Advantage members will be able to get an early on WEDNESDAY.

I want to thank everyone who wrote in, G1's and all fans/viewers in general, and everyone else whose stuck with us through this bumpy recent period. I'm working hard on getting this show up to a much, much more regular, reliable schedule. Stay tuned!