Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Reminder: EPISODE 61 will be viewable by ALL AUDIENCES tonight at 11pm EST!

In addition, EPISODE 62 will run MUCH earlier than usual (next Friday, the 16th - time not yet confirmed) owing to the topical nature of it's main discussion subject (to be revealed soon enough.) ADVANTAGE members will be able to get an early look on the 13th.

ALSO: I am schedule to appear at the Boston-Area scifi/fantasy/etc convention "ARISIA" on all three days (January 13th-16th.) While I'm not yet able to divulge which panels and/or events I'll be appearing at, I'll also be up and around the area so any fans attending feel free to say hello.


QSKSw said...

Keep up the good work! <3

Etries said...

Is this "main discussion topic" SOPA?

Signager said...

Hey bob, hope you read this.
Could you please post time related stuff also in GTM format? Since, you know, internet makes posible that your show can be reached from anywhere in the world, it would be cool from you to make it more friendly to your viewers outside the states.
Im from chile by the way, maybe you didnt knew you had people listening to your thoughts down here haha. Thanks for the awesome show.