Friday, December 2, 2011

Project Rainfall Wins One

After much fan outcry, Nintendo WILL bring "Xenoblade Chronicles" to the U.S... as a GameStop exclusive.

Now, will fans actually BUY IT; or will this be like every other 'hardcore' Wii title where everyone says they DESPERATELY want it and then it sits on the shelves (No More Heroes, Madworld, need I go on?)


Lido said...

I would say that Mad World and Conduit (hard core titles) sat on shelves just because they're not very good games

QSKSw said...

I don't make alot of money at my day job so I probably won't be able to get it. If I did I would buy a copy for everybody I know and MAKE THEM LOVE IT.

James said...

I already pre-ordered it, and I suggest other fans who appreciate good RPGs do the same. With enough support, maybe Nintendo will release Pandora's Tower and Last Story in the US later in 2012.

Aiddon said...

I suspect that people will chicken out as they always do for half-baked reasons. Stuff like NMH, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Rune Factory, Red Steel 2, Tatsunoko vs CAPCOM, Monster Hunter, and Zack and Wiki were left sitting on shelves because gamers once again prove how cowardly they are when it comes to different stuff.

Anonymous said...

I think as long as Nintendo puts some degree of effort into advertising it would sell.

James said...

Addion: True the games you mentioned weren't massive hits, but they still sold pretty well here int he US. From Jim Sterling's video addressing Project Rainfall and NoA's previous response (

- NMH sold 290,000 copies in the US
- Muramasa sold 250,000
- Rune Factory sold 120,000
- Zack & Wiki sold 190,000 copies.

So clearly there is an audience, but I do agree that it needs to grow, and this can be remedied by people not being afraid to try something new that's on the Wii.

Peter T said...

Im thrilled at this news. Excellent game.

Anonymous said...

You can also pre-order the game on, should you not wish to support Gamestop.

Norusey said...

I'm getting a Wii just for this game.

TheWon said...

I did a video talking about this.I feel this game will not do too well. Since most who wanted it probably already DL it after the modded their Wiis. We can hope, but after the announcement most were crying because it was a Gamestop Exclusive. Even after giving them what they want they still have a problem.

Spongey Blob said...

Good to see that Nintendo are acknowledging the fans long long LONG after everyone's stopped talking about these games and therefore letting it bomb rather than, say, announcing that they would release it when everyone's minds were on the subject, maintaining interest and making sure that people know it's coming. Everyone in this thread is complaining that gamers will probably let it sit on shelves, but I have no sympathy with Nintendo at this point; they left it too long, and no one's paying attention anymore. If the game fails, it's their own damn fault.

Also, while making it a Gamestop exclusive bums over lots and lots of people, such as people who don't live in cities that might not HAVE a Gamestop, or Europe where Gamestop doesn't exist, but that wasn't Gamestop's choice. Also, I saw someone mention that you could buy it online if you don't want to support Gamestop. Question; why WOULDN'T you support Gamestop and the used game ilk? Company execs whine like bitches about how much it costs to develop games, but if you look at the numbers that's absolute codswallop. The most expensive game to date is Grand Theft Auto 4 at a hundred million dollars. That's a big number, until you notice that the average Hollywood movie costs the same amount and has done since 2002. If gaming is making even more, why should it be a problem? And even then, as Jim Sterling pointed out, used games aren't bad. The game was sold. It's been paid for. You made a disc, and SOMEONE paid for it. You can't attempt to screw the customers over when they exercise the right to do whatever they like with that disc that they own now.

Anonymous said...

@Spongey Blob

'Europe where Gamestop doesn't exist'

Except Xenoblade has been out in Europe for a while now. Which meant any 'translation costs' were lies, since they had the the English one from England.

It's nice that Nintendo of Europe seems to of realized that they are independant of Ninitendo of America. Now we actually get games.

Anonymous said...

You know I kind of thought people might be happy to see an entertainment company bend to the will of their fans. Instead I see more bitching and a shift in the bitching from Nintendo not releasing these games to Nintendo simply releasing games late.

Which is to say, some people will never be happy.

Like Spongey Blob! HE professed to be "following" this game's news yet somehow missed out on the whole "It's been released in Europe" thing. Which means you're either a troll or massively ignorant. Maybe a little of both.

Please please PLEASE support this game when it comes out. Don't turn your nose up because it wasn't released 3 months ago or whatever. If Nintendo bends an ear to their fans and only hears more bullshit than before, they'll have all the proof they need to stop listening.

Subtle said...

I really want to support this game, and I might make it a purchase at some point, but I don't live with my Wii console most of the time (I only have a PS3 console at my dorm, plus handhelds). Regardless, I still think Nintendo should have released it, and I'm glad they're doing so, even if supporting it immediately isn't an option for this gamer.

Jay said...

I want to address something here. Nintendo dropped the ball here. They failed miserably and they're trying to play ball but it's not working. The market, the clamor for this game was the demand for the game. Now, they pull this? I want to know what in the hell they were thinking.

Economically speaking, Nintendo had people that were waiting, with cash in hand for this game. They were ready to give Nintendo money, and Nintendo snubbed their noses in their collective faces. Now, this close to Christmas, Nintendo decides to use this game to test the waters? WTF?

That's an ass pull if I ever saw one. It doesn't matter now if they put up the games. But I want everyone to think about all of the problems that Nintendo just gave themselves in the last few weeks:

Backing internet censorship through SOPA/PIPA

Competing against smartphones, a market that is gaining dominance over their closed platform console

Flat 3DS sales

Now if you recall, Nintendo is known for giving the finger to its customers. It makes a decision and the customer has to accept it. Mother 3 anyone?

So it comes as no surprise that they expected to print money, since they've been doing it based on remakes for a while now. Well guess what? No matter how innovative that newest Mario game, or how many Tanuki suits it has (sorry GO... On a tangent...) the fact is, Nintendo has had the same basic gaming business strategy for the last 30 years. Put out console, push with Mario and co, ???, Profit.

And now, they're getting their asses handed to them by a competitor they didn't expect. Of course they're going to throw the customers a bone. But they aren't giving their customers what they want. That's the key issue here. The games that people wanted, they wanted it then, not a year afterwards. Look at the people that are pissed if Felicia Day releases the content two days late. Hell, look at the people pissed at GO for splitting his fan base with the Screw Attack stuff. Now you're asking the people to localize the Xenoblade game two years after all of the clamor of it came down? #areyouseriousbro?

The best way for Nintendo to minimize the damage is if they allowed the fans to localize and make the other games available on the Wiistation. I never understood why Nintendo hated the online market so much. The best way to make money, create a platform for fans to get involved with your games. It's what Xbox and Sony have done. But before I get into that rant, I'd rather just end it there. Nintendo has had enough of a lashing from me.

Anonymous said...

cool story, bro

Anonymous said...


"The best way to make money, create a platform for fans to get involved with your games. It's what Xbox and Sony have done."

... You're joking right? Sony's bled themselves dry this generation. You're a dumbass for thinking anybody should get tips on profit from Sony.

Also are you seriously saying Nintendo should let fans translate the games and then put them up on WiiWare... for free?

You are BATSHIT.

Jay said...


You mean to tell me you haven't noticed the rise of XBL Arcade games and the Indie projects? Does Steam mean nothing for you?

Sony's laissez faire approach to indie game development is far better than Nintendo's "remake everything and only trust in our games" approach.

You might want to check on that.

Further, the games are already localized for the European market. Read that again: They're in English, not needing half a year for localization. All of the clamor for them are currently gone as this is the hardcore gaming season. I'll make the argument that Nintendo is really misreading the market by all of the stipulations put onto this game to succeed. Gamestop exclusive? Are you kidding me? Why the hell has the Big N forgotten about Amazon, the online Walmart? Better yet, why did they not give this to Walmart that has more clout? Why forget Best Buy, who make a much better competitor given their focus on electronics? The more I look at this, the worse it gets from an economic standpoint. Nintendo isn't looking for this game to profit... They're looking for this game to do poorly and say "See, this is why we make the decisions we do!" and justify their actions.

Next time, research is your friend, not ad hom attacks on people.

Spongey Blob said...

@ Anonymous

"Like Spongey Blob! He professed to be "following" this game's news yet somehow missed out on the whole "It's been released in Europe" thing. Which means you're either a troll or massively ignorant. Maybe a little of both."

While I certainly don't remember professing to have followed the games news, it was a mistake of mine to not know that it wasn't released in Europe, but my point still stands. If I didn't know, then Nintendo's still lost a paying customer either way.

I did know about Project Rainfall when it was big news, but didn't pay attention. Nintendo's immediate reply was pretty vague but did send the message that they probably weren't going to bother, and the gaming media turned away so I turned away. I'm not particularly interested in Project Rainfall or Xenosaga, but let's say Nintendo DID say 'Alright then' from the off. They didn't have to give a date, just say 'alright, it's on the table in a far-off future' and keep a steady string of updates on the subject. People would be reminded of its existence, so people who don't actively and desperately swallow any news on Xenosaga still have their eyes on Nintendo. Look at how well Skyrim's doing right now; it was first announced a forever ago in a far-flung past, but Bethesda kept the news coming, it kept people interested. Nintendo has missed an opportunity and almost laughably ineptly is trying to take advantage of it when, in my opinion, it's too late.

JodeciDeion:TheWon said...

People and their opinions.
Nintendo Of America is throwing the honest people who want it a bone. Go check the the European sales of Xenoblade. They didn't even best the original Japanese release. So Nintendo is losing money on this regardless. Instead of going all out like Sony,and go deeper into the RED. The found the best option for them, and the honest fans who want it. I keep saying honest due to the fact the most people who wanted it. Already stole the game through piracy either the Japanese or pal version. Giving a release date wasn't going to stop people from stealing it. Now for the release it when they should have. When exactly was that suppose to be? Before or right when your releasing Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3DS Land, and Skyward Sword. Giving a Niche game even more less of a chance to make any kind of sells. The last time I checked no company has ever moved something into their planned schedule. I have seen them move things out due to delay. So thinking Nintendo Of America was going to add a game to it's already released year lineup. Is like thinking people on Wall Street is actually going to listen to the 99%. Oh and the last time I checked only 10,000 people on facebook supported Operation Rainfall. That 10,000 people are your targeted consumer base. You keep worrying about the few instead of the many, and you will end up out of business.

antecedentless said...

I fear that this will be like Ubisoft's obnoxious attempt to "prove a point" by releasing their Prince of Persia reboot on the PC without DRM. Ask the right questions and you'll get the right answers.

I believe the reason why some Japanese entertainment products typically do not get released stateside for years (Evangelion Rebuild, I am looking at you) if at all, even if it is translated and released in England and Austrialia is that they [REDACTED]

Darren said...

I wanted Last Story though D: I was only planning to buy that one :/

Anonymous said...

"Project Rainfall Wins One"
no they didn't! i believe that when Nintendo said they had no plans they ment no plans for a 2011release.

Antonio Black said...

Xenoblade Chronicles seemed like the most predictable of the lot, seeing as how its supposed to have some sort of relation to Xenogears and Xenosaga.

Nixou said...

they aren't giving their customers what they want

Come ON: stop typping with one hand while fondling your dick with the other: the only place where people want quality games is inside this masturbatory fantasy of yours. In the real world, "hardcore" gamers are no intellectual elite looking for the "Mieux Disant Culturel": they nearly always chose the derivative product closer to their confort zone. That's why Modern Warfare sells three times more copy than Bioshock, that's why the corridor extravaganza known as "Final Fantasy 13" sold more copy than the previous episode ("What? You actually have to pay attention to what NPC's are saying to understand the plot instead of being spoonfed via cutscenes? Heresy!"), that's why sequels are piling up, that's why Bioware turned Dragon Age 2 into Mass Effect in fantasyland and is turning Mass Effect into Uncharted in Space.

So you know what the "market" wants in the end? The same bland soup, over and over and over. Xenoblade is by far the best RPG I played this console generation, yet less than 0,4% of European Wii owners bought this game: so fuck all the tasteless hardcore gamers and their whinny, snobish demands for quality games they never intended to play in the first place.

Aiddon said...


Its only relation is being made by the same people. There's no one in hell it has anything to do with Xenosaga's plot let alone Xenogears' phenomenal narrative.

Jay said...


the only place where people want quality games is inside this masturbatory fantasy of yours.

Did you just pull all of that out of your ass or did you actually have a well defined argument to make? The fact that Operation Rainfall has public media about it and a gathering of fans tells me that Nintendo dropped the ball. BIG time. The point still stands for you to look at whenever you respond to the arguments I made of why Nintendo seems to be backtracking.

That's why Modern Warfare sells three times more copy than Bioshock

Which has nothing to do with this argument and you're pulling statements together that make no sense.

So you know what the "market" wants in the end?

I don't purport to know of every last game out there, but I do know that people have gotten tired of Nintendo milking the same franchises for years, hence the flat 3DS sales at the higher price tag. Maybe you should read sometime and make better arguments. The last one is very poorly written and understand so I had to cut what I could to figure out what you were saying.

so fuck all the tasteless hardcore gamers and their whinny, snobish demands for quality games they never intended to play in the first place.

I have no idea why you're going on about hardcore gamers. But that has nothing to do with my argument except to show that those who would want to focus on three good RPGs to bring to the US for their consumption before they turn to alternative means are in fact, hardcore gamers. They are fans of a series of games that they found good and want to spend money on. While MW3 and Battlefield make good money with their respective FPS niche, this doesn't stop a game like Skyrim from being made and selling a ton of money.

What I did show in my argument is how Nintendo was being massive douchebags to their customers. They also gave them crap for wanting a few games that are excellent. Then they stifle the game by literally no marketing, few choices to play, and out of the blue announcements. In December. After the hardcore gaming season and everyone's broke and not interested in new games. It's some serious WTFage on Nintendo's part.

My point stands. You need to clarify yours.

Anonymous said...

im just happy to be able to get the game in any way. why you shitting on people's happiness?

Jay said...


I'm not. Read the arguments instead of making disingenuous statements.

Sam Robards, Occasional Gamer said...

While I'm incredibly excited that Xenoblade is coming out in the States (and I WILL be pre-ordering, thus putting my money where my mouth is), I have to agree with Jay in saying that Nintendo took the most idiotic route to get here.

First they give Operation Rainfall the business-speak equivalent of "Piss off" on FaceBook, then they go almost dormant until some half-hearted announcement comes out about it being a Gamestop exclusive NEXT YEAR in the middle of the holiday buying season? Seriously?

Knowing Nintendo, they won't put any marketing push behind this and neither will Gamestop.

Why? Because American gamers who care enough about this game (and the other Rainfall titles), which, based on the sales data from Europe, isn't a whole lot, saw this announcement and said, "Holy crap, I'm buying it day one!"

And why should Gamestop spend the money to advertise it, knowing that they're the ONLY retail location it can be purchased from?

Like I said, I'm happy that Xenoblade is coming out, but I wanted The Last Story, too (Pandora's Tower, not so much), and with the lackluster sales Xenoblade'll get due to a craptastic, non-existent marketing campaign, we won't get it.

Nintendo will then be able to look at the American gamer community and say, "We brought it over after all your bitching, and you didn't buy it! Why should we listen to anything you say anymore?"

That last part could just be me, though.

Anonymous said...


nah i'd rather just play videogames than argue on the internet. i'm happy it's coming out, and anybody thinking up weird conspiracy theories so they can stay mad is really putting a downer on good news.

Jannie said...

Well, Madworld was not a really good game, and No More Heroes was impenetrably sarcastic to the point of becoming if Xenoblades is neither a shitty game or a stupid one, like those two, then I would say it'll do well.

I don't buy JRPGs anymore, because I've gotten used to stuff like Skyrim and Mass Effect where my input in the game is more pronounced and I'm not led by my nose down a set path all the time, but that being said I'm still glad to see that Project Rainfall succeeded anyway. So three cheers!

I sincerely hope it's good after all this effort, you guys deserve to have your perseverance pay off.

Anonymous said...

I think some people in this comment section ought to look up the phrase, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth."

It took a lot of hard work and grassroots campaigning to convince Nintendo to release this game. Most would have been happy for a limited release directly from Nintendo. Instead Nintendo selects the most enthusiast of enthusiast game shops and allows people who would otherwise be savvy enough to not support Gamestop to buy it directly from them. (Seriously, you don't want to support Gamestop, but DO want to support Walmart? Best Buy? Yikes.) Moving the goalposts and asking them to blow $20 million on a large ad campaign to convince the hardcore gamers that already want it is unreasonable.

Also, like the above guy says, cooking up a crazy conspiracy theory that Nintendo "wants this game to fail" is stupid. If they really wanted this game to fail they wouldn't localize it at all. Considering the work is already done by NOE, any copy they sell here is pure profit, so a low key release (in the year Nintendo builds up to Wii U) is probably a more logical release plan than the giant TV ad campaign that would cost them millions and maybe get 200 more people to buy it.

Furthermore, It may not have even been Nintendo's choice to go Gamestop only. Perhaps The other retailers balked at a risky Wii game in 2012. This happened with Developers of family and Party-style games for the Wii, when Walmart essentially refused more of such titles in early 2010.

Instead of whining, spread the word out. If the game sells out due to high demand other stores might want it and Nintendo will keep their online store stocked with it. If you just be a petulant shit and whine about the "Strategy" of the release, then you're sending the message that such fans are unreasonable and thus should not be listened to.

Jannie said...

I would buy it, just to support the cause of gaming, as it were, but I already blew my metaphorical load (Do girls have loads? Hmm...never thought about it before. While we're on it what qualifies as a 'load' exactly?) on getting MW3, Battlefield 3 and Gears 3 this Christmas so I have zero money.

That and, like I said, I'm not that partial to JRPGs so I'd have to honestly think about it either way even if I did have more money.

I never understood why people have such a mad-on for Gamestop. I agree their used games malarkey is injurious to the industry and gaming as a whole (I saw Bob's "revolution" video and I agree with it completely, believe it or not) and I agree they're greedy and short sighted and it's a scam and all of that...however, that being said, Gamestop can be easily stymied by simply not buying used. If Nintendo finally caved, and I had more money, I'd buy it. I really doubt they're TRYING to make this game fail in the states, mainly because that'd lose them more money and goodwill than simply not releasing it AT ALL would.

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