Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ANNOUNCEMENT: Full Episodes of "The Game OverThinker" Returning to YouTube!

Yes, for real.

First things first: NO, this doesn't mean that the show is leaving ScrewAttack or that my relationship with them has changed in any way - it hasn't. This is all about promoting the show: Making sure that the widest possible audience can A.) see the episodes and B.) learn where/how they can see them early and show their support if they so choose.

Starting soon (probably this weekend if not sooner) previously ScrewAttack-exclusive episodes will begin showing up on YouTube once they have reached a certain "age."

Now, the whole backlog is NOT going to get dumped there all at once. Instead, once the uploading begins it will at first be about one "older" ScrewAttack episode popping up every day or maybe every other day until we're "caught up." After that, 'newer' episodes will make the same leap once they have reached proper vintage.

2012 is going to be a BIG year for The Game OverThinker, and I can't wait to share it with everybody.


Anonymous said...

I'm actually okay with this. It's the same format James Rolfe follows.

Anonymous said...

^ Ditto. I've already seen them all, but it's nice to see you're not being totally exclusive...

Jetamungo said...

"2012 is going to be a BIG year for The Game OverThinker"

Sounds interesting

ConanThe3rd said...

Is it going to be the year you go back to the format the worked for the show?

Ezenwa said...


Don't hold your breath. He's already stated how much he likes this format and how his game needs to be stepped up. That said, let's hope this all rides out, granted SOPA and/or PIPA don't do you in, or your parent company, Screwattack.

BTW, I like either format, really.

Anonymous said...

"2012 is going to be a BIG year for The Game OverThinker"

He's going to fight RetroThinker, CovertThinker, HydroThinke, NeoThinker, OverDrinker, SoberThinker, MiniThinker, and Reknihtrevo.

It might sound repetitive and banal, but it's okay because the fairy will point it out during the show, which makes it satire.

Also he's finally going to make time to express some controversial opinions on first person shooters such as Call of Duty. I can't wait.

El Pibe Progre said...

What is the Game Overthinker youtube channel?

(I ask here so I don't get fooled by a false channel)

Evilmonkeyman289 said...

@El Pibe Progre

Anonymous said...

2012 The year of more ebegging to join screwattack to watch poorly made videos free elsewhere.


Popcorn Dave said...

Nice one, Bob. Screwattack's video player is an absolute joke to use, especially the way it throws a wobbly if you want to skip to later in the vid (which I do lot with your vids to check " hey what exactly did he say about X again..." and so on). Having your older episodes in a format that actually works is a big improvement.

El Pibe Progre said...