Thursday, December 29, 2011

The ENTIRE "AntiThinker Saga" is Now On YouTube!

Episodes 43 through 50 - which encompasses the entirety of the "AntiThinker" framing-story - are now up on YouTube. Some loved it, some hated it, now everyone can see it (or revisit it) and decide for themselves...
#43: Double Trouble
#44: AntiThinker: History
#45: AntiThinker: MegaMan
#46: AntiThinker: Zelda
#47: Quest of The OverThinker: Farm Team
#48: Quest of The OverThinker: The Zen of Grind
#49: Quest of The OverThinker: Retro-A-Go-Go
#50: WAR OF THE THINKERS (mini-movie)


Graham said...

I thought you had a contract with ScrewAttack. How are you able to get these on YouTube?

JPArbiter said...

James Rolfe is able to put his stuff on youtube after a certain amount of time expires. I imagine Bobs Contract is much the same.

MovieBob said...

That'd be the long and short of it, yes :)

Anonymous said...

Ah yes the antithinker saga. Woulda been cool if you were to finish the double team episode, hearing ya talk about antiheroes was a cool topic.

Jewelwriter said...

I personally feel like this first attempt was quite surprising to me yet a mix of UPUP & DOWNDOWN.What could have been left was how some of the anti-thinker is since I felt like strawman would be interchangable to a degree, and if anything I could call that pile of hay the collective fanbase brainbox. What I felt was right was how when you were in the Wario Woods you kept on pondering things and even referenced one of your own videos in some of them. (Of course I feel like sports games & FPS games do more injustice than any "Casual" browser game on the net. And I know, I play Chocobo's Crystal Tower an rpg tamagachi game.) I don't know if I'm to the left or right of you but ascending over things shows how you are able to select things to go with the story lines. Hope it'll be the start of better story lines to come even with the ninja story line done... I think.