Wednesday, November 9, 2011


As you may have inferred from the banner, Episode 60 - aka "The Mailbag Show" - now has a title. More news including airdates and schedules coming soon, and remember to ask you question 3 posts down BEFORE the 12th (this Saturday) if you want it to be considered for the episode.


Lordlaneus said...

Three down you say, so does that mean this question I'm asking right now won't be in the episode?

Sylocat said...

Wouldn't "NINJAGEDDON" be better, or would that be too similar to "Ninja Gaiden?"

Mac said...

I got a question for submission. What's with the distaste for the Mega Man Battle Network Series? I love your show and when I first saw Battle Network, I thought it looked incredibly stupid and was upset that they turned Mega Man from a robot into a computer program. But then I started playing it, and I enjoyed the unique combat system. Just curious here :)

Anonymous said...

it's probably not so much that the game itself is bad so much that Capcom had to unnecessarily rehash the Mega Man brand for the umpteenth time (seriously, back then, we already had the original, X, and Legends, and it would only get even more insane from there). This is one of the reasons so many people were over-joyed at the announcement of Mega Man 9: when it seemed like they ran those spin-offs into the ground, they were finally returning to the original series a good decade after the last installment was released (and that's counting Mega Man & Bass, which was initially a Japan-only Super Famicom release back in 1998).

Anonymous said...

How healthy (including emotional, physical, mental) do you think the average 'hardcore gamer' is and how do you think that stacks up against the general population, or the same demo but who aren't hardcore gamers.

Brandon said...

So a lot of the time video games as a whole is criticized by some kind of organization like media groups or political figures/groups. Almost all the time I read or see something criticizing video games I never see the accusers go to some kind of gaming organization for response. Of course there is the too-few developer or industry member that argues the other point, but more then often the gaming community isn't invited in any form or mentioned.
Gamers seem to be more represented by the loudest voice in the gaming mass since most gamers tend to avoid joining some kind of organization to represent themselves because they don't feel it's necessary. So the media lists statics of popularity, and over-hyped rhetoric in the gaming community.
As media coverage broadens and quickens, and gaming becomes more popular and appealing, it seems necessary for there be an organization to represent gamers in some form or another. I've e-mailed Fox, NBC, and CNN once each asking about their journalist's work in finding someone to argue on behalf of video games or at least play devils advocate. The only response I've gotten was pretty much "Can't find any" and they back it by explain lack of ethos or even how gaming companies avoid saying anything or even asking their employees under fear that opinions of their workers won't reflect well on the company.
So wouldn't it be better if we choose some influential and intelligent members of our community to establish some kind of group. I don't mean something massive, more like a organization that can simply ask "Why weren't we asked at all because many gamers agree that we can represent them, at least to an extent.

So in short, do we have an organization with both the ethos and logos that can confront those that accuse video games of being less then they are and should be treated as such? If not why not? If we do need it, who should be apart of it? If we lack the the people and capital, where can get them?