Friday, November 18, 2011

Desert Bus Has Begun!

The great folks at LoadingReadyRun have begun their yearly "Child's Play" charity drive, wherein they play Desert Bus - one of the worst games ever made - for your amusement. You can watch the live feed and donate HERE.

I'm scheduled to call in and shoot the breeze with them LIVE at 11am PST (2pm EST) on Monday the 21st, so tune in for that as well.


Anonymous said...

Oh Desert Bus is bad, but I'd hardly call it one of the worst games ever made. Unlike horror marvels like Daikatana, Desert bus is just an incomplete driving sim.

Antonio Black said...

If you're calling in it gives me incentive to check it out...
But my rent is totally due tomorrow...I don't know if I'll be available for a "live feed". Here's hoping they record it for posterity.

Aqua said...

Oh damn, I have to work through 11 tomorrow. Anyway you could record this one Bob?

Anonymous said...

I ask of you to spread the word, the Internet as we know it could cease to be.

Saburo said...

Something I want to add that may have you having 2nd thoughts about gaming completely.

It seems Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and Apple(The latter 2 being apart of the BSA) support the SOPA act

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, what's up?
To the point, in episode 60 of Game Overthinker, you said that a gaming television channel on cable tv could not happen.
Here in Poland we have channel called Hyper, and it's about gaming.
They run for 10 years now, it starts from 21.00 and goes to 01.00,
sure they show an episodes of anime at the beginning and at the end, but most of the run time
it’s game reviews, replays from players, game clip shows, hardware and gadgets.
Of course its created and host by, so called "nerds" and "geeks"(we don't have a word for those in polish language).
So you see if done right a gaming tv done right, it is possible.

just to let you know, Damien.