Thursday, July 14, 2011

Voting Ends Friday

Alright, so... at this point it looks like we have a pretty clear winner as to whether or not Episode 54 will be about Operation Rainfall or the Supreme Court, but just in case let's put THIS FRIDAY as the date at which the voting "closes." So if you haven't made your pick yet, do so in the comments or on The Twitter.


Adam said...

My vote is staying for Op Rainfall. It's also topical (and won't last nearly as long) and could use more support.

The Supreme Court is technically a lot more important, but I feel like pretty much everybody has said all that's been needed to be said and it won't ever stop being relevant.

volvo crusher said...

Op Rainfall. I go to Extra Credits for things like the Supreme Court just like I go to you for thoughts on Nintendo.

RockPlazaCentral said...

Operation Rainfall, please.

P.S. I love your shows!

Anonymous said...

If I were you I would do something on this story, some parents took turns hitting their kid with a bat because he was playing video games. I guess we now got gamer hate crimes.