Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Episode 54 COMING SOON

I have it on good authority that GAME OVERTHINKER: EPISODE 54 is coming this Thursday at 11pm EST exclusively on ScrewAttack.com. In this thrilling episode, you will...

LEARN! The OverThinker's take on the subject YOU voted on!
MEET! A new member of TGO's expanding supporting cast!
WITNESS! Fiery destrcution EXPLODING across your screen!
MARVEL! As The OverThinker does NOT engage in a pulse-pounding adventure!
THRILL! As our hero actively avoids looking down at his cue-cards!
BEHOLD! TGO's brand-new abbreviated opening credits!
DISCOVER! The NAME of the mysterious Game Store Arsonist!


Hammbone said...

Don't listen to the Trolls... I like the new direction the show is going in. the last episode has a few rough edges but overall I like them keep it up!

PS: Why post updates on 2 different blogs? it just seems like extra work... I don't mind cross promoting your stuff... it just seems a bit odd seeing how often you post the same entry on both blogs... imho, i would just keep them separated and do the weekend catch up thing going to cross promote.

Aiddon said...

-waits for hyperbolic crying-

drew.feltner said...
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Aqua said...


Aqua said...

P.S. Any possibility you'll add to the video on OP: Rainfall by including how Nintendo MAY very well be in a financial crisis before long? Cuz... I'm not a big CEO of a multi-billion dollar gaming industry, but uh... I'd say Nintendo's lookin' MIIIIIGHT stupid right about now...

Alex said...

Not trying to troll, just posting a genuine opinion.

I like your series because it's a high-brow take on video games done by a very intelligent person. Unfortunately, the plot stuff, secondary characters, etc. that's being injected into it is diluting the intellectualism that drew me to your series in the first place.

I only discovered you recently, and so I watched your series from start to finish in a relatively short timespan. I noticed that the moment the side plots came in, my enjoyment tapered off significantly. Additionally, stopped sending videos to friends that hadn't heard of you because w/o context on the overarching plotline, it's very difficult to just splash into a worthwhile episode the way I did when I found you.

I just want MovieBob to talk about video games. I'm not against the idea of you experimenting with directing. That's cool and you've clearly got a skillset for it. It's just COMPLETELY out of place in GOT.

Just my 2cp.

Ralphael said...

Not trying to troll, just posting a genuine opinion.

Your half ass attempt at story/comedy/satire fails on all three levels.

Lord Fluffy said...

i still can't understand why people still post about CHANGE IT BACK. or STOP WITH THE STORY. if it wasn't obvious by now. this should make it obvious.

it's not going to change back any time soon people. maybe never. so if you just can't stand it. STOP WATCHING AND STOP BITCHING. none of your complaints are going to make bob change back. in fact, bob is probably tired of it all.

your efforts are futile. either just accept it and move on or accept it and keep watching regardless