Monday, July 4, 2011

Episode 53 Mini-Preview (UPDATED!)

UPDATE! Episode 53 will debut this Wednesday, 7/6, at 11pm EST on! As a little tease, here's a trio of screencaps from the episode itself. Those looking to remain 100% spoiler-free are advised not to click through and/or scroll all the way down, though since the visuals can't "spoil" what the actual topic is it's mostly about visual gags. Just so no one is dissapointed, though, I will say in advance that this is not the innevitable Supreme Court episode, but that said episode is coming in the near future...

This episode offers the best "flying" special-effects you've
seen since "Superman IV: The Quest For Peace." 

I'm fairly proud of this one, because it represents (in my opinion, anyway) the most completely-realized "merging" of the MAIN, consistent focus of the series (re: topical editorial/lecture pieces) and the action/spoof "narrative" secondary elements that I've been working to integrate starting with the AntiThinker/Quest/War run earlier this year.

Our ALL NEW recurring character, Police Commissioner John
"BunnyFace" Bonifacio, is my favorite instance yet of my love
of absurd humor and my hatred of having to hire/pay actual
actors combining for the optimal result. My brother's rabbit,
"Dylan," plays the part. He MAY get a nicer desk in the future.

I don't want to spoil any more than that, but speaking just for myself this particular episode (the working title of which is "Things Learned In The Dark", incidentally) is the closest I've yet come to achieving the type of product I envisioned when I began setting up the retooling/upgrading of the show in the first place. I hope that fans old, new and future find a lot to like in it.

This still represents about five hours of sprite-animation and
compositing; but also the fulfillment of a 23 year dream.


Anonymous said...

Obligatory "this is your blog, so do whatever you want, but jesus christ man, please stop it with the plot and focus on what you're best at, which is not acting or editing" comment.

Max2k3 said...

Obligatory "I agree with the above comment" comment.

Johnny Josefsen said...

Wanted to leave an explanatory comment, but whatisthisidonteven said what there is to say.

Btw, please consider shortening the intro, it´s soooooo long. :)

But one shouldn´t judge this before we´ve seen it, i will watch it and if it is the same quality as the previous ones, i will fast forward past the storyline to get to the got bits.

Aiddon said...

whatever, though I will admit seeing Double Dragon and Lakitu imagery does make me giggle.

Zyurangerfan1983 said...

I'm just going to quit paying attention to the added storyline bullcrap and just watch the episode.

ConanThe3rd said...

Sorry, Viewer, but your funny rant show is in another website.

Robert said...

hey bob. stop this bullshit. bring the show back.

BJames said...

good lord the complaining is starting to piss me off! Its his show, he wants to try something- he doesn't owe anything to us. I guess its too late, when ever there is a vague reference to any kind of storyline people will bitch.

ZebraGirlMoive said...
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Trenchcoat Anti-Critic said...

Bob, I've been a fan of your show for a very long time. I love your insight and intelligence you bring to the discussion.

This storyline business is really not working for you.

I already stated my piece against Game Overthinker storylines in a twitter marathon on the 23rd, but here's a quick rundown of my thoughts.

1. 'Game Overthinker' works as a show title because it explains your show concept beautifully while at the same time being self-depreciating so it doesn't come off as being preachy or conceited. It makes a promise with the audience that they never have to take you too serious. And it makes you and what you say relatable.

2. By personifying the Game Overthinker into a fictional character, it actually lessens the credibility of your arguments because it's not YOU saying them. Suddenly the message is being filtered through an artificial construct.

3. This is made worse with the new intro, which proclaims the G.O. to be earth's saviour. Suddenly instead of being an everyman, the character (because the Game Overthinker no longer represents Bob Chipman) is raised above mere mortal status. That's fine if you're doing Dragonball Z, but this is a humor-rant show.

4. You want to expand out and do more story content. Fine. I get that. There's nothing saying you can't have SEPARATE videos which compliment the regular show. That way everybody wins. You get to flex your creative muscles, and your audience gets the show they want (with an optional bonus video for kicks).

Don't let this show continue to jump the shark, man. It's too good for what you're doing with it.

Thanks for your time.

Trenchcoat Anti-Critic said...

People are complaining because they genuinely care about the show and they're seeing it go in a direction that contradicts what they fell in love about it to begin with.

Yes, it's his show, but a show lives and dies by it's fans.

In many ways the direction Game Overthinker is going in right now is a betrayal of unstated promises between Bob and his audience.

Anonymous said...

If they're unstated, they're not promises. The only promise I know of is to do a commentary on the state of games, gaming, and gamers. If the mission includes using skits to prove his point or have a bit of fun with the show (and note from THREE IMAGES! we don't know exactly what's planned) I don't have a problem with it.

I know he's going to hate this comparison but I'm going to use it anyway. One of the tools Rush Limbaugh uses to prove his points (whether you agree with them or not) are skits and parodies. They're used to illustrate what he's ranting against, or as he refers to it "point out absurdity by being absurd".

I don't mind the skits if they have a point, or if he just wants to have a bit of fun with it. The moment this stops being fun for him is the moment we no longer have the show to watch. Remember, he gets no financial gain for this, just a personal one.

cyxceven said...

HA! I lol'd @ Bob's antics & @ these comments!

Btw, did you see LordKat's epic streaming bill troll post?

Cado said...

He hasn't just jumped the shark, he's stabbing it to death with its own teeth.

It's free entertainment, he's doing this as much for his own enjoyment as he is for us, etc.-even so, as a fellow creative type, I tend to think you want to pursue excellence for the love of the craft and not because anyone goaded you into it. This is not working. On any level. Even as a parody of bad storylines.

That doesn't mean it shouldn't be made, it's his time and so on, but why infect a series many people already liked with a story they don't want and didn't ask for? I love the Game Overthinker for its insight but I haven't watched the most recent episodes because I'm tired of this. If he feels like the GO shtick doesn't fit him anymore that's fine, I just wonder why he doesn't move on to another project then.

And Bob, I apologize for talking about you in the third person on your own blog. On the one hand I'm not addressing you but really I am with everything I've said here and I feel like saying it the way I have is bit cowardly and passive aggressive taken from a certain perspective. I don't have the time to rewrite the whole thing but I did want to say it and I wanted to address that before hitting the button. I still love Escape to the Movies and so far I'm liking American Bob. You do a lot of good work so don't mistake this for somebody coming down on you just because he doesn't like you. The GO, as it is now, isn't my thing and I'm skipping out on any in-continuity episodes but I'm still keeping track of the show in hopes it'll pique my curiosity again at some point.

Whether it does or it doesn't, keep ranting you magnificent bastard.