Thursday, April 21, 2011

I did an interview with PixelJumpers

...and here it is. Enjoy!


Clayton said...

good times. And Alton Brown rules. Too bad he's not gonna be in that remake of Burger Time

Smashmatt202 said...

"the show is going to “come back” in a slightly different form. It’s not going to be big long narratives like this one all the time, but there’ll be more of a consistent “framing device” setup to the “overthinking” parts of each episode with recurring visual elements, themes and characters; maybe also some two-part episodes and 'background elements' that add up to a narrative whole"


I mean, glad to hear that you're still going to focus on the overthinking stuff, but some things just to mesh together. Like inserting the Old Bald Guy from Rygar (Who turned out the be Wario, what the FUCK was up with that?!). Inserting him inbetween overthinking broke the flow, and didn't add anything to it. Not to mention, some of his comments/reactions made him seem like like a wise old mentor and more like... Well, you. :/

Still, I'm curious to see what kind of recurring character's you'll have. ...I'm not excited, nor am I looking forward to it in the slightest, but I'm curious to say the least.

Will we be seeing more of Bobo, the over-caffinated chipmunk? For some reason, for a while, I thought his name was Chippy. It kind of made sense to me. After all, chipmunk, Bob Chipman... huh? HUH?

Well, whatever, nice interview, very informal.