Monday, April 18, 2011

Episode 50 ScrewAttack exclusive trailer

The exclusive screwattack-only trailer for Episode 50, which will be especially noteworthy to those of you who aren't already burned-out on "Dead Island" spoofs....


Furore said...

Hi there, Mr Thinker - or may I call you Over?

(I'm banging this out half in the bag, so please forgive me if I change from addressing YOU to addressing 'errabuddy' part way in; also, dude, have you seen Half In The Bag? Because yeah, well.)

Well, it's been a ride. I've liked it, although I have criticisms. All of my nitpicks are just those. They relate to film-making niggles, issues of editing, pacing, and general film-putty-together stuff. Not to the core issues. Those, well, you've nailed that stuff as solidly as ever.

You've copped some pretty epic flack. Some trolling. Some internet shitstorms, if you'll forgive my French. The BAW and RAEG that has shown up in your comment box... well, I guess about 1% has been justified, and the rest you can put down to school bullying.

The Bad News:
Frankly, I find your 'in-universe drama' to be a bit similar to most of Linkara's recent work, in the sense that while it is well-intentioned and good in concept, it just lacks in technical prowess. Sorry, Mr Bob - or may I call you Movie? But I don't think this is any surprise to you.

The Good:
Anyone who is remotely serious, or sensible, or open-minded, or for that matter just plain INTERESTED can tell that what you are doing is a labour of passion, and that the 'wacky story' elements are an expression of the same drive that brought you to our attention in the first place.

I'm more of a fan of the early episodes of TGO than the later ones. That's just so you know where I'm coming from.

But I am ridiculously glad you went out there and explored the territory. Wario's Woods, man. That's unknown turf. You decided to challenge yourself, and us, and try to address the actual issues that affect gaming as a whole.

Commerce and industry. Ludolical theory. Feminism. Body image. Character design. Gameplay. Narrative.

A few months back I exchanged a brief email with the Extra Credits guys, basically citing you as one of the few high-profile commenters on the subject of the game. They wrote back, recommending I check out Anthony Burch's Rev Rants on Destructoid.
And so I formed what I call the Holy Trinity of internet video gaming critique.
And seriously, my man, you have earned your place there, and in spite of what anybody says, you continue to earn it.

Extra Credits. Rev Rants. The Game Overthinker. That is all.

Alright, time to try to get back on track. What the hell was I saying...

Okay. I was gushing. Sorry, everybody! Sorry! I can't help it, I just like what the man is doing.

Oh, wait, you don't like it? You think TGO should just do the same thing over and over and over every week? Well, okay, me too.

But if he did, then he wouldn't keep doing the same thing. What he'd be doing is becoming stale and trite. Yes, even TGO would turn into cardboard. That's how this works. Carry on without changing, and sooner or later, even YOU would get bored with it.

Let the man experiment. Let him cast about, looking for different modes of expression. Let him ENJOY what he's doing.
Because if he doesn't, then we will lose him altogether, all the sooner.

Even if the new tack doesn't work out perfectly straight away. Let him find his feet. Let him veer off his predicted course, mess about, then come back refreshed.

If you don't, then you're basically bitching about things you can't change anyway, and the only effect you'll have is to ruin the man's enjoyment of his work. And the result of that would be... the End of The Overthinker.

(PS. Not that that excuses TGO from constructive criticism, or even a justified complaint - he's no god, nor would claim to be; just keep your critiques SANE, for Miyamato's sake.)

£«» said...

I agree completely with Fureore, while I found the more traditional Game Overthinkers to be more thought provoking and engaging I am glad to see you venture out and grow. I haven't been with you since the begging, hell I didn't even know about you until sometime after you started working for The Escapist. But I am a huge fan of your work now, and I will continue to watch what you put out.

The cheesy film editing and special effects have only added to the comedy of this skit, its like watching old 80s scifi movies. Its funny to watch Arnold heft a bear into space, and its funny to watch the Game Overthinker go against the Anti-Thinker.

Honestly I hope you keep testing different ways of doing TGO, and keeping this interesting and fun for YOU. While still provoking thought about the bigger picture of gaming, and the industry we are all apart of.

Keep at it Bob, and I'll keep watching.

a said...

Love the Dead Island parody...also love that there are people who saw the DI trailer and thought it was going to be like Heavy Rain...I'm looking forward to Ep 50, (not at Dr Who season 6 premier level of excited but quite stoked) I've been following since 'Super Mario and the Sacred Feminine' first caught my eye and it's cool to see you evolve as both pundit and director. The air date for Episode 50 actually coincides with the end of a two month LONG experiment at the end of which I will once more be able to resume regular non Facebook gaming and I can't think of a better way to inaugurate such an event then with TGO 50.

Thanks for the years of giving me something to OverThink about.

Julie said...

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