Sunday, April 17, 2011

Episode 50 Premiere Date Set!

FYI folks, the premiere date for Episode 50 has been set for Monday, April 25th at 10pm CST (11pm ET) exclusively at The AntiThinker saga ends with bullets, blood and gratuitous video game in-jokes; and I hope people enjoy seeing it as much as we enjoyed putting it all together.

There will probably be at least one or two more trailers in-between now and then, and I'm thinking of putting a wrapup/production special together afterwards... but let's see how this goes for now.

In addition, while at one point I was considering using the "50th Anniversary" landmark as an opportunity for a brief sabbatical... I've decided against that. Barring any unforseen issues, the series will pick right back up on schedule not long after this has aired.


curtdogg said...

Awesome, I love forced stories and unfunny gimmicks that have nothing to do with the video series. You should go work for TGWTG.

azex said...

been a long time watcher and fan. love all your series, both on screwattack and escapist...and am super happy tou aren't gonna slack off after ep50 :D

keep up the awesome

Smashmatt202 said...

I'm glad you had fun putting it together, but I'm not sure if as many people will enjoy it. I know I keep complaining about it, and I know you must had it and probably ignore me, but I can't help but feel that a LITTLE more effort could have been put into the story.

After all, you're the Game OVERTHINKER and a movie critic, so this would have been a perfect time to show us how it's done. But so many questions have been left unanswered... I'm just hoping this final installment in the saga answers them all.

Andrew said...

wow you're really milking this whole thing. its good that you had fun making these, it shows. i know youre aware that many of your fans have no enjoyed the ride but since they arent paying you to watch these and you pretty much do this because its fun, their opinion doesnt mean much. i dont think taking a break from the overthinker would be a bad idea though, so you could focus more on the big picture. over the past year or so (and im not even talking about this antithinker thing) it feels less...overthinky. the big picture feels like more of a return to your roots and, while i rarely agree with you, its more thought provoking and entertaining

Clayton said...

fine by me, though I still expect that people will find ways to whine, which they've been relentlessly doing since Episode 40 anyway (though for completely disingenuous reasons). Just keep on doing what you've always been doing

Blake said...

Glad to hear the show will continue! I thought this little twist of events was pretty fun... but I think I'll be glad to see the show get back to format.