Monday, June 8, 2009


So, if all goes well you'll most-likely get a big NEW episode on Friday the 12th in my semi-final ScrewAttack matchup. (I'll put up the link when it's put-up-able) Until then, here's a short-ish bit mostly about this year's E3.


Andrew said...

Hey bob, thanks for the new material. Always look forward to your thoughts. Also, can't wait for your next vid on screwattack, i'll be sure to check it out when it gets posted. I want to pass off some info I found rather intriguing. I was a little hesitant at first because you seem like the kinda guy who'd already know this, but what the hell. Here's a blog entry from a g1 over at screwattack about the history of Super Mario Bros. 2. It was a pretty-well put together piece, and knowing you to be a fan (ok HUGE fan) and all, thought you'd might like to take 8 minutes out of your busy schedule and check it ya go

Ben said...

Interesting take. I was watching avidly for some kind of E3 reaction from you. Actually makes me feel really bad about getting pissed at the girl-game showings.
For the Other M stuff, the thought of the womanisation of Samus hadn't really crossed my mind - she's a Space Pirate arse-kicking badass first and a woman second, i.e. at the end of the game.
For the Toads matter, I actually have something interesting to say. IGN, whatever you might think of them, have actually had a real good idea on this subject; a 'Name the Toads' campaign, in an effort to give these basically blank slate characters both names and backstory. See here...
Also, @Andrew I've seen a bunch of the Gaming Historian's work before, and he's really good. Didn't know that he was on ScrewAttack now...

Euler d'Moogle said...

RE: The "Grow The F*CK Up" comments in the video: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I've been saying that for awhile, but it's nice to see people with much bigger soap boxes also say it, because it needs to be repeated.

BTW, the biggest thing for me from E3 was the announcement of Tales of Monkey Island. It's nice to see a return of the point and click adventure game even if it's never going to be more than a small niche genre, but that's ok with me. Niche is good, as long as the titles are of high quality and lots of fun.

Ashley A. Woods said...

Hey, Bob...

I'm a black female gamer/comic creator and I just wanna say thanks for the previous episode about games (and films) needing more variety of heroes in that field of entertainment. I also felt that way and even voiced my opinion about it with other friends and such but never thought other ppl besides ppl of color would understand. I played through and beat Resident Evil 5 but at the same time I tried to take everything with a grain of salt cuz I didn't want to take the fun away by me getting pissed off at certain things, LOL. It seems now-a-days, game developers might be trying to call themselves making heroes more varied by allowing the gamer to choose race like in Fallout 3, Oblivion, etc. But like you said, it's not the same as having an ESTABLISHED character of color on the box.

Anyhoo, I'm rambling. Thanks again for the awesome video(s).

If you ever get the chance, visit my blog! (

I'm going to add you to my favorites, too.

Eric said...
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Eric said...

I'm really freaked out that Samus will turn into a sex symbol. I've already been pissed off that they've started giving players photos of her in skimpy clothing as a "reward" for beating the game under certain conditions, i.e. under an hour or with 100% completion. It's fucking disgusting as it is, but sadly I don't expect Team Ninja to really improve anything.

I thought Nintendo had the weakest E3 presentation (albeit with some of the best exclusive content), which is par for the course, but the rage over the showing of all the casual titles is completely unwarranted. The hardcore community needs to shut up and realise that there is a very large group of people interested in those kinds of games, even if it doesn't meet their requisite standard of "quality" (which I've come to understand is really just "coolness" or some derivative/variation). While I do think that some of it is patronising and pandering to pathetically outdated gender stereotypes (which sadly still exist), like what was seen at the E3 conference, they are simply catering to what part of their audience wants. Don't like Women's Mystery Club? Great, and I think Gears of War is a crock of shit. Nobody cares.

Bob, thanks for the update. I don't even care what the subject is anymore; I just want to hear what you have to say, because it's always worthwhile to listen.

FistfulOAwesome said...

Well put, Bob. Today's gamers seem to be a bunch of whiny brats who will cry anytime they are not catered to.

This reminds of of back during last years E3 when a ton of complaints were lobed at Nintendo for not showcasing games like Warioland: Shake it or The Conduit. A ton! Meaning that all those gamers that were complaining that games like those weren't being showcased already knew games like those existed. Of course Nintendo wasn't going to mention them.

Sometimes I think people are really only complaining that they aren't getting to see another trailer.

On Microsoft and Sony's Wiimote-like devices: So gamers are complaining that a completely optional, possibly fun accessory is making it's way toward their consoles? Sometimes gamers are real idiots.

Metroid: I think you haven't kept up on this game. Team Ninja is making M:OM in the same way that a construction worker is making a building. They are both doing the manual labor but the actual plans are from separate party: an architect for the Construction Worker and the remains of RD&1 for Team Ninja.

In case you don't know: RD&1 is the team that made Metroid, Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, and Metroid: Zero Mission. In other words, the originators of the franchise. They asked Team Ninja to do the actual development since they don't have any experience with 3D. The majority of the actual ideas are from RD&1.

So I don't think you have to worry about the treatment of Samus. RD&1 wouldn't allow their character to be turned into a big-breasted doll.

Plus, as Eric has already said, Nintendo has placed stills and animations of Samus in revealing clothing and sexy poses since the first game. If anything Retro is the one that has been most reserved with her.

But anyway, it's never made her character any less respectable. As long as it's kept away from the main game and storyline it's a moot point.

If anything I'm more worried that they got their Ninja Gaiden in my Metroid. It's sort-of like when SOTN led the Castlevania series to be more like Metroid. The games have been fine (a bit bland in my opinion) but to me Castlevania is a level-based platformer with a focus on combat. If I want to play Metroid I'll play Metroid and (back to my point) if I want to play Ninja Gaiden I'll play Ninja Gaiden. I don't need Metroid to turn itself into another franchise.

Although, I'm willing to admit that the same type of reservations were lobed at Metroid Prime and that game turned out to be excellent. I'll be watching this one with a hopeful eye.

Ben said...

@Eric - There've always been pictures of Samus in skimpy clthing in every Metroid game; hell, the first one had her in bikini. The only reason people complain now is because the pixel art has improved. There's far worse on deviantART, trust me.

mark said...

RE: booing girl games
anyone who put anything into the heckling of girl games isnt being immature but is just complaining about more Wii 3rd party junk

RE: heart rate measuring for investors
if the investors arent interested in what the public wants (quality games) and are interested instead in useless periferals then they are a poor businessman

mark said...
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Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that New Super Mario Bros. Wii was introduced by Cammie saying Miyamoto's been wanting to make a game like this for fifteen years.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great concept, but it's ridiculous that it took fifteen years to realize a game like this only to leave out online support.

It's totally unacceptable for a modern video game built entirely around four-player co-op to not have online multiplayer. Miyamoto can claim the game pushes the Wii's processing power to its limits all he wants, but that doesn't excuse the game lacking such a vital component.

Nintendo's theme this year was "Everyone's Game," but not everyone will be able to play New Super Mario Bros. the way it was intended.

the BootLeG sampler.. said...

Honestly, haven't really heard much about the Gameoverthinker until the SA myvidsdontsuck contest and I've voted for you in each round. I find this 'vlog' format is a nice refresher to what SA has in its already impressive lineup and would be an excellent edition to it as well.

So I just had to dig into some more and found your blog, pretty interesting to boot as well. Kudos for that one.

Also my thoughts on E3 were pretty damn similier, but not as indepth as you have put it out (hence why you're the gameoverthinker, no shit huh?!?) Anyways, great recap on E3, I agree and enjoyed it, so on and so forth....

Point is, keep up the good work, I'm rootin' for ya, and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

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