Friday, June 19, 2009

ScrewAttack Finals

So, according to the vote-tallies on ScrewAttack, I won my round of the myvidsdontsuck contest and will be one of the two competitors to advance to the Finals. Kickass, thanks to everyone who voted!

The second semifinals are underway now, which will essentially decide my Finals "opponent." This one is between two of the BEST indie gaming shows on the web: "Psychotaku," who does reviews of semi-obscure import games in the style of a Japanese pirate-signal TV broadcast; and "Taco Man," an insanely geek-tastic parody of "Captain N: The Game Master." Take a look:


The Prodigy said...

Dude, that's awesome for you. Congrats to the fullest. I think this means that you'll be invited to the Screwattack Gaming Convention for the finals, if not for the awards ceremony in becoming the new feature for Screwattack. Now, what are you going to drop on us to make us want to vote for you. A retelling of the first video, a whole new video about the death of fighting games, or maybe something on video game movies? Inquiring minds want to know. Congrats again

Anonymous said...

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