Sunday, June 21, 2009

Game OverThinker in the finals

So... I'm going to be in the finals of the ScrewAttack myvidsdontsuck contest. That's pretty awesome.

The voting for the finals will occur on (I believe) the 25th of June, with the actual match being me against either the very funny Taco-Man or the very funny Psychotaku - who are competing in their semi-final matchup right now. For those who asked, unless plans have to change I'm aiming for my Finals entry to be a full episode about video-game violence that so many have been asking me to do for so long. That's the plan, anyway.

In any case, IF you want to vote for me or anyone else, you HAVE to register at the ScrewAttack message-board forums. It is free, and you can do it here:

So... yeah, keep an eye out for the 25th, and thanks to everyone who already voted ;)


Aaron said...

Hey Overthinker, G1 Cyop here. I just wanted to say i love you work so far. Also this is just my opinion but if taco man wins this next round i think your victory will be assured. only because it seems that those who support PSYCHOTAKU!!! are on the fence between both your review style. Anyway at this point i wish there could be more than one winner. Now...


And Best of luck to you as you enter the garden of madness.

BUS100 Team said...

So, you mentioned way back in ep 1 that Bionic Commando was a little offputting in character design. Do you plan to take a look at Rearmed?

Also, will we see a full review of Mega Man 9 at some point?

Alcibiades said...

It's the 25th! Where's ma video?

Anonymous said...

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