Monday, November 24, 2008


I don't know which makes me feel like a bigger attention-whore: The constant self-promotion or the tactlessness of double-posting it into both blogs. BUT, that's the game. has informed me (and, I presume, many many many others) that I am elligible to be nominated for their Gaming 1337 ("leet") awards. So... if y'all dig my stuff, howzabout voting for me? ;)

Here's how it works: Go to this page: Where you'll find a form with multiple fields in which to nominate folks/projects by their name and website URL for various awards. "Game OverThinker," for example, would best fit into the "best independent gaming show" category. Fill out each field (or only the ones on which you have an opinion) with the name and URL (my URL here is and the name is "Game OverThinker" remember,) then your name and email below and click "submit." Apparently you can do this once a day... I bet that would be a fun thing to do ;)

Thanks again for the support.


Eva243 said...

I voted for you moviebob, but I am still waiting for a real new episode of the game overthinker. Episode 14 was a nice catch up don't get me wrong, but I want something done on the real issues.

Example: I think that the Nintendo Wii has created a name for itself that it is thee casual console, and no matter how many hardcore games come out for it or are in the works for it this title will never leave. I mean at the end of 2008 we have Deadly Creatures, Tales of Symphonia 2, Rygar, Mushroomen, and I would say Disaster Day of Crisis, but of course that will probably never see a state side release sadly. Then in 09, Tenchu IV, Fatal Frame IV, Madworld, House of the Dead Overkill, The Conduit. The last three all produced exclusivity for the Nintendo Wii by Sega, who would have thunk it. LOL. Also 2010, No More Heroes 2, and Dracula Son of the Dragon. Sounds like a bad name but Renegade Kids is behind this one and they made Dementium the Ward for the Ds, which is an awesome game I still have to finish. Also a new Mario, Zelda, and Pikman are in the Works. And the Remakes of Metroid Prime 1 and 2. 1 I know for sure and I am just guessing/hoping for MP2 as well.

So here is my question for you Moviebob, maybe you can do a video about it. Nintendo has made a name for themselves this gen for being for the Casual more so then the core, and even with all the games and more being released above for the core do you think this will change the way the core, now sees Nintendo, or will Nintendo now and for ever always be thought of as the Casual Gaming Console?

PS: I voted for you in the gaming 1337 thing. Good luck!

Mr. I said...

Alright, you have been voted for. All props to you, all who watch your vids know you definitely deserve it for this...higher brand of quality comedy and gaming discussion. You've successfully changed my views on non-Nintendo properties and helped make me into a Princess Peach fanboy. So thanks.

Since the person above me has pitched an idea for a long, thought-out discussion, mind if I pitch an idea? Or at least discuss it a bit while you go on to do more important things? Regardless, thanks.

I am a HUGE fan of heroic furry animals. I grew up with Donkey Kong and Banjo, and later learned to love Conker and Crash Bandicoot. They're as symbolic of my childhood as Mario or Kirby or Bowser (HUGE villain fanatic, so...yeah). However, with the coming of the newer generations, these guys just tend to be slipping away, or degenerating into gimmicky and unsatisfying roles. DK's been confined to a pair of bongo drums while King K. Rool and the rest of his enemies are somewhere in the unsuccessful villain discard pile chilling it up with Queen Slug-for-a-butt and the Koopalings. Meanwhile, Crash is taking the path of the blue hedgehog by introducing as many gimmicks to his games as possible, while Banjo tackles an entirely different concept that just doesn't feel quite as satisfying as his days of platforming goodness.

Now, this whole discussion kind of goes hand-in-hand with your whole "original concepts" of Video one, the Kirby Confession, and quite a few of your other segments but...why is it that established video game greats try to over-complicate their settings in an attempt to draw in more fans, while ignoring all but the more hardcore of their old ones? I've tried to ignore the general bastardization of the Sonic and Mega Man series up to this point and used more fresh faces to highlight my point, but still, the great gaming stars that aren't named Mario, Link, Samus, Kirby, or Solid Snake are fading, and Snake will be all but a memory in a few years. As a rabid Nintendo fanboy, I can't really see Master Chief and Marcus Fenix and Master Chief with a different paint job and Master Chief but without a helmet plus a beard get the idea...on top of the pile. Why is it that hardcore gamers, who once embraced these beloved characters (especially Crash...oh, Crash, you were so delightful when Naughty Dog was by your side), are causing these characters to the point of starving for new ideas? And yeah, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat wasn't a bad game, but do you really think that it would've been better than a rematch in the ring between DK and King K. Rool? Especially with a cage and electrocutions and Klaptraps and springboards and...well, I'm losing myself in thought.

So, what I'm trying (i.e. failing) to get out is...we have so many great characters to fall back upon, why do publishers twist these greats into nearly unrecognizable forms?


Alright, that's the end of the little rant. Pleasure being a fan of yours, sir. Please, keep up the great work, and good luck at t3h l337 thing. ^^

Mark said...

you are hereby nominated. If you don't win, I'd *really* like to see who does (because they must really ridiculously good videos).

I do not have any ideas for videos at this time... something tells me you don't want our ideas for now anyways...

OmniGeno said...

You've got my vote.