Tuesday, November 4, 2008



To be seen above: Trailer spoofs! Bellyaching! My actual personage! Explanations of where the hell I went! Punch-Out!! Parkour! Bad jokes! And even MORE shameless plugging for my appearance on The Escapist Show!


BUS100 Team said...

Yay!, he's back!

Mr. I said...

Well, you've certainly done an excellent job. Hopefully, you'll be able to wade through your endless sea of praise and "WHERE WUR JOOZ?!" and grace us all with your quality opinions on both humanity and gaming.

...oh, and Banjo? AWESOME! The bear and bird were basically what made the Nintendo 64 such a great console for me, thank you for looking at them again. Shame I'll have to pass them up for MGS4, but Little Big Planet should be able to soothe the pain...right...right?

We of the moviebob faithful will continue to relish in your delightful splendor. Just take your time and, thank you. Thanks for coming back to us.

P.S. Duke Nukem Forever intro...wonderful parody. That was fantastic.

Woolley said...

Good first installment after the wait.

One question; "I eat more pussy than Alf"... I don't get it.

Bob said...

"One question; "I eat more pussy than Alf"... I don't get it."

Alf eats cats. Or, rather, he would LIKE to eat cats - I'm not sure he ever ate one on the show. It was a running gag that on his (destroyed) home planet Melmac they were something like a primary staple food.

Man, I feel old...

Kyle said...

Welcome back.

Good luck with the stomach virus.

Been nice seeing you get some exposure. I'm a fan.

Anonymous said...

Hell yes, we missed you.

Well, I did, anyway. Rational commentary on the gaming industry is a hard thing to find these days.

Nice thoughts all around. I was particularly pleased with Mirror's Edge, although after playing the demo I've realized they could have set this game in the modern day and it'd still be awesome, springing off neon street signs of Chinatown, jump-kicking off moving cars. Instead, the future is a bleached *white*, sterile corridors and all. Still, it's a start and a move away from the "destroyed world" aesthetic that's been dominating the market.

The naming of games? Has gotten more than a little irritating - just look at the latest efforts from Square-Enix, who don't even seem like they're trying anymore. "Last Remnant"? "Infinite Undiscovery"? I'm not even going to wonder what "undiscovery" even means. Still, FUN IS SUBJECTIVE. I'm sure there are people out there who find... undiscovering things fun.

The trap of the indie game critic is all too often to associate "kid games" with "fun". While I agree that yes, it is horrible for the industry in the long term to market almost exclusively for one particular chunk of individuals, that doesn't mean some of these new JOCKTASTIC MANTASTIC TESTOSTERONE games can't be fun too. Maybe *you* won't find them fun, maybe *kids* aged 5-12 won't find them fun, but someone, somewhere, will find them fun. It's impossible to please everyone, no matter the industry, this has always been the case, will always be the case. Nintendo have opened up the market, but look at the sheer volume of whining coming from these "hardcore" gamers.

...man, this is getting longwinded. Better stop before I go into another overthinking process of my own.

(on that note, Cammy/Sakura. I am *so happy*.)

Mark said...

welcome back! Nice "survey course" of the last month or so, although of course I'm looking forward to an honest-to-goodness rant next time.

It's clear from your VO, despite the stomach virus, that you're excited for what's happening and revved up for what comes next.

I'll be sure to check out the Escapist show

kory said...

Welcome back good sir! Your latest video is a great one with the Duke Nukem intro, stunning. Its excellent that you found time to acknowledge the new Banjo title, I saw it in a gaming magazine(I forget which one) the other week and thought Rare may still be able to survive. I myself do not own a 360 but when a title such as this one goes over the fence I will keep my eyes on it. Keep up the good work and I look forward to more great videos.

P.S. Get Well Soon!

Anonymous said...

You know that Cammy's sort of a clone of M.Bison, right?

Dunno if that'd be an explanation or indication of her sexuality, though.

Angry said...

Good to have you back. Hope you are feeling better.

Not to nitpick but what was the deal with calling the Democratic Party: "The Democrat Party". This is usually a slur used by right wing nuts:


Was this intentional, ironic, an error?

Bob said...

"Not to nitpick but what was the deal with calling the Democratic Party: "The Democrat Party". This is usually a slur used by right wing nuts:"


I've heard both variations used most of my life, and only within the last couple years did I start hearing the notion that saying "Democrat Party" was supposed to be a slur. I get that the idea is to imply that Democrats are NOT Democratic about their policies, but it strikes me as kinda silly on both ends. I mean, if this is such a problem why don't Democratic Party members refers to themselves as "Democratics" instead of "Democrats?" Republicans, after all, don't feel the need to shorthand themselves as "Republics."

Angry said...

Well, "democrat" is a noun and "democratic" is an adjective. "republican" is both a noun and an adjective. These words existed long before the parties did.

Anyway, the details of the words is sort of beside the point. This phrase is perceived as disrespectful by most Democrats so the only reason to use it instead of the correct phrase is as an insult.

Personally, I can't help thinking that the U.S. as a whole would benefit if politics had a more civil and respectful tone and sides didn't intentionally taunt one another. IMHO, a highly partisan atmosphere doesn't lead to good policy, bi-partisanship does.

I enjoy your videos and particularly enjoy that they are thoughtful so hearing this phrase seemed out of place and jarring to me.

Sean said...

First time to leave a message up here, but I thought I'd say that it's great to see you back. Hope you feel better; viral stomach stuff is never fun.

As a quick primer to angry, I thought I'd point out something. Regardless of the use of Democrat Party vs. Democratic Party, isn't it a bit hypocritical to make the assertion that "Democrat Party" is an insulting slur and should be avoided in the spirit of civility by saying that the phrase is used by "right wing nuts"?

Back to the main point. I'm living in Japan right now, and I check daily for updates from this blog. It's just nice to hear analysis of gaming topics and politics, and I'm glad that you continue to provide quality entertainment.

Angry said...

Good point, Sean.

I will gladly acknowledge though the existence of both right and left wing nuts though. I just meant people whose views are on the outer fringes of their respective parties.

Still, I understand your point and it is well taken.

Monodi said...

I am so, so, so glad for your return. You remind me there is still hope for rationalism in the internet, especially about the gaming industry.

Keep the good work!

Anonymous said...

What do you think of Little Big Planet? It seems right up your ally.

Cam said...

I'm pretty sure Cammy is still heterosexual in the sense that all guys who see her will drool over her regardless of whether she's a lesbian or not, hell her being gay would probably up her hype even more (which I don't like but who am I to judge, I'm a Sakura fan just because of Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie, and most people hate that shit)

Anonymous said...

Someone else has probably already told you this, hoss, but there were lots of Captain Marvel productions... in the 40s.

Look it up on Amazon, most of them are available. Serials. They're actually pretty friggin' good.

There are Batman Serials too. Haven't seen those yet.