Monday, April 14, 2008


I'm not going to make it a habit to post things other than new video clips here, (if you MUST subject yourself to me in essay-form, check out but given the events of the last 24 hours I felt the need for a more-proper intro here. For earlier (read: pre-4/12/08) readers and friends who may not have noticed, the mighty was nice enough to put OverThinker Episode One up on it's Submission Sunday page yesterday, and as a result that episode and the other four have gone overnight from a slow trickle of views to thousands.

And, really... Wow. I'm kind of in shock. While this may sound disingenuous coming from a guy with TWO blogs... I'm not really good at seeking/recieving attention. So this is pretty wild, for me. But I want all you folks linking here from The YouTubes to know that I'm just incredibly grateful for all the positive feedback so far (and the negative is helpful in it's way, too.)

Also, let me use the opportunity to answer a few questions/comments that seem to have come up an awful lot in the YouTube talkbacks for each vid:

1.) Yes, the speed does change from bit to bit in some of the clips. YouTube only lets you post 10 minutes or less, so in some cases I've done some speeding-up of the recording in order to trim seconds here and there. I'm trying to cut back on this and/or bring more direct attention to it in future installments, because the sped-up speaking makes it sound like I'm trying to steal Yahtzee's routine ( which is something I definately want to avoid as much as possible.

2.) Speaking of which, let me put this to bed right now: Yahtzee and The Angry Video-Game Nerd (who's videos are posted at and their GameTrailers associate-page, do yourself a favor and check him out, he's the man) are both 10,000 times better at this than I am. The comparisons are appreciated, really... but I'm not worthy of them. Hell, Yahtzee has a new full review up every week and can actually talk that fast - that's just fucking astounding.

3.) I'll probably be sticking more to cultural-commentary than reviews at this time, mostly for practical purposes: I'm not exactly wealthy and don't have regular access to every new game and/or system, nor does work permit to finish games in a timely enough fashion for a review to be very relevant by the time I could provide it. That being said, "Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword" for the DS? BUY IT.

So, um... yeah. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you continue to enjoy the videos!


Anonymous said...

I know you're not looking for attention, but I found you through screwattack's g1 submissions. I really enjoyed your videos. The Kirby one, despite me actually playing the first one when it first came out, brought a tear to my eyes. I know people will judge you for being "Yahtzee"-like (as I'm also a fan of his), but what sets you apart from others is that you don't do reveiws, just rants. That's good, stick to that. It's like watching 10 page paper that doesn't suck.

I subscribed to you on youtube. Looking foward for more.

saad said...

Dude, you're fucking awesome. You practically give a huge essay, but basically make it into a big video. Congrats on all the hard work you put into these video essays because they're very inspiring and enlightening. You're the kinda guy I need to tell my friends about, un(-fucking-)believable!

Mindblowing stuff, and loads of pictures and media. And about the 10 minute limit, if you become a DIRECTOR there (don't know how), your videos can be as long as you want. Like Sadie's Gaming Infection.

Never stop on rants and these essays, you're unique and stick to this style. You don't need to review games, just these cultural commentary is brilliant enough. Can't give enough recommendations, you're just plain awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, congratulations on all the views.
I found you through the Screwattack link, and I've seen every video, subscribed, and wait impatiently for every video.
Your opinions are completely right, and your take on Rosalina from Mario Galaxy was brilliant.
That'll teach those angry video-game-hating feminists! And Jack Thompson!
PS - Do your next video on Jack Thompson...

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at how you can cosistantly dish out these amazing vids! You drive eery point home and I can practicly see the halo/madden/gta idiots cringe when you pull back the blinding curtain that they've draped over the gaming persona's mind. Truly you are a genious! But please don't compare yourself to yahtzze, you are far more entertaining and intelligent than he is, " A few more virtual boys and Nintendo's through" anyone? it's in his ssbb "review".

Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying these, as well. Do you have any plans to make them available for download at some point? (Space problems probably being the issue...)

Blake said...

I actually like you better than the Angry Nintendo Nerd (change your name back to Nintendo sellout). No place to comment on the first videos that do not appear on the blogspot, so I will just say that I've enjoyed them all, though I wish you would take back that blasphemy you said about Zelda II (if you want to criticize a Zelda game, Phantom Hourglass will suffice).

Keep it up!

apple said...