Wednesday, April 2, 2008

EPISODE THREE: "A Kirby Confession"

The OverThinker makes a plea for open-mindedness among hardcore gamers, and comes clean about his onetime rejection of one of gaming's greatest.


Doofus_J said...

Great job. I'm a 26 year old gamer who really agrees with your points of view. I, too, have only recently discovered the joys of Kirby, who is obviously some form of god based solely on his almighty powers. I now kneel at the alter of the mighty pink puff, and encourage others to do so as well.

All hail Kirby...all hail Kirby...All hail and so forth.

saad said...

Haha, "THE Bob gets right to the fucking point SHOW!"

Gave me a lot of think about, now I'll use "2.5 D" as a moniker to describe those kind of games. ;)

Mindblowing hard work and funny and ranty as usual, keep up the excellent standard. Still have yet to see episodes 4 and 5. Consider me a new big fan :)

Seyfert said...

Very good video, from my point of view, you made me see an aspect of game, I didnt see. By the way, have you ever seen a game called Bard Tale for the Xbox or ps2, because the humorous tone or the way the game constantly break the third wall, by making the hero talk back to the narrator, it's an original moment i have not seen often in the recent video games crops.

Echo said...

Kirby is ma fav Charecter all time, unfortenly i was born in the wrong era and misse all but the 64 and ps,
but was in luck when someone in ma famely dugg fort the NES and DK Cuntry.

Also I have an good expain on the Pokemon thing.
You love pokemon if you ehiter are a Kid, or are a Veteran of it that have played it since he/her was a kid;D

squall lee said...

Ahhh Kirby, he's always been close to my heart, haha, I was just a wee lad when you were a teen Bob.

Christ, I actually got into the Gameboy after years of semi-subservience to the game gear because I was so deadset on playing Kirby's Dream Land 2. I loved every moment of it, and it blazed the way for me to become a Kirby fan. And to this day I retain all my Kirby cartridges.

Even Kirby 64... by then everyone I knew was moving onto Final Fantasy (7) worship, orgasming over Resident Evil, and that ilk.

I played those games and they didn't do it for me, so I stuck with my Nintendo, while always sneaking to a friends house to play NiGHTS into Dreams. But I suppose, with Kirby in particular; it was his cute, childish charm, the challenge of achieving 100%, and (what I thought) his unique ability that made his games so likable to me.

Fantastic video, though I'm curious as to what Bob thinks of Kirby's Super Star

Mike said...

I'm just wondering why you consider Lara to be the 2nd biggest worst character?

Yahtzee tends to have the same problem, but even with something like Castlevania, there are some hideous examples. Even Mario or Sonic isn't immune from having some god-awful games.

alphabet1 said...

I could care less about your re-discovering Kirby; what I really value from this post was your insight into the mind of teen macho gamers (who, sadly, aren't always teens).

It's interesting that kids "sitting at home playing with a toy" feel the need try and be tough guys.

Obviously, this all stems from insecurity etc etc. It's just sad that so many people never develop further than this stage, and this is in all aspects of life, not just gaming.

People using gay as a synonym for crappy doesn't really get to me, but I do see it as a sign of immaturity, and I refrain from classifying things as "gay".

What really irks me is WoW players who say nigga over ventrilo.
That makes no sense to me.

As for Pokemon, if you weren't a kid when it came out (or are a kid now), you shouldn't get it. woops, just saw that Echo said the same thing. >.> I guess i'm echoing echo =]

Cam said...

I am going to say right now that jRPGs are not necessarily bad, it's just that they went from something really cool (Final Fantasy before Cloud, Seiken Densetsu, Mother, et cetera) to being something... I don't know, they just feel completely different and really kind of stupid now.

I hate almost every single Square Enix game now because post FFVII almost every game I have seen is reminding us of it, whether it be because the characters are the same (both in look and attitude/background story) or even the same fucking characters are in it (one of my bigger gripes with Kingdom Hearts). I've tried playing jRPGs and these days I take them as something trying too hard to be an epic game and failing miserably or as a pandering game that just is overly complicated and deprived of the fun I once had.

One of the worse offenders in my books is Kingdom Hearts because it's the pandering of Disney and Square Enix to fans and holy shit how much further can you drop when it comes to that?

mganai77 said...

Great entry... except for the Zelda II diss. Most underrated game ever, to the extent that Ocarina of Time and Final Fantasy 7 are overrated in my book. Suck it, haters.

imsmart said...

Zelda 2 is a bad game? Halo is overrated? Wha...? Do you hate every game whose impressive standards preserve their legacy to this day as paragons of the gaming worlds they created with their revolutionary approaches to gaming?
Also, ever notice the guy from Prototype is basically Kirby? He has a limited flight ability, and the ability to take people's powers by eating them.

Pantless_ninja said...

Haha, really funny using sweden as "neutral" =)

I appriciate that kind of humor.
(even though I am a Swede.)


Daniel said...

The thought processes about games you possess is great but at the end of the Kirby video that whole bullshit about grunge being manufactured is a load of horseshit. Well what I really want to say is stick to videogame critiques and praises cause your knowledge of other media like the rise and fall of a music culture is complete idiocracy.

A Tribe Called Helloween said...

My how fuckin times have changed. Bob actually apologizes to viewers about them watching the previous two GTO's. Yes it's done with a sense of self-deprecating humor, but he still apologizes. Now if anyone tells him he's doing something wrong he spitefully goes the other way.

Maybe this is way Republicans hate change so much.

Regardless, the episode still holds up.

Cr. Pibb said...

I recently rewatched this and just caught the "ponder this" at the end. I personally would think that the first one would occur. However, I'm Jewish and you'd better believe I'd be Kirby Jewish. That sounds awesome! I'm a huge fan, and keep up the good work.