Saturday, September 15, 2012

U Mad?

In case you hadn't heard, the WiiU has an unexpected third-party (second-party, actually - Nintendo published!) exclusive. Some people are... less than thrilled about this.

The poor darlings.


Anonymous said...

Mad? no. But a shame that i don´t get to play Bayonetta 2, i loved the first game. Hopefully Platinum Games stays multiplatform for future games, would be a shame if they only did exclusives. They are one of the only companies that release games that really excite me, Platinum, From software, Insomniac and Grasshopper studios.

Aiddon said...

Definitely another example of a pathetic gamer hissy fit. What I find funny is people sending death threats to Platinum or acting like Nintendo "stole" the series away. If it hadn't been for their intervention Bayonetta 2 probably would have been canceled

Different James said...

Yeah. Here's the thing - I didn't play Bayonetta (I'm a PC gamer through and through and proud of it most of the time), but isn't Bayonetta 2 on a console that you don't support better than no Bayonetta 2 at all?

Heck, if you buy a Wii U to play Bayonetta 2, maybe you'll find some other games on the platform you like. I bought a Wii to get Smash Bros. Brawl (well, among other reasons but still) and I also found about 15 other awesome games for it. Including the best JRPG made in a while.

Lido said...

yeah, how dare people get angry when the sequel to a game they like is published on a whole new console only, forcing them to buy what basically amounts to a clunky new form of interface and graphics update, they're just being selfish wanting to play the game on a standard controller instead of a massive tablet that you occasionally need to interact with thus breaking all immersion and driving the price up for their game, clearly they are what's wrong with gamer culture

JediMB said...

The game wouldn't exist without Nintendo's backing, due to the below expectations sales of the original, so... Yes, its selfish. If you really love Bayonetta, you'll want the franchise to continue existing and getting the commercial success it needs. If anything, you should be sending complaints to Sega, about their decision to not fund the sequel.

Nixou said...

"If you really love Bayonetta, you'll want the franchise to continue existing and getting the commercial success it needs"

And lose the sweet sweet rush of the serotonine/dopamine cocktail caused by an unjustified self-righteous indignated tantrum?
Come on! These are Hardcore gamers: they get high by being angry at toy-makers: that's what they do.

Mads said...

Bwahaha. (....My standard response to this, by the way, is 'no, I'm Mads....' - yes, I'm developing a case of dad-humor. Deal with it)

Anyway, Ok. Ok, you got me there. This is gamer entitlement. You get to use that word here.

I mean, look, it always blows when you realize you cannot play a game on your current setup. It's not just the money, it's also the fact that you need to juggle hooking it up to your television and your audio system, it's another thing in your living room, it's another digital ecosystem altogether...

Honestly, it's not entirely unlike how pc gamers complain when a new pc game isn't available on steam but requires origin for example.

Anyway, 'it's funny because it's not me' probably goes here.

Viredae said...

Seriously, this is what I call fanboyism, there are many instances where I would object to using that term, I will gladly throw it around now.

Nintendo is trying their hardest to show their 3rd party support plan (a pretty good one), they seem to be paying much needed attention to online service, and they have a damn impressive launch window line-up, and now they have Bayonetta.

This is literally fanboys screaming "we don't want to get the Wii U because it's not Sony/Microsoft!!"

Seriously, I'm glad the people upset about this have come out and said it, now I know exactly who to avoid, and who to consider having null and void opinions in any video game related matter.

Anonymous said...


Cry more. I enjoy the taste of bitter tears.

LR said...

The game would never have been made if it had not been for Nintendo and it will be made on the STRONGEST CONSOLE ON THE MARKET.

This is a bad thing, clearly. Oh, and the idea that it's unfair because Bayonetta was never on a Nintendo console? Please. Don't see any sympathy for Nintendo fans who saw the Final Fantasy series leave them.

Saying you don't support this game is saying you don't want Platinum Games to make a game you like.

Sabre said...

3 things.
1- Isn't it to early to put this one in the win column? Yes it has a good game, 2 if you count ZombiU. It's still not in the bag yet.

2- Wasn't Bayonetta popular with gamers? As in, the kind of creative crazy game that flew in the face of the CoD stereotype? Why is this being held up as "Look at the foolish entitled buzzword buzzwords"?

3- This cheering is largely coming from retro gamers, who will scream and throw tantrums if Mario's hat is the wrong shade of red, yet now suddenly they all love Bayonetta despite it being a series that started on Xbox this generation? What happened to "All games these days are worthless cash ins and sequels"? Suddenly they embrace anything that strikes a blow to Microsoft. That sound incredibly petty to me.

Also, will this be remembered next time Nintendo fans throw a wobbler over Samus not being written right, or some grey brown remake of some nostalgic franchise comes out? I doubt it.

David (The Pants) said...

I might just buy it in spite of these raging over-exaggerators, and I've never played the first one. I'm probably gonna buy the WiiU for Lego City Undercover, but there're some other sweet titles.

LR said...

Sabre, fact is this is a business and people are ignoring the business aspects of all of this. Games cost more money than ever before. Sega cancelled the game. Nintendo put it back in development and made it an exclusive. It was a business decision and nothing but. It only turned into a console battle when people who hate Nintendo were angry at Nintendo for getting its exclusive rights.

Those who support Nintendo are merely happy to have an exclusive AAA title. Especially after seeing so many AAA titles pass them by, regardless of which ones were terrible or not. At least we got the exclusive to the sequel of Bayonetta instead of Bionic Commando 2009.

You'll notice not much celebration from "retro gamers" about Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 coming to the Wii U. Because they don't care.

Arturo said...

Hey Mario, I like your new friend

Anonymous said...

Just how 'exclusive' will Bayonetta be to Nintendo? As some have said, there will most likely be ports (or even enhanced editions) to PS3/Xbox/or whatever next gen consoles in the future. But I can see people wanting the game now on their system of choice rather than plunking down cash for an entirely new system.

Also I wonder now if Bayonetta herself is in the running to be in a Smash Bros game.

Aiddon said...

Nintendo is PUBLISHING Bayonetta 2. More than likely they and SEGA have a contract that is keeping it exclusive so good LUCK getting that out of Nintendo's hands.

AlucardsFate said...

Wow, considering that this game probably would not have seen release without Nintendo effectively saving it from oblivion that is pretty silly. Sega certainly wasn't going to front the money to publish it. They axed it as a part of the restructuring didn't they?

I was going to get a WiiU eventually anyway. (Not right away though) This just gives me a date to do so.

Anonymous said...


1. I'm not really sure more people have been trying to put it in the "OMG THIS IS A CRIME AGAINST GAMING" column. Any gloating from Nintendo fans has been mostly a reaction to the weapons-grade butthurt exhibited by entitled fans.

2. "Entitlement" can be used in many different contexts, Sabre. In this instance, Nintendo essentially swooped in and saved the game from being cancelled and thrown into the dustbin, and instead of being thankful, people are pitching a fit because logically, with Nintendo funding and publishing the game themselves, it will be a Wii U exclusive and not available on their preferred platform. thus the tweets of hardcore gamers threatening to kill the head of Platinum Games. Real classy people, these entitled gamers.

3. I think most of the cheering is coming from the real fans of the original, who are ecstatic to see a game rumored cancelled be saved from the burn pile, and not whining and bitching that it will be a Nintendo exclusive because they irrationally hate Wii U. I haven't seen many people throw tantrums at Mario's hat or... what? What is this point about again? Probably fanboy-knocking shit.

Will Nintendo fans remember it? Uhhh, yeah. They'll remember that a developer got death threats for having the absolute gall to make a game for Nintendo. That might stick with them.

Anonymous said...

its not going to last long for sure i mean Resident Evil was suppossed to be a Gamecube exclusive but later it went to every console. the same thing will happen to Bayanetta 2 when they see how much money it made for the WiiU.

Anonymous said...

It wont last long see Resident Evil 4 it was first for the GameCube but soon went off to the rest of the consoles

Naner said...
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Naner said...

@ero knight: Resident Evil 4 wasn't published by Nintendo.

This time, it's more akin to the Resident Evil or Metal Gear Solid remakes on GameCube, which were published by Nintendo, or Mass Effect, which was published by Microsoft. Those never came out in different platforms.

Anonymous said...

Should I point out that Bayonetta was basically Xbox exclusive? The PS3 version was the most horrendous choppy piece of load screens this side of Sonic '06.

Jason Mathias said...

F^&k Me your all morons! Platinum was never going to make Bayonetta 2 as they DIDNT HAVE A PUBLISHER till the almighty NIN stepped up and offered to publish it as a WiiU exlusive!

Seriously get over yourself all you butthurt morons and stop raging over something that is a GOOD THING!

Because ill rather have Bayonetta 2 as a WiiU exclusive then not at all.

Now im off to play a random game on my xbox 360/ps3/wii/pc as im a real dedicated harcore gamer so I have every console and ill buy the wiiU when ist out as well.

If you want to play game thats exclusive to a console buy the damn console, if not STFU and realize that all your netbased shit fits/bitching wont change a damn thing!

Anonymous said...


I have no idea who you are yelling at.

For a hardcore gamer you sure do have anger issues.

Xaos said...


Guys, this is the internet.

Your expectations are too high.

Anonymous said...

I don't see it as "this sucks because it's on the WiiU." I see it more as, "I'm angry I have to shell out 300 bucks for what basically amounts to a fusion of an Xbox 360 and an iPad just to play this game."

And second, If this were happening to a game series YOU loved, you'd be throwing a conniption too, and don't pretend you wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

Don't be a dick Bob. This is the worst part of the games industry right now. Gamers get fucked over by hardware makers buying out the rights to publish games exclusively on their systems so people who don't buy their console don't get to play it. It screws over gamers, developers publishers and everyone else who isn't the particular system's creators. I never played Bayonetta because it looked really dumb and I don't like it when game makers try to sell me sex instead of video games, and I have no interest in playing Bayonetta 2. I don't own a PS3 or Xbox 360, I own a Wii and I am so far just barely interested in the Wii U. But rather than be a Nintendo fanboy douchebag dribbling out cheap shots to get petty self-satisfaction and revenge on my historical detractors, I'll stand in solidarity with the gamers who, like me, are being fucked over by this bullshit marketing practice that has been prevalent since Microsoft stole Bungie from PC gamers.

This is not game-overthinking, this is just being a very typical dickhead gamer.

Aiddon said...

uh, if Nintendo hadn't published Bayonetta 2 it wouldn't have seen the light of day. No one else wanted it or at least Nintendo gave the highest bid. This is not the same as the examples you're providing.

Kris Russell said...

I think this goes to prove that the Nintendo faithful are just as bad in "rubbing it in your face" as the other zealous sects of the competition's fanbase when they score a "victory" over the competition, especially a steal (for a lack of a better word) like Bayonetta, a title that started multiplatform but now by the grace of Miyamoto and company, will only be enjoyed by a handful of fans that find it justifiable to purchase a Wii U, while other may have to await for the inevitable ports - and don't feed me the "Nintendo is publishing it" bullshit. All it took was some gameplay tweaks and adding "Sigma" to the title to port it to the PS3.

Bayonetta 2's future on the Wii U is debatable, and if it will be more profitable on an exclusive machine - remember the original only made 1.35 million units sold worldwide and that was between two consoles - and I wish the game luck, but this fan outrage, despite the negativity, is ultimately understandable, at least to me.

Aiddon said...

also Bob, the Wii U is sold out EVERYWHERE for pre-orders. Dear lord this is madness.

smile said...

I can't believe the reaction - I thought people were getting sick of this generation but they'd rather see new games on their existing old consoles then embrace the new machines.

I've pre-ordered a Deluxe WiiU and look forward to playing Bayonetta 2. It's time to embrace the new gen.

Nokout21 said...

This is kinda like when Ninja Gaiden 2 was released on the 360. Microsoft published it, but it still had the tecmo logo on the box somewhere. Later Tecmo published Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 on the PS3.

Either way, I'm just glad that it's coming out at all. The rumors of Platinum games canceling Bayonetta 2 really pissed me off. Just another reason why to get a WiiU. Now if they could just make another metriod, then I'm on board.

Anonymous said...

Hey Overthinker, please make this the topic of a future show. Honestly people need to grow up, games come out for different platforms all the time. Final Fantasy was a Nintendo franchise until the playstation. Frankly I think the age range of the angry "fans" must be pre teens.

Anonymous said...

" Honestly people need to grow up"

"Frankly I think the age range of the angry "fans" must be pre teens."

If that were the case, then they would have to literally grow up, duh. I remember being a kid and getting a bit upset over Final Fantasy going to Playstation. I used to read magazines about FF7 and go, 'Gee it would be nice to play that.' Of course now I can on PS2, PSP, OR the computer if I wanted to (I have). It is understandable why someone would be upset. I couldn't afford playstation as a kid (I had the N64 instead, two years after it came out), and even now, I can't plop down 300 bucks, just so I can play a sequel to a game I liked. If anything, I'm more willing to understand the rage coming from gamers this time (except for the people bitching at Hideki Kamiya on twitter, that is a dick move) than the people who raged when FF13 went multiplatform. At least they were still getting a game on their system, the PS3.

Anonymous said...

@Kris Russell

I think what you are misunderstanding about the circumstances is that Bayonetta 2 was cancelled and dead on the floor until Nintendo came in and saved it. It is "by the grace of Miyamoto" that the game exists at all, and yeah since Nintendo's financially backing it, it is thus Nintendo exclusive. Certainly not understandable to wish death on the game's director and the company, right?

The choice is between Baytonetta 2 on Wii U or no Bayonetta 2 at all.

An interesting contrast is, look at how many game the best third party games on Wii migrated to other consoles. Look at how many games Wii owners had to miss out on this generation, including some games from devs who openly mocked both the Wii and its owners. I don't remember anybody wishing death on Suda 51 or tweeting Capcom or Konami calling them traitors or anything.

If you wanna play teamsports, I think it's funny that, despite being characterized as older and "more mature," Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 fans demonstrated in the last 3 days a level of petulant childishness I don't think I've seen on the internet.

Anonymous said...

"An interesting contrast is, look at how many game the best third party games on Wii migrated to other consoles. Look at how many games Wii owners had to miss out on this generation, including some games from devs who openly mocked both the Wii and its owners. I don't remember anybody wishing death on Suda 51 or tweeting Capcom or Konami calling them traitors or anything.

If you wanna play teamsports, I think it's funny that, despite being characterized as older and "more mature," Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 fans demonstrated in the last 3 days a level of petulant childishness I don't think I've seen on the internet."

Except they did, or at least the equivalent of that, when Resident Evil 4 came out on PS2. And when the Tales of series jumped ship to MS and Sony. And when Metroid Other M came out. And whenever anyone says anything other than praise about Nintendo.

Also, the reason the Wii missed out on those games was because the console was pretty bad, with an unreliable interface and graphics power not much better than the PS2. It's a bit like complaining you can't play The Witcher 2 on your gameboy.

Aqua said...

The game wasn't gonna be made, now it is. I think that's pretty fucking simple to understand, even a child could grasp the concept. People have been griping about games they could only play on one console since the goddamn Sega Genesis, maybe even longer. Pretending this is some 'New' kind of injustice is as moronic as gamers can get, and it doesn't take a Nintendo fanboy/girl to see that.

Nintendo keeping it for itself? No fucking DUH. It's not exactly like the other two companies are showing Nintendo any love with their exclusives, so I don't see why Nintendo should have to do the same. No, not even in this case. They footed the bill, they get the game. It's a simple rule we as consumers should understand, we pay for it, that makes it ours.

Poor Nintendo. We didn't like their controller, they put out the Pro Controller. We didn't like their low-calibur console, they made one more up to specs. We didn't like their game selection, they tried getting more stuff we'd like. And yet everytime they do, gamers turn right around and chew on something else to spit in their face. I'll lump all kinds of hate on the Wii and Nintendo plenty of times, but I can at least recognise that they're TRYING.

Nixou said...

"it's funny that, despite being characterized as older and "more mature," Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 fans demonstrated in the last 3 days a level of petulant childishness I don't think I've seen on the internet."

"Mature" is a term which was used in the late 90's to describe the kind of games which attracted teenagers toward the first Playstation. The PS3/360 are still to this day massively marketed toward these audiences.

There's nothing surprising about hormonaly imbalanced teens and "young adults" throwing a tamper tantrum about toys.

Manticore said...

Honestly I think Nintendo sympathy is blowing this out of proportion. I felt this PLENTY with the Megaman jumping.
This is why people are practically withering to Kingdom Hearts.
Also there is the Valkeria Chronicles was "killed" by Sega for following the local market and development costs and trends (from PS3 exclusive to PSP)

Nixou said...

"Also there is the Valkeria Chronicles was "killed" by Sega for following the local market and development costs and trends (from PS3 exclusive to PSP)"

It's not going from the PS3 to the PSP which crippled the franchise: it's turning the plot into a teen drama like they did with FF8.

Anonymous said...


Really? You think Nintendo fans tweeted that the heads of Capcom should DIE because RE4 went multiplatform? Don't remember that. Nintendo fans wished death on Namco? Don't remember that either? And what does Other M have to do with anything, except it's probably on your troll checklist?

The power of the Wii is irrelevant. Nobody pointed a gun at third parties heads and forced them to make expensive HD games. They could make games for whatever they wanted. They chose to ignore Wii. They chose to mock it and its fans. Wii owners took it on the chin repeatedly, mostly without complaint because, hey, who'd listen?

Wii U gets ONE game and suddenly the head of Platinum Games gets death threats. Real classy.

Funny thing is, I don't think that will be the last time this happens this generation, maybe not even the last time this year.

Anonymous said...

" You think Nintendo fans tweeted that the heads of Capcom should DIE because RE4 went multiplatform?"

I think he meant equivalent of. Since Resident Evil 4 went to PS2 in 2005 and Twitter was created in 2006. I am sure if we were to dig up old BBS conversations, there would be people super pissed off at FF7 being on the playsation back in the day. I know that upset kiddies were boycotting FF13 going multiplat.

Face it, there is always going to be immaturity on any side given the right circumstance. And there will be varying levels of it too, from fuming about it while posting bitchy blog posts to actively harassing people online.

Anonymous said...

"And what does Other M have to do with anything,"

Bob made 2 videos on the subject, and you play dumb?

When Other M came out, Samus fans were so angry they called Team Ninja, and all of Japan, sexist, and while I didn't see any because I don't care about Metroid, I would guess a death threat or 2 made it in there.

biomechanical923 said...

Not mad in the slightest :3

As I've said in previous threads, I'm going with Wii-U next generation, despite currently owning a PS3.

It's both sad, and ironic, that all Nintendo had to to win me over was NOT FUCK UP as badly as Sony or Micro$haft

flamebreak said...

Its a shame, I want to play the game, but currently have no intention of giving Nintendo my money. There is nothing on their platform that interests me in the slightest. The exclusives are there sure, but I'm not buying a console for a handful of games, which have barely changed over their 25 year lifespans.
At the moment it seems that Sony has the biggest variety with highest number of new IP's that I'm interested in playing so I'll go with them.

I love Platinum games a whole lot and its a shame that I won't be able to play what will surely be a fantastic game. Shame on SEGA for not funding a sequel. Could have been a fantastic multiplatform game, but alas. Que sera sera.

Naner said...

@flamebreak: "Its a shame, I want to play the game, but currently have no intention of giving Nintendo my money. There is nothing on their platform that interests me in the slightest. The exclusives are there sure, but I'm not buying a console for a handful of games, which have barely changed over their 25 year lifespans."
It's funny that you say that you're interested in the game and in the next sentence say that you're not interested in anything on the system. It's also funny that you say the games have barely changed over their 25 years, while you play your Uncharted. I have a PS3 and enjoy plenty of Sony exclusives, but it's ridiculous to say that Zelda hasn't changed when you take God of War, Uncharted or plenty other series in comparison.

I understand why some people aren't very interested in the system, but all we know of Wii U are the games coming until March and an additional few (like Bayonetta 2 and The Cave). There's still plenty more to come.

willywild256 said...

Mad? No, not really.

It does seem like a finger to the fans who liked the first game because it just seems like nintendo is milking that "like" for coin. I mean, it's their game, they're free to do whatever they want but I really hope they don't expect fans to buy a whole new system just to get a sequel.

Anonymous said...


There's a difference between 25 years of stagnation and nostalgia milking, and having a game series that stuck to it's guns for three (count 'em, THREE) games.

Manticore said...

Personally I expect the platinum games exclusivity to last as long as the famed capcom three. After established their brand or just a solid leg Platinum is going to do an end run (remember Capcom broke contract turning RE4 and VJ and Killer7 loose) somehow to reach more people for their product. This is a business alliance of convenience.

I consider Mass Effect 3 a more earnest attempt that just falls flat due to the amazing backlash due to the damned ending. Seriously here was a game touted as the triumph of western and pc design and development and so on in a genre redefining way with amazing breadth and depth, at least the appearance. It spearheads the expansion of gaming as a human artform and endeavor with stuff like the Geth and even various same-sex romances in this installment so this is Nintendo if not coming out and endorsing samesex marriage benefits in company not excluding content of the new normal or adult and sexual nature to the US. One ending debacle later and poof.

I assure you there have been exclusivity whining and moaning before and since by Nintendo fans. Heck I was annoyed how terrible the shovelware 3rd parties were tossing on the Wii.

Let's be glad for the windful but lets not act like we don't know where these folks are coming from. And btw with VC the whole "teen drama" was kinda there from the beginning with the relationship values and so on and like I said it was following the market romantic teen comedies just seem to draw a crowd. Need I point out its led to more primary female video game protagonists from japan too?

We need to look at something flaws and virtues at the same time and admit to the same in brotherhood.

This is a nice successful move by nintendo to emphasise their claims of diversity and core gamer appeal are geniune don't feel shame in saying that. Just don't then turn around get all accusatory and vicious about the hurt feelings and annoyance, we've been there. We know how frustrating it is to jump ship. And general multiplatform soup was for the longest time a great thing for gamers. Going to the bad ol days of constant reiterations and exclusives should cause a slight amount of apprehension not console themed tribalistic gotchas

Aiddon said...

problem with the RE4/Viewtiful Joe/Killer7 comparison: those weren't published by Nintendo nor did Nintendo put funding into them. Sorry, chances of a port are a bit slimmer in this case

Manticore said...

Its not just about porting its about attitude. We shouldn't be ashamed or apologetic no. But we shouldn't be cruel, teasing or sanctimonious either.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it pretty much seems like alot of the people being "so pissed off" about it being a Wii U Exclusive (in the article he posted) seem to be of the demographic of gamers that have the mindset of ZOMG NINTENDO HARDCORE GAMES, NOOOOO! NINTENDO SUCKS, I DON'T CARE WHAT THEY DO TO APPEASE ME OR APPEAL TO ME, THEY SUCK 'CAUSE ITS NINTENDO.

Seriously, this makes it seem ever more likely that some gamers just don't want to accept Nintendo not because they aren't "hardcore" enough, but just because they are Nintendo, and everything Nintendo does is instantly a bad move.

Anonymous said...

Never played the original, but for some reason, I'm reminded of Sony's FF7 coup. The Wii U will do just fine.

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous willywild256 said...

Mad? No, not really.

It does seem like a finger to the fans who liked the first game because it just seems like nintendo is milking that "like" for coin. I mean, it's their game, they're free to do whatever they want but I really hope they don't expect fans to buy a whole new system just to get a sequel."

Uhh dude are you on crack? Where else will Nintendo put this game? The Wii's not powerful enough. Why the Hell would a hardware maker like Nintendo buy the rights to a game and then put it on a competing company's hardware? There are so many legitimate reasons to criticize Nintendo's business practice, but in case they're really not doing anything wrng.

Anonymous said...


Classy Bob.
See, shit like this is why an open console is a pipe dream.

willywild256 said...


Relax. It's just my opinion. I'm not saying that Nintendo is doing something wrong. I'm saying that I can sort of see where the "OMG WII-U RAGE!!!!" crowd is coming from.

I, personally, haven't found the Wii-U endearing yet, so I will continue to not really give a shit.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't buy Beyonetta when it came out and I really wanted to play it. So yeah, I have a lot of sympathy for you cry babies. Sarcasm! Just buy the damn system if you want to play it so much that you're making such a stink! It has Pikmin 3 for gods sake!

Manticore said...

Well Ivan, just got to admit betwen your Tinkerbell and Navi comments. A little insight if only direction of look into fairy-american culture would interest me greatly.

I mean Tinkerbell's a house fairy but Navi is this major break through, seems backwards to me. Were there fairy-ploitation period in entertainment what was that like?

How do you feel about the "modern" take on fairies/fair folk (crazy decadent anglophilic nutters ala Lords and Ladies and so on)

What are some of the family careers, the more visible parts of society fairies are in, and what are the responses and what tend to be the generation/class distinctions. What has been fairy culture in music just 60s to 90s? Any strong ethnic relations?

Sorry I realize its a bit much just answer as a person who sees the worlds as fairy and intern not need to be The Fairy Man for the public.

Jannie said...

Well I'm not surprised really by this and I think it's a good move.

I said a while ago, back around E3, and I do believe it's true, that Nintendo is using the Wii U to try and re-engage with the core gaming market--and part of that is fostering a real relationship with third party developers, instead of depending on the same retreads of their old stuff.

Or put more simply, the Waggle era is over, Nintendo is making it clear they intend to start taking back the territory they lost of the years. This is also why they're moving towards real online play and third party releases, even if it's slow but it's no secret they're moving away from the Minigame Collection Delivery Service position.

I would imagine the Wii U, being probably more up to date with technology and less "weird" to develop for, will see a number of these third party releases as time goes on. And I say good for Nintendo, great for Nintendo even.

I think it shows that even though Nintendo's FANS may obsess over them being a stagnant, clinging holdover from the past that Nintendo is more like "Uh, yeah, no, we want to be like, an actual company again mmmkay."

Nintendo wants to be truly, visibly relevant like they were in the past and I think it's a fine idea. Competition is good for consumers so go for it.

I just wish they'd have picked something other than...ugh, Bayonetta. Frankly Rapelay would have been less disturbing but...hey Bayonetta obviously has a fanbase.


God knows why.

Maybe the next third part release will be a Contra game, which will both give me a reason to own a Wii U besides Pikmin. Fingers crossed.

Manticore said...

Rapelay.. REALLY
I mean you're comparing spectacle action fighters a game born from in your face over the top character designs if not sexual ones, the grandkids of Double dragon with their tight panted whip mistresses and barechested dudes in elaborate dominance punch ups, revived on the back of hausen-teat suckling extravaganza God of War with mesomorphic bodybuilder in a loincloth exuding masculine raw rage and sexuality rather explicitly, to a game about touching large still frame pinups for "responses" for witch spots?

Witcher with its sex cards and the like I can deal with before Rapelay which I'm not going condemn just for content but ambition and lack of attempt or class. But Bayonetta, a game that's part sexual dance fight cabaret and part new wave over the top action game is too embarassing. You do know what Devil May Cry been putting its boys in for the last three iterations, right?

Jannie said...

Manticore, I'm assuming you're responding to me because I'm the only one who mentioned Rapelay, but I have to ask could you...repeat that first paragraph because I genuinely have no idea what you're talking about there.

At any rate, no I'm not comparing them, I'm saying Rapelay is BETTER. Or at the very least, it's not as stupid. There is such a thing as "points for not being idiotic", even if it's only half a point.

Bayonetta is like a train wreck on top of a nuclear explosion on top of a bus full of orphans on fire. I mean, look, let's ignore the sexual content--COMPLETELY IGNORE IT. The sex, the presentation, the butchering of angelic mythology omnipresent in Anime because "EVA did it" and that's good enough apparently...FORGET every part of that. Forget it.

Let's talk about the fucking gameplay...or lack thereof. Bayonetta took the simple concept of "shoot monsters" and fucked that up, making it into this messy, over-wrought, over-complex explosion of shitty ideas and imagery that wouldn't be out of place painted on the side of a van in the 1970s. That's not a compliment. When you look, play and feel more monotonous and one-note than DMC...holy fucking shit. That's BAD. Not Michael Jackson's Bad, which is ironically really good, that's Miranda Lambert bad, which is literal-definition bad.

Then the story. Now, ok, full disclosure I don't have much problem with "weird" stories in games or movies or whatever as long as they make some attempt at verisimilitude, that or just come out as a parody upfront (Double Dragon Neon did this well) but Bayonetta wasn't being "weird" to be quirky or "weird" to be obtuse and artistic, or even "weird" to be funny, it was being "weird" because it could. Like FLCL only stupider...actually it's entirely possible Bayonetta is a sequel to FLCL because both the primary female characters in it are horribly deformed looking.

What even WAS the story in Bayonetta? Like, I know the actual written plot, but what was the story ABOUT? What was the subtext? The CONTEXT? What?

FYI, Spoilers:

So, ok, Bayonetta is like a witch from...hell? Who has no memory (how original) and then she meets a little girl who is her but like not her, or not real? And some chick in red wants her dead because of reasons? And angels too apparently because, as established, "EVA did it". Oh also demons apparently.

Any way...I could go on FOREVER about the content, why it stunk, how it was repetitive, and don't even get me started about the titular character (who, frankly, looks creepy and kind of masculine to me, but what do I know) but I'm sure I'm either at or over the character limit as is.

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Sabre said...

Jannie- I want to say something on the whole angelic "because EVA did it" thing.

For 1, I only played a little of Bayonetta, so I don't know how the full game is, but what little I did play, I found fun, and the craziness was appealing to me.

But the angelic thing I felt had 2 meanings. 1 was counter the cliche of "demons" by flipping it around, and 2, Japan likes it's Christian symbolism not because EVA did it (though it could be a possiblity) but because it's cool, exotic, deep foreign stuff. The same way western fans of Asian media tend to romanticise Samurai, Buddhism and the like.

SFDebris has a review of the first 2 EVA films, and in one of them he points out how out of place and even wrong the biblical
references are. You can find the reviews here and are well worth watching.

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@Anon 4:37

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So you can shut you fucking mouth.

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