Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mega Man Is Over

Double-meaning, y'see.

Ever since Keiji Inafune up and quit the company awhile back, Capcom has seemed bound and determined to turn his most well-known creation into mulch: Cancelling a slew of well-into-development Mega Man titles, making his appearance in "Street Fight X Tekken" a self-parody, etc.

The latest seeming insult: The Blue Bomber's promised 25th Anniversary game (keep in mind, we're talking about a Mario/Zelda/Kirby-level Golden Age icon here), billed as a crossover wherein a "new" MM battles a cosortium of foes from all the different subseries, has been revealed as... an iPhone social game; fittingly titled "Mega Man X Over."

Over, indeed. If nothing else, at least Sonic can have some company on the "you used to be good" pile.


Evilmonkeyman289 said...

Bob, please play Colors/Generations before you start saying how Sonic "used to be good".

Kuomon said...

I think it's unfair to use the Street Fighter X Tekken Megaman as an example since that was Inafune's idea to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Geez the YouTube dislikes/likes ratio scared me. Is it really that bad looking?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to a month ago.

Anonymous said...

Man, did you find enough plutonium to power that fucking wayback machine in the Delorean?

Xander Calderon said...

On one hand, it's hard to say how much cannon this Rockman has with the series untill it's released and digested. The X Series ended on 5 for example, with 6-8 being officially concidered as "non-cannon".

Likewise, X-Over might just be a flash in the pan. But this is the Social iPhone pan that everyone else has been cooking in and making tons of money with garbage ingredients. I'll hold my breath, and not expect much.

Aqua said...

Having seen the comment pop up enough, gonna go ahead and say it (Lookin' at YOU Evilmonkeyman289).

Sonic is still utter and complete garbage. There have been well over 20 console-based games put out for him, even excluding the big four (IE: Sonic the Hedgehog one, two, three, and Sonic and Knuckles). All of them, excluding Adventure, has made a travesty of the series.

Two games do not redeem this fact, not by a long shot.

Stop bringing up Colors and Generations like it makes a huge difference, because you add to the already outstanding shame of the portion of Sonic fans who're more than ready for him to take a LONG vacation until Sega gets their shit together.

smile said...

Your Sonic bigotry knows no bounds. ;_;

Anyway, here's a great defense of the blue blur by Errant Signal. The little speedhog has been back for a while and I couldn't be happier.

Anonymous said...

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Sabre said...

Aqua, Evilmonkeyman289- As I have said to many sonic fans, "not horrible" does not equal "good".

Crimson said...

Okay, let's leave the idea that the Blue Bomber is now on par with the blue spiked speed demon. It remains to be seen, and the comparison of titles doesn't really match up. MM may be on the way down the slope, but Sonic's sitting at the bottom of the slide. Okay? Fair is fair.

This being said... wow. I mean, cross-over? Hell, that's been done before, and both X & Zero are gonna show up in the BIG crossover game, Cross (X) Zone. And Legends was going to be a big Mega crossover game in of itself. Fine.

But why the hell does ANY mega-man character have to look like he's wearing some kinda 80's flight jacket?? Seriously, Capcom, why do you have to screw the pooch this badly, huh? Wasn't MvC enough?!

Manticore said...

I actually hope Megaman makes the iphone crossover, spreading out is a great, nay GOOD thing and MEgaman's attempts to expand in terms of intricacy and complexity have left me feeling a little unsure or behind.

And the Crossover is only taking the basic ideas of universe and putting them to a good market.

See, I was against Easy Mode.. .well wary of it to certain levels but I approve and even am hopeful for the results of this. Simplicity isn't bad (look at bejeweled angry bird, tetris, etc)

Anonymous said...

Well, it certainly sucks that Capcom is ending Mega Man. I've been a fan of Mega Man for some time. I bought at least one game in each series (I believe Mega Man 64 is essentially Mega Man on the Nintendo 64), and have enjoyed them all.

Say, anybody else think it's odd that Capcom is ending Mega Man, yet a couple OTHER game series Inafune worked on (Resident Evil and Dead Rising) are gonna continue? If they really wanted to get back at Inafune, they would've ended those too. Then again, they'd probably lose a couple cash cows in the process, but still.

You know, if Capcom really doesn't want to make any more Mega Man games, maybe they should just sell the rights to Mega Man back to Inafune. This may be their way of getting back at Inafune for leaving them, but if they just sold him the rights to Mega Man, it'd benefit a lot more people.

Anonymous said...


"Aqua, Evilmonkeyman289- As I have said to many sonic fans, "not horrible" does not equal "good"."

But those games are pretty good. They were well-received by critics and gamers alike, and in Colors case, was a pretty big hit.

IF you mean just your own opinion, bully for you, but according to critics and customers, the series is way better than it used to be. It isn't 2006 anymore.

Aiddon said...

uh, Inafune was NEVER Mega Man's creator. Seriously, he actually had very little to do with MM's creation as he came on very late in development...AS AN ARTIST. The REAL creators of Mega Man are Akira Kitamura and Tokuro Fujiwara (the latter of which has designed WAY more games than Inafune ever did). So, yeah, you're actually crediting MM's creation to a guy who has always been a talentless hack who basically stole the credit from guys who were way better than he's ever been.

It also helps that they never came off a manipulative, whiny, bitter crybabies.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my mistake. Sorry.^^;

Anonymous said...

...Wait, then why are they halting Mega Man after Keiji Inafune left?

Sabre said...

Anon- You got me. To be honest, having never played a sonic game for any serious amount of time since adventures on Dreamcast, and having seen so many people get things twisted or flat out wrong with my favourite games, I will say that maybe I was a bit harsh and defer to the fans on this one.


I will say that the people who claim "Sonic is back!" or "Sonic is bigger than ever!" are wrong.

Sonic colours being well reviewed is hollow praise. Need I remind you of this?
So yeah, it could be that the game is well received by Wii gamers and critics who have low standards. That's the problem with well received Wii games. Also see The Conduit. This is not to say it's bad, but it's fair to say it's far from the gamer culture dominance he once had.

Take wrestling games as an example. The best one was No Mercy on N64, or Def Jam New York on GameCube if that counts as a wresting game. There have been a few good wrestling games since, and I hear the new WWE games aren't the slap in the face they used to be, but I think you would agree, this is far from wrestling games being "Back" or "Awesome again".

The same is true for Sonic. Again, I am not saying colours is a bad game, I will have to trust you that it's good, but I think to stretch that in "Sonic is back on top!" is reaching.

Aiddon said...


Because Inafune was still a producer for the series; it's nothing out of the ordinary to have someone who never created the series to be a producer. Plus, let's face it, MM hadn't had a million seller in a decade and it was obvious that even CAPCOM knew they had to take a break from the series. It's only been two years since the last game so it's a little early and melodramatic to be prophesizing doom.

Anonymous said...


So a talentless hack was driven away by Capcom, who suddenly let plenty of games fester, not just Mega Man, once it happened.

If Inafune was a hack, than Capcom is pure garbage.

Aiddon said...

No, CAPCOM at least has actual talent in its midst; people like Ono, Niitsuma, Eshiro, Takeuchi, Takumi, etc who are willing to fight to get games made. CAPCOM's management can be stupid (and to be honest, Inafune's poisonous influence was part of the start of that problem) but the actual development teams are talented people who just want to make good games that people can enjoy.

smile said...

Some of these comments are making me want to shank a snitch. Why is it the most vocal critics against modern Sonic are people who haven't really sat down and played the games?

Since Sonic Unleashed, SEGA has been tapping into what kind of mechanic works well for a 3D Sonic about speed. Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations have both been victories in this field. They are genuinely well made, well received games. This is a victory!

Even without those two games, you have a whole series of 2D Sonic games on hand held portables since the Sonic Advance that have all been more or less entertaining. Some exceptions exist to taint this like Sonic 4 and Sonic Generations 3DS, but the record is mostly positive.

And on top of that you have the Sonic kart racer that has been a real crowd pleaser. So much so that people are anticipating the sequel to that game this year.

When you have people returning to the franchise and anticipating what's next then you have to concede that the hedgehog is far from over.

Just because the last two 3D Sonics were not accessible enough for you to appreciate it does not mean the series fits into your little gleefully schadenfreude vision of SEGA.

It was once the Sonic fans who were told to move on, but now it's time the haters to delete those dusty Sonic Cycle jpegs - you didn't help us when the hedgehog was struggling and you're not helping us now.


And this Mega Man issue is completely different to Sonic anyway. SEGA still tries to please its long time fans while Capcom is trying so hard to chase those iOS and Call of Duty people with everything they make.

Sabre said...

Smile- I was with you up here.
"but the record is mostly positive"

At which point I call bullshit. If you like something. Fine. Good for you, but to claim it's the norm? No. Not by a long short. I love Perfect Dark, but I still recognize it as bad in certain areas and not a game I can recommend. That is what separates a fanboy from a regular fan.

Sonic is famous, even within it's own fandom, of being nothing by Segas unsellable turds with a Sonic logo stamped on to suck another £40 from every Sonic fan there is, safe in the knowledge that no matter how much they complain, they will line up, mouths open the next time Sega craps something out with the Sonic logo on it.

Even outside of the Sonic fandom, I see people who play through the pre heroes games just for old times sake, or because they were great games. Either you are overstating the greatness of the new stuff, or are ignorant of the quality of the old stuff.

Don't try and spin this. Ratchet is still popular. Megaman put out better games than Sonic at this point. Mario and Zelda, who are fast being faded into the background by resting on his same bag of tricks, at least have reputation of being repeats of good games.

If Sonic is as good as you claim, he would be in almost every gamers collection along with Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime and Ratchet: Crack in Time.

Yeah, he is no longer a complete slap in the face to the fans, and a stain on the careers of everyone involved, but as I said in my first comment. "Not horrible" does not mean "Good".

To put it another, more morbid way, if Sonic was hit by a truck after Adventure 2, he might be now breathing under his own power and maybe eating the occasional bit of solid food, but he's still bed ridden with 90% of his bones shattered, and yet you claim he's back to profession sports?

Anonymous said...


You'll going to have to clarify yourself better than throwing around vague accusations of him being a 'poisonous influence' in Capcom.

And most of the talent Capcom had at one point, has left on their own accord much like Inafune. This includes Yoshiki Okamoto, Atsushi Inaba, Hideki Kamiya, and Shinji Mikami. All of them have cited their problems with Capcom management. Management that drives talented individuals like Yoshinori Ono to the hospital

Aiddon said...

How cute; I'll admit CAPCOM's management needs work, but their developers are as strong as they've ever been.

As for Inafune's influence just look at how he pisses and moans about how Japanese developers need to just give up and admit the West is better than them, despite NEVER being anything more than vague:

He's the one who acted like handing off franchise to Western devs was going to improve them. Blame him for that.

He handed the reins of Devil May Cry over to Ninja Theory like an idiot.

Or how he insults every Japanese dev under the sun, ignoring people like From Software, Atlus, Arc System Works, Platinum Games, Mistwalker, or Level 5. This is a guy who would spit on stuff like Persona, Blazblue, Dark Souls, Vanquish, The Last Story, and Professor Layton solely because they're Japanese-made. He's nothing but a bitter old man who's just mad because no one is listening to him. And thank Buddha they're not.

Now if you'll excuse, I'm done with this argument. Ja ne.

Anonymous said...


Very mature of you. You are as bad as the trolls who invest this blog and attack Bob any chance they get, but in reverse, getting any chance you get to grind you axe against 'gamers' or this guy.

Calling him poisonous because he decided to be an ass talking about the game industry is hardly the same as management overworking their staff to exhaustion. And as for DMC, I take it your are one of those 'NOT MY DANTE' kids screaming about. Which is funny considering you normally hate those entitled kiddies from what I've seen.

And please, the next time Bob posts something, you'll be back ranting and raving about something that upsets you personally, whether or not it even has anything to do with the post in question like this case.

Anonymous said...


So your evidence that Sonic Colors "praise" is a crusty old picture from IGN and saying "Wii critics and Wii gamers" have low standards. Never mind other review sites gave Colors and Generations pretty good reviews.

Also, I didn't say "Sonic is Back!" or some such marketing speak. It's interesting to see such extremes are the only two that exist in your spectrum of quality, where if something isn't the best thing ever to grace the good earth with its company, it's sucking shit in an alley somewhere.

Meanwhile, the people who have PLAYED the game (which isn't you, mind) have said that they are actually pretty good.

Also, who should I trust for opinions of this game? The reviewers, who you say are suspect and Wii-friendly or have low standards or some such conspiracy, the fans who hated Sonic 2006 but loved Colors and Generations, or you, who hasn't even played the game yet feels compelled to tell people what you think anyway?

PadMasher said...


As a long time Sonic fan since the days of Sonic The Hedgehog 1, I gotta say that you don't really sound like you know what you're talking about. Now, I'm the first person to tell you how much Shadow The Hedgehog sucked ass but, I certainly wouldn't describe Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, Heroes, Advance series, Rush series, Battle, Unleashed, Colors, and Generations as bad games. Out of all the Sonic games released over the past 10 years, only Shadow and 06 have gotten the most hate from both fans and critics. I've played both games to completion so my opinion on them already has more value than yours since you have admitted to have never played them.

I wanna make it clear that I'm not trying to dog you out or anything. I'm annoyed by the whole "Sonic is Back!" thing too. Mainly, because that blue bastard never really left. There were plenty of good Sonic games on handhelds during his 3 years of pure console sucking in the form of Shadow, 06, and Secret Rings. After that, not even Sonic and Black Knight could really be called bad outside of its absolutely terrible boss fights.

Now, if you wanna argue that the majority of Sonic games have been bad just because games like Rivals and Riders didn't get absolutely stellar reception then be my guest. However, it would be nice if you actually PLAYED the damn games you're trying shit on. Also, when talking about the Sonic fanbase, keep in mind that we are talking about some of the whiniest entitled fanboys that can't get over the fact that Sonic now has green eyes and Dr. Robotnik is now called Eggman even though, Eggman has been his name since Wing Fortress Zone. I think their complaints can be ignored.

Sabre said...

Anon- I covered that a bit in this video.
But if you are foolish enough to trust a site that rates wii shovelware higher than classics like God Hand or Ninja Gaiden then you do that.

PadMasher- I have played some, but not enough to form an opinion on them. The only one I own is the GBA fighting game, which wasn't terrible, but far from great.

As I said, I'm not trying to ruin other people fun, tell them how to think, or otherwise 'shit on' the games. If you enjoy them, fine. I value honesty, if I didn't and wanted to 'win', I could easy lied or just not mentioned that. However, I trust people who are more experienced in this matter.

No, the issue I have is the whiny, defensive overstatements. I am old enough to remember the whole Mario v Sonic battle. When someone says Sonic is back, or never left, or on the same level of popularity and quality as his Megadrive days, they are lying.

The newer games are notorious for being crap. Just because he is not at his lowest point does NOT mean he is at his highest.

I do talk to Sonic fans. I used to know some in RL, and all but the most die hard admit that yes, his new stuff could be better. Again, since people seemed to miss it last time, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the games. As long as you're honest.

Most people outside the sonic fandom have a view that sonic is dead and with good reason. Sonic will not be "back" or "good again" or whatever word is being used to our eyes until that game comes along that is good enough to break out and be worth playing to the people outside of it.

Anonymous said...


"But if you are foolish enough to trust a site that rates wii shovelware higher than classics like God Hand or Ninja Gaiden then you do that."

Is it at all possible that the one IGN reviewer who reviewed Imagine Party Babiez thought it was a game worth a 7+ and the completely separate reviewer who reviewed God Hand thought it was crappy and worth a 3+? You'd be hard pressed to make a claim that IGN was biased for the Wii during that time (or any time, for that matter.)

Also, IGN isn't the only review site that reviewed Colors and Generations highly.

But you know what. You're right, review sites definitely had a vested interest is inflating reviews. But the kicker here is that even these corrupt, horrible sites have one over on you, because I'm reasonably sure they played the games they gave their tainted opinions on, versus you who didn't.

"No, the issue I have is the whiny, defensive overstatements."

Said by whom? People wanting a person who continually berates Sonic as being dead to at least TRY some of the newer games? That's not being defensive. that's asking an opinion maker to make an opinion on something and back up his claim.

" I am old enough to remember the whole Mario v Sonic battle. When someone says Sonic is back, or never left, or on the same level of popularity and quality as his Megadrive days, they are lying."

Who said this? And who cares about console wars from the 90s? That's not the issue. The issue is whether the Sonic series has improved in popularity and quality since Sonic 2006. And it has, by any measure you want. Sales, aggregated reviews, fans' opinions. Maybe not your opinion, but yours is pretty worthless in this case, as you yourself admit.

"However, I trust people who are more experienced in this matter."

Like who? You don't trust review sites. Sonic fans that conveniently you and only you know? Somehow I don't believe you.

"The newer games are notorious for being crap."

You're going to have to define "newer" because I still feel that you are in a time warp and it's 2006 again and we're talking about Sonic 2006. Colors and Generations actually have a reputation for being pretty good. And if you're talking handheld games, they haven't really stopped being at least decent (Sonic Advance 3 being the worst.)

"Just because he is not at his lowest point does NOT mean he is at his highest."

Two things:

1) Who said that here?
2) It seems that you DO only have two spaces in your mind for quality. Either something is super mega awesome and the Best Thing Ever™ or fucking shit in a gutter. This is problematic when you are trying to discuss how newer games are magnitudes better than Sonic 2006, yet not as good as nostalgic memories of Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

"I do talk to Sonic fans."

Somehow I don't believe you, considering you're willing to formulate an opinion on something without having seen it for yourself. Who knows if your "Sonic Fans" aren't also a formulation?

"Most people outside the sonic fandom have a view that sonic is dead and with good reason. Sonic will not be "back" or "good again" or whatever word is being used to our eyes until that game comes along that is good enough to break out and be worth playing to the people outside of it."

Once again, this is immaterial to the discussion. Nobody is claiming Sonic is #1 in zeitgeist, only that his games are better and he is more popular than his Sonic 2006 nadir. Somehow you have pulled "Sonic's Back Baby" out from this which says more about your thought process than anything.

Also interesting is that the only way for Sonic to be "back" is to win over uninterested, apathetic, and uninformed customers (dare I say "casuals?") to Sonic games. Never thought I'd see somebody argue FOR a game to be casualized, but there ya go.

Anonymous said...

A final riddle. You gave a link to your video, Sabre. but I didn't watch it. It's shit, though, because I talked to some of your viewers and that said it was pretty bad, and you have a notorious reputation for making shitty videos.

I'm interested in what you have to say in response.

Chazz said...

Guys, clearly Megaman becoming terrible is a bad thing. Between Duke Nukem Forever actually being released, and Sonic games not being total shit anymore, gamers were running out of things to make fun of. But now Megaman can take the spot that Sonic seems to be vacating!

shinpichu said...

Moviebob, I respect your work and you usually seem to be a cool guy, but I'm sorry, I just can't believe you're siding with the whiners on this one. This game doesn't look that bad. It doesn't look great, but it's not something worth throwing a major hissy fit over.

Oh and one more thing:
"The Blue Bomber's promised 25th Anniversary game"

Sabre said...

"You gave a link to your video, Sabre. but I didn't watch it. It's shit, though, because I talked to some of your viewers and that said it was pretty bad, and you have a notorious reputation for making shitty videos.

I'm interested in what you have to say in response."

I didn't know I had a reputation, or fans for that matter.

However, I ask, what are their complaints? I care about my show and want to improve it. I don't have a bloated cast of shitty characters, nor do they have broken physics, bad story, short playtime, and I don't put my videos logo on crap that wouldn't sell any other way in order to leech off my existing fanbase.

If it is a case of mass media perception based on something that is no longer true, I will try and fix that by making a big deal about me caring for my craft, becoming more strict about what is allowed to carry my shows name, and getting involved with the community outside of my existing fanbase to see what might going wrong, even if that means completely re-inventing the show within the bounds of what I want to achieve in order to fix it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, remember when this thread was actually fucking about Megaman and not a bunch of whining Sonic Fanboys?!

Anonymous said...


"I didn't know I had a reputation, or fans for that matter."

Respectively, you do and it's bad, and you don't really have any fans.

Since I like to do my research I watched that video you posted. I'll withhold my comments, but first I asked a fan (probably former) of yours who wished to remain anonymous what he thought about your game commentary videos.

"What a talentless git." - Fan of SabreXT's Youtube videos.

Second To get a grasp of the cultural zeitgeist of your videos and Youtube Game Commentary videos in general, I showed it around my tech class and to my judo club. Here are some responses...

"What the fuck did you just show me?" - Male Neighbor in class.

"Oh good god it's another one of those sick furries." - Other Male Neighbor in class.

"What is that dragon supposed to be? *after explanation of furries and otherkin* Maybe he should seek some therapy." - Female passerby

"Why does he talk like that? Does he think a British accent will make him sound smarter?" - Teaching Assistant (Dunno if you actually are from the UK or not, but something to think about)

"And why are you showing this to me? *Explanation of Sonic games, criticism of fans, insistence on poor quality and fan hatred, judging things without trying them.* Well you know what they say about low stakes and fierce competition. But, and I say you shouldn't do this as a professional, but if I had to guess, from what you told me, it seems that the need for this to be terrible to him outweighs the actual reality. He NEEDS this game or whatever to be bad for him. Of course we're talking about subjective opinions here, but since he apparently hasn't even tried the thing he's criticizing, yet feels compelled to relabel this game as horrible, certainly speaks ill of his reasoning functions and his desire for something to be a certain way, regardless of reality." - Psychology Professor.

"Stop wasting our time with that pointless bullshit and let's get to working out." - Judo Instructor.

So as you can see, the opinion of your show is pretty goddamn low.

Anonymous said...


As for how to improve your show...

"He can go sit on a dick." -Fan of SabreXT's Youtube videos.

That's not entirely helpful, but I suppose asking disgruntled former fans isn't exactly a great way to start things.

"Nothing can help that mess." - Male Neighbor

"Well, he could try straight commentary with the need of some kind of dragon persona... *correction to "fursona"* Whatever. I mean it's sort of confusing. Is this his character or is this how he sees himself? Maybe he could just drop the dragon character and get in front of the camera himself. Unless there's a reason he won't." -Other Male Neighbor.

"Well it's not exactly the best material. I would ask him to speak up, but then we'd have to hear that fakey accent of his. *Asking for more advice on content rather than superficialities* Well it's really hard to get to the content when it's just so unappealing on the surface. I shouldn't have to get past all this crap, the dragon thing, just to get to the meat." - Teaching Assistant.

"He said he wanted help to expand from his fanbase to bigger audiences? Shouldn't he get a fanbase first? That video only has 87 views! From July! How many are just him admiring his own work and self?" - Female Passerby

"I'm not equipped to help him make a better show. That's not my field." -Psychology Professor

"He sounds like a guy in my dorm 5 years ago. He had all that animal shit in his room. And good lord he was fat. Maybe he oughta try taking care of himself and doing some push-ups and he won't need to think of himself as some sort of tiger or whatever the fuck you said. *correction* A DRAGON?! Good lord at least pick something that exists. Man he must be really fucked up." - Judo Instructor

Maybe you can use these tips to improve your show!

Grantic said...

longtime lurker here.

I just have to say jeeez Sabre is getting fucking owned.

It's nice to see, he's always been sort of an asshole.

Anonymous said...

Ugh I wish the section would get back on topic to before Sabre decided to open his fucking arrogant yap again.

God damn.

Anonymous said...


Jesus Sabre, you really asked for that.

Bet you didn't expect him to actually show your crappy videos to anybody.

Anonymous said...

Moviebob's blogs tend to be filled with assholes on both sides (Aiddon, Sabre) who do nothing but squawk like parrots every time Bob posts something new.

Aiddon said...

hey, I resent that statement. I'm a dick, not an asshole. There's a difference.

Sabre said...

Aiddon- Reminds me of that film clip where Tarantino talks about the true meaning of Top Gun. :P

Anon, I resent that statement also. My dad has a parrot. It doesn't squawk that often. :P

Although on a more serious note. You may have a point. I have been posting here alot more than usual recently. I don't get angry, upset or excited at the stuff that is posted, though when Bob and the nostalgic retro gamers keep using the same debunked arguments over and over and over I keep trying to correct them.

Hypershell said...

You're pretty late to the party on this one, Bob, but I've been itching to hear your thoughts on the current state of Mega Man for ages, so all is forgiven.

And...yeah. Capcom expects us to believe that they have any semblance of objective quality control when they pass this after cancelling Legends 3? Good luck with that.

It's hard to judge a game that isn't actually out, much less that one hasn't played, but from what I have seen thus far you have to scrape the bottom of the Sonic barrel to get anything as low as XOver.

RaikuNH said...

Man does Capcom hate MM now. We haven't even gotton MMX on the 3DS eshop while while every other region has had it for about 9 months now. That MML3 canning was the ugliest cancellation I have ever seen, considering the fact that MML3 was supposed to be the last game in the MM timeline.

And AA still get it rough, we still haven't gotton AAI2 and Capcom keeps doing the whole "Mayabe next week. Or sometime."

Speaking of Sonic and Megaman, that Archie crossover comic is looking good. I buy comics once in a blue moon and I'm looking forward to buying this.

TheQuestionBlock said...

I won't deny that I'm not exited about this crossover title in the least. But I will say that if it entices the casual players and actually makes a lot of money, then I'll hold on to the vague hope that maybe Capcom will decide to bring the Blue Bomber back into the spot light again and make games that the long time fans have been asking for.

Otherwise, the only redeeming act that Capcom has available is the Project X Zone it has with Sega and Namco/Bandai. If they release it in the US, then I'd be willing to forgive them for canceling the other MM titles that I was exited for. Oh I won't stop saying that they should go back to developing them, regardless of how many times Capcom and/or everyone else keeps telling me that it's never gonna happen. But I'll at least stop being so angry at Capcom... not like they care anyways.

But really, the reason that I don't like this upcoming Mega Man game is 1) I don't own an iphone/ipad, so I wouldn't be able to play it even if I wanted to. 2) I and most other Blue bomber fans, want to play something that's both an epic sized game, appropriate to how we've grown with the series, and a fun challenge. This game looks like a little side note while announcing their other games that they've been milking dry.

Aqua said...


Woah there partner, I never SAID those two WERE good. I merely meant they must rise somewhat above the others, sans the Genesis games of course.


Could you be any more full of shit? I DID sit down and play these other games. Hell, I OWNED several of them for years before I finaly sold them off. I analyzed the games to the oint of excessiveness before declaring them shit. You, you people who're pretending to 'Help' the poor dying creature, are really just holding him back. You are the spikes jutting from the wall when he's running too fast to stop, you are the countdown timer to his underwater exploits, you are the bottomless cliff underneath a collapsible floor, and you need to stop. Go. Just go away. (Oh look, I can be overly dramatic too! Only I'm not full of shit! XD)

Nick said...

Bob, I too would like to hear your thoughts on the current state of the Mega Man franchise. If you do do an episode on the subject, though, I'd appreciate it if you'd acknowledge the Zero and ZX series. I realize that the original Mega Man series is what holds the "Golden Age Nostalgia" for you, but thus far when you've brought up the franchise you seem to speak as though the later series don't even exist, which kind of irks me.

Now, to be fair, I suspect you haven't played any of those games, and admittedly I don't expect you to play them just so that you can talk about them in your show.

You should, however, play them because they're good. ;)

Anonymous said...

Remember Episode 75, where Bob claimed that the out-of-hand dismissal of "Easy Mode" and "Why are you even playing a video game when all you really want to do is watch a movie Mode" was based on "One and only one thing: exclusion"?

Yeah, that's pretty ironic given how readily Bob throws down an out-of-hand dismissal of Xover when it's just Capcom trying to be, say it with me now, INCLUSIVE with their Megaman franchise.

Maybe Megaman shouldn't be a series restricted to hardcore gamers that are willing to put up things like "dying" and "actually having to play the game". Maybe people who just want to watch the experience bars go up (via Xover's handy "Autoplay" and "skip" features) should get their own version of that "Hepler Mode" you were defending in Episode 75.

Do you see, Bob? Do you understand why using that enormous brush of yours to paint the "hardcore gamer demographic", your favorite strawman punching bag, is incredibly silly when you do the exact same things yourself? Maybe, just maybe, people mock and ridicule Hepler's "You shouldn't even have to play the game at all" comments for the same exact reason you mock and ridicule Capcom's "You shouldn't even have to play the game at all" social app?