Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Super Mario Bros. Wii U Revealed

Watch it HERE until I find an embeddable video. Standout reveals include a Flying Squirrel Suit, the return of Baby Yoshis and what looks like a new version of SMB3's Giant Land.

Okay, puppets - you know your roles. I wanna see a full-court show on this one. I wanna see bitching, I wanna see moaning, I wanna see faux eye-rolling, I wanna hear a billion different variations on "THIS ISN'T IMPORTANT! NOSTALGIA-BLIND FANBOYS ARE HOLDING THE WHOLE MEDIUM BACK!" ...oh, and someone please remember to pretend that being happy about a decades-old franchise making reference to it's past is "hypocrisy" if one has ever once taken issue with brand-new franchises barely changing from game-to-game.

We're all in this together, kiddos! Let's give the internet a show it won't forget!


Josh said...

I am okay with this development.

Anonymous said...

No bitching because of Mario, thats okay and was expected. Its the lck of new IPs at the whole E3 thats disapointing, but it was also expected. the only REAL surprise was Watch Dog, witch looks great, and has somewhat of a Blade Runner feeling to it. Pikmin was nice, paper mario and zombie u looked fine, nintendoland was underwelming. The whole thing was just...mee. From an Software Engeneer Standpoint the most interesting thing for me was the Interaction between Windows and XBox.

Dan Backslide said...

Actually, that was fine.

What wasn't fine was the half-hour waste of space that was Nintendo Land mini-game junk, the '23 Games' being a bunch of ports to Nintendo now that they can finally handle HD games, and the post internet conference being a chode messing around with a banana spending more time on the fake theme park.

Nintendo sucked this year, Bob. But don't worry, your precious nostalgia's safe and snug. Enjoy it. I'm just gonna hope they don't cut down on Watch_Dogs and try to find some PC games I like.

Anonymous said...

So I can't criticize how the game actually is a rehash, and that they are releasing a game just like it on the Wii-U at the same time? Thanks Bob! I'm sure you and Yahtzee must get along great!

Dan Backslide said...

You know E3 dun goofed when the panel with Flo Rida mouthbreathing into a mic for five minutes, and Tobuscus spaghetti all over the stage was considered the best panel.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Bob, remember that Sonic video you made a while back on the two different paths Sega could take to to help their ailing franchise?

You said there were two paths: the Megaman path (go retro since that's where the franchise's roots began) or the Mario path where you bring it to the modern day to facilitate growth and avoid stagnation.

I really hate to say it, but Nintendo has taken Mario off of the Mario path and put him squarely on the Megaman path. The irony is almost unsettling.

New Super Mario Bros., New Super Mario Bros. Wii, New Super Mario Bros. 2, and now New Super Mario Bros. U. Seriously, when is it going to end? I don't care what new suits or characters they bring back, because, as you yourself said, this design approach isn't refreshing or innovative. They're going to run their own mascot to the ground the same way Capcom did theirs.

Even most users on the GoNintendo website were not impressed at all with these two New Super Mario Bros. games. It would have been fine if we had something else to look forward to, but unfortunately, it doesn't look like it.

Anonymous said...

Growth mushroom in Tekken was hilarious though. References across games are always hilarious.

Aetius said...

To be honest, E3 has kind of been disappointing across the board (Watch Dog being the obvious exception). I'm just glad for the consistency with which Nintendo conducts itself. No ground shaking news but at least their franchises are proven and are usually trying to be fresh. I'm also looking forward to tomorrow's 3DS show. Here's hoping for the new Fire Emblem to come to the west.

Silens said...

You know, I'm really not going to be all that bothered by this if they do something interesting with the screen on the Wii U controller, which I get the feeling they might be going for. If anything, it's a real opportunity to add a new definition to split screen, perhaps leaving the camera focused on an averaged middle point between all the players for the main TV.

But as it is for platforming... I'm not going to lie and say I'm a big fan of platformers, and some of the power-ups do look kind of interesting if the puzzles use them effectively, but to me, the Mario franchise seems a little played out at this point. All Nintendo is doing is recycling here with this 2D platformer, and while there can be purity in simplicity...

No, at this point, I can't get excited about this, and outside of the split-screen stuff, I can't really consider much here actual 'innovation'. Sorry.

Steven Ulysses Perhero said...

Gee, Anon3, I couldn't help but notice that all those Mario games you listed as proof of the franchise's stagnation were all titled "New Super Mario Bros!"
Why it's almost like Nintendo had it set-up as a deliberately-retro spin-off series, on account of 2D platformers effectively being novelty relics in this day and age!

All sarcasm aside, I'm kinda glad to see the P-meter return. I have to wonder why they didn't keep it in Super Mario World, or bring it back in the first New Super Mario Bros. It was a fun little mechanic.

PadMasher said...

@Anon 11:14AM

You mean that Sonic in Crisis video where Bob goes on and on about fixing a franchise he doesn't know shit about? Seriously, the "Mario path" and "Megaman path" are pretty much the same damn path except Megaman knows to stay in his damn genre instead of releasing his 9th party game.

It was pretty apparent ever since that 2-part blabbering session about shit the franchise has already tried that Bob just doesn't know what he's talking about sometimes. I think it's cute that he is practically begging people to insult him on his views regarding the new Mario game in this blog post.

I understand where Bob is coming from. I get just as irritated when people shout "FANBOI" for wanting a new Sly, Sonic, Megaman, Tekken, etc. sequel even if it isn't particularily different from the last game. I think it's cool that Nintendo is finally taking Mario back to his roots.

The problem here is that Bob's lack of consistancy(not inherently a sign of hypocrisy) implies a double-standard based on his obvious Nintendo bias. The fact of the matter is no matter how nostalgic anyone is regarding this game, this is still the 3rd NSMB game and there's really no reason to be all that impressed by it. Maybe if the game was being entirely new but, simply played like an old-school Mario game it might be considered important but, that isn't the case. It's reintroducing old power-ups.

So, yeah I guess Mario is going down the "Megaman path" like you said but, there were two paths to begin with unless you count the "Sonic path" where you actually try new things and appeal to newer audience.

Aiddon said...

Ah, the sounds of thousands of "hardcore" twats pissing and moaning, it's times like this where I love being a Nintendo fan. This game alone has pretty much ensured the Wii U's success and Nintendo's E3 page also has stuff regarding other titles like Pikmin 3, Project P-100 (by Platinum Games with DMC, Bayonetta, Okami, and Viewtiful Joe creator Hideki Kamiya), and a new Warioware, I don't think we're going to be starved for titles. Heck, they even said a conference devoted solely to the 3DS tomorrow. Altogether, a solid B+. Anyone who was expecting them to announce ten goddamn first party titles needs to learn to get their expectations set to realistic. proportions

Actually, this bitching makes me think Bob needs to make another E3 video explaining how the event is a TRADE SHOW.

REPTILE 0009 said...

That depends on how much bitching and moaning you’re going to do for the announcements of Halo 4 and Black Ops 2? C’mon Bob, I wanna see a million variations of “this is going to destroy gaming,” and “this is going to set back games from being taken seriously as an art form for another ten years!"

Steven said...

Well the final 2-3 years tops of Nintendo before they go the way of Sega IF there lucky.

Can't wait :)

First annual loss this year with the 3DS selling both at a loss and below what the DS was selling at the equivalent time plus the Wii U which if Nintendo are lucky will sell as well as the Gamecube.

Aiddon said...

going by that logic Sony should have become 3rd party YEARS ago considering they've been in the red ever since the PS3 launched

Scott Glasgow said...

Wow Bob, way to be an asshole.

Steven said...

@ Aiddon

As of 31st march 2012 Sony had nearly double the cash of Nintendo (who lost half in one year) if the Wii U doesn't sell as well as at least the original NES I don't think it looks good.

For example Nintendo had more cash in march 2005 (over a year before the Wii's) release than they do today.

Nintendos cash reserves have not been this bad since the NES first launched.

Smpoza said...

Am I the only one who's upset not because Nintendo is churning out a bunch of nostalgia-driven, similar Mario games, but because they're churning out a bunch of nostalgia-driven similar Mario games based on the WRONG game? I mean, yes, Super Mario Bros 3 was really good, but c'mon! We've had, what, three love-letters to it from Nintendo in the past two years? BRING THE CAPE BACK!

Aiddon said...

perspective. Sony, 10 years ago, was had a market capitalization of around $100 billion. At the end of last year they had a FIFTH of that. Their latest loss amounted to $6.36 BILLION, literally the worst the company has ever had. Their cash reserves are also not much better than Nintendo when you keep in mind that's for a work force that is around thirty times larger than Nintendo (Nintendo is about half the size of EA in terms of work force). The scale is quite a bit different, especially since Sony has been struggling in their other departments such as TVs, media players, etc. So, no, Nintendo is actually completely safe in terms of their financial situation and could in fact post losses equivalent to their last for the next, oh, ten years and STILL be safe from financial hardship. Your mean-spirited wish won't be coming true.

Razmere said...


The levels all look way cool! Ghost world, giant monsters, baby yoshi having cool powers!

Things that are "Meh"

Flying squirrel suit? It looks like it does the exact same thing as the superhero (feather) cape so why not just bring THAT back instead?


Of all the fun extra characters in the Mario world, the only ones for players 3 and 4 are still TWO TOADS?! Why not Toad Prime (The Red One) Toadette, Daisy, Wario, Birdo, Waluigi, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, or Rosalinea? (I KNOW, that would be weird having GOD rescue Peach but it makes about as much sense as her playing golf or go kart racing)

Nathan said...

@Scott Glasgow

Me thinks Bob was trolling the dozen or so people who actually do this every single time something like this comes up.

The Karligarchy said...

I just want to note that comparing nintendo´s and sony´s cash on hand is not at all an accurate comparison of their video game system´s success. Sony sells way more things than just video game products. Nintendo is primarily a video game company.

flamebreak said...


Pikmin 3 - I'm OK with this. Its been years

The former two are a problem.
Hey, Bob? How about you consider this. Why doesn't Nintendo take a bit of a risk and make something NEW? A new IP that enters a different Genre (or creates is own). How about Nintendo give Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and other beloved franchises a rest for 5 or 6 years and put out some totally new content huh?

Sad truth. It ain't going to happen. Bob, you can sit here all day and clamour for the industry to change, but if you're willing to give your beloved, sacred Nintendo a free pass simply because the franchises they're milking that you happen to like and have 20+ years of history with, then not a whole lot of people will take you seriously.

I know, I know. I'm pretty much falling for your bait, but I don't really care.

My point here is:
Nintendo milk their respective franchises just as much as other companies do. This years announcement of two NSMB games in parallel is evidence enough of that. There isn't much you can say or do that will change that simple fact.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have a problem with this if THERE WASN'T ALREADY A NEW SUPER MARIO BROS GAME IN DEVELOPMENT. One New Super Mario Bros? Fine, whatever. Two within 3 months of eachother? That's overkill.

Hypershell said...

You know, many people still feel that WiiU is still lacking a definitive "killer app" for the longtime Nintendo veterans, and I can't help but wonder how many of them would change their minds of Nintendo had ended their NSMBU video with Peach being playable. Wouldn't that have been sickly awesome? It wouldn't have changed a damn thing about gameplay, but we'd have loved it.

I'm serious. Look at the NSMB2 presentation for the 3DS; nobody gave two shits about what the guy on stage was saying, they just applauded when Raccoon Mario flew. And you know what? I could see myself doing the exact same thing if I was there.

As Bob himself said about last year's E3 (with the whole Microsoft/Kinect thing), you gotta know who you're playing to.

Sabre said...

It's already been said, but the issue is not that people like SMB, it's that they criticize Halo, CoD, ect. for not changing enough, despite those games changing more each release than Mario has changed in 20 years. So yes, it is hypocrisy. When CoD does it, it's shameless cash grabbing, when Mario does it, it's a reflective reference to the past.

"That depends on how much bitching and moaning you’re going to do for the announcements of Halo 4 and Black Ops 2? C’mon Bob, I wanna see a million variations of “this is going to destroy gaming,” and “this is going to set back games from being taken seriously as an art form for another ten years!""

Mads said...

@ Bob
I almost feel like you should be a pretentious shit about your comments section in every post. If nothing else, it's fun.

smile said...

I know you're a 2D Mario guy, Bob. But I can't get excited for this risk averse title.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 blew my mind when I played it. It's one of the best games this generation and I just want to see Mario tackle more intricate 3D puzzle platforming.

Anonymous said...


Come on man.... Even by your snarky "predictable whiners" comment, I could tell that even you think Nintendo's show at E3 was bad...REALLY bad....EMBARRASSINGLY bad. You will not meet a bigger Nintendo fan than I, I was pretty much right with you on how Metroid Other M was a pretty good game and that the fan backlash was silly at best....but come on!

This was LAZY! Nintendo can do better than this. They HAVE done better than this. Three Mario games in a year!? Two of them damn near the same thing!?

And what about those other games we have heard about. Dragon Quest 10....a free to play MMORPG on a console....no word on it at all? Really? What about that spiffy Retro Studios game we were told they were working on? Nothing? Not even a word on the new Smash Bros....? You are ready to defend this, Bob? Are you really that easy to please just to have a lazily slapped together Mario title that could have been done on their current hardware?

With as big of a Nintendo fan as you are...I would think you would be more angry at this...I sure am. This isn't the Nintendo I know. This is some straight Actavision shit... "People love the Mario...so lets poop out a title or 3 every year from now on."

They straight shot themselves in the foot for the holiday season. I hope they can recover from this....

Link_Shady said...

Oh, no new characters? I hate playing with yellow toad or blue toad.

MovieBob said...

@Anon #6,

I was overall underwhelmed but unsurprised by the presentation. Sony had the best show this year in terms of gee-whiz look-at-us showmanship, no question.

But the idea that they "shot themselves in the foot" for the holidays? Ludicrous. "Nintendoland" and "NSMBU" may not be the sort of things that make you or me or games journalists covering E3 lose their shit, but on the business side those are follow-ups to the first and third best-selling games in the U.S. of the previous generation. And that's overlooking the fact that if WiiU makes it's projected late-Fall 2012 release date they will be first out of the gate with a Generation 8 console and thus almost-certainly be far and away moving the most hardware this winter.

Did I want to see a bigger, splashier show with more games/genres that I'm personally interested in? Of course. But E3 is a trade show, and the REAL audience for that presentation - Ninty stockholders - are thrilled right now.

Sabre said...

I'm surprised bob reads and thinks about the comments.

"Sony had the best show this year in terms of gee-whiz look-at-us showmanship, no question."

I'd say Ubisoft did. Yeah, they had extremely obnoxious hosts, but Far Cry and Watchdog look interesting. All Sony really had was The Last of Us, which did look incredible. (I did find it weird that Americans were outraged by the breasts in Far Cry 3, but cheered when a guy was executed while begging for his life or any other nasty kill in Last of Us.)

"But E3 is a trade show, and the REAL audience for that presentation - Ninty stockholders - are thrilled right now."

Not so. There is an interesting bit about it 47 minutes into the giantbomb podcast day zero cast
that makes a good argument for Nintendo as going to continue to lose money. They are desperate, hence the safe bets.

He also mentions how that Microsoft Glass is a big deal, despite gamers not giving a toss. Well worth the 3-5 minutes.

What's funny is that topic starts with them talking about over defensive fanboys having a go at him for saying Nintendo was losing money last year. Something that has been a large flame war in this comments section.

Anonymous said...

You know Moviebob just because you preemptively say those things with sarcasm it doesnt make them wrong. It just shows how insecure you are with your blind fanboyism that you need to resort to these kinds of posts yet again but by all means please do go on believing that Mario isnt Japans Call Of Duty if it makes you feel better.

Anonymous said...

The most was said, but i would just want to know, what you, Bob, think about Watch_Dogs or Lego City.

From my standpoint Watchdogs is one of THE Titles this Year, and nintendo should have done what they could to bring it to the WII U. Im speaking as a person who has discardes the last generation because i wasnt interested, and as one that found that the open world of GTA VC was interesting, but the premise of the game was just unappealing. And to there presentation... they HAVE so mutch in development at the moment, i cant belive that there isnt something to show off.

Aiddon said...

Watch Dogs doesn't even a release window yet; I wouldn't get my hopes up for it coming out this year. Plus from the demo I'd say it looked cool, but not something to gush about like it's Buddha descending from above. Platinum Games' Wii U game Project P-100 intrigued me more:


I really do wish people (journalists included) would get over the fact that E3 is a trade show, not some fan convention

Eze said...


I listened to that podcast. I realized they were speaking with Michael Pachter and I dismissed it, as he is notable for having very opinionated hearsay pertaining to games, if not against Nintendo, but against all games. He's mostly a research analyst for Bloomberg and his media and not so much a gaming insider. You can try to place a thought based on games due to research, but even research gets faulted. Case in point, his predictions towards WoW and its sales. It's like listening to a basketball analyst who hasn't even played a game of basketball. But, then again, it's my opinion, and it's not like some points weren't made, but I'm not going to weigh in on predictions from someone who is only in on the business side, and no less.

Still, a great podcast.

Sabre said...


Yeah, I know, I get that. The point was though that-
"E3 is a trade show, and the REAL audience for that presentation - Ninty stockholders - are thrilled right now."

Given that money men often aren't in it for the love of gaming, just after cash. Like when how he is talking about how great glass is, when no-one in gaming circles cared. It was just one more thing making gaming harder on Xbox.

This idea that when an E3 is good, it's good, but when it's bad, it's handwaved as being for stockholders.

James said...

You know Bob, your faux-rant might hold more weight if you gave NEW franchises any credit, instead of constantly salivating over old stuff. Yes, Mario games are good. But there are dozens of other, better franchises out there (Sly Cooper, Mass Effect, Chrono Trigger, Banjo-Kazooie, Infamous, Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, Persona, Professor Layton... just to name a few.) But you won't acknowledge them. You only see modern gaming as military FPS clones and sports games. Who's being a hypocrite again?

James said...

Oi, Chipman, one more question: when are you going to acknowledge that modern gaming is more than FPS/sports games? Come on, your bias bubble can't be THAT big?

James said...

Oh by the way Bobby, calling people who disagree with you and/or don't share your biased mindframe "puppets" - just another sign of your unbelievable douchebaggery.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the NSMB2 gameplay Nintendo showed off in their 3ds conference. And the whole time I could only think of "Why isn't this a Wario game instead?"

Nixou said...

"Yes, Mario games are good. But there are dozens of other, better franchises out there"

And then he goes on naming Sly Cooper as a first example.
It's funny, because after I downloaded the trilogy and started playing it I remembered how imprecise the controls are in most 3D plateformers (a genre in which I include games like Assassin's Creed and Infamous). In fact, it's surprising that 16 years after Mario 64 so many games remain so approximate. Ubisoft managed to produce somewhat precise controls in the Assassin's creed franchise,but these are pretty much games like flashback in 3D, where plateforming is more about planning and keeping one's momentum than reflexes. But many games (looking at you Infamous) deal with their plateforming elements by making these as forgiving as their control are imprecise.

Anonymous said...

I wasn´t impressed by these new super mario games, just more of the same. Thought that the new Rayman game seemed more promising. Not to mention a lot of other new stuff.

Modern gaming might have its share of problems, but i don´t think it´s fair to disregard everything as brown and grey military shooters.

The real problem is games being hopelessly immature in the story department and games being void of relevant choices. Too many games are controlled experiences where you don´t really get to think, just follow the predestined path and do what they tell you.

Eze said...


You're absolutely right. In turn, I guess it's why E3 seems to lack the same impact to me, or others, as say, a PAX would.

But, I'm not surprised if this E3 can be seen as bad, since a lot of the good stuff came out already. Next year would be the big reveal year, right, save for the Wii U.

That said, I'll just see what happens.

Eze said...

But, I'm not going to say who won or lost. I'm out of the whole console wars thing, really.

RocMegamanX said...

Why doesn't Nintendo take a bit of a risk and make something NEW? A new IP that enters a different Genre (or creates is own). How about Nintendo give Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and other beloved franchises a rest for 5 or 6 years and put out some totally new content huh?

Who's to say people would even buy these new IPs, let alone LIKE it?

Remember Earthbound?

Of course, you don't. No one bought it. Thanks to that, Mother 3 never came over here.

I just hope Nintendo never dies and that the "grim and gritty" age doesn't envelop the industry.

Anonymous said...

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