Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mailbag Deadline Incoming!

The deadline for ScrewAttack G1's to submit questions for the upcoming Game OverThinker Mailbag Episode will be Saturday night, June 30th. If you are (or plan to become) a G1 and haven't asked your question yet, you may do so in the comments on THIS video.

For more information, refer to said video below:


Anonymous said...

Good episode. I have to say i laughed at the Masters of the Universe bit at the end.

Sabre said...

Not a mailbag question because I'm not a G1, although I might ask if you have a none Screw Attack mailbag. I'm also interested in hearing from your regulars if any happen to be reading this.

Was are your thoughts on the new Expendables game? I know you hate that film, and movie tie in games are bad, but a 4 player contra/NSMB style downloadable game seems right up your street.

On a related topic, would you be cool with a Halo side scroller, or a Call of Duty smash TV? Basicly, does old gameplay appeal to you, even if it's wrapped in an IP you hate?

Aiddon said...

hey Bob, here's an interesting article I found about the problems of rising costs of game development:

Kinda makes you think that if there's another 1983 Nintendo will be LAUGHING at people who were too eager to show off

Sabre said...

Aiddon- I disagree with the conclusions of that article and it comes across as bit nintendo fanboyish.

It ignores what is happening in the past, specifically that this argument of bloated development costs has come around since the playstation. Developing in 3D? To expencive. PS2 with it's fancy graphics, to expencive. Xbox 360 with it's HD and online play, again, to expencive. It's happening again now.

It also ignores studios closed back in the day too, as well as how resilient certain companies are. It took ages for Grin to sink despite making crap like Bionic Commando and Terminator Salvation.

I also feel they mis represent certain statistics. Claiming that games don't have an international to cushion the blow of a bad game like film does, or pulling the old moviebob trick of ignoring everything that is not a triple A game in order to make a point. Using the most bloated (and often bad) games and holding them up as typical examples is deliberate deception imo.

Finally, the article shoots itself in the foot. All the games it shows as examples of development bloat are 360 games, the WiiU is rumoured to have the power of a 360, so by the articles own logic, the WiiU is doomed to fail with the PS4 and Xbox 720, just at a slower rate.

Aiddon said...
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Aiddon said...

Odd how the term "fanboy" only comes up nowadays when someone mentions Nintendo in any sort of positive light. Now if you'll excuse, I'm going to go back to ignoring you as your stupidity could be contagious

Anonymous said...

Why is there so much misogyny lately? Like in here:

This is an indie game!

Neil said...

You typed June 30th when I believe you meant July 30th.