Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Episode 60 Production Stills

Episode 58, the "Other M" revisitation, is currently near the end of it's post-production (aka editing); and Episode 59 is about to wrap pre-production (aka "writing the script.") No confirmed airdate for either yet, but I'll definitely let you all known when I have them.

Until then, please enjoy some largely spoiler-free stills taken "on-location" from the first day of live-action shooting for Episode 60 by friend-of-the-show Sarah...

My brother Chris, shooting a closeup of The OverThinker, holding
a Chinese dao broadsword. Where'd he get that? Stay tuned...

CryoThinker (Chris, in this shot) posing with a fighting-axe.

PyroThinker (Chris again, what a trooper) posing with quarterstaff.
It doesn't show well at this angle, but that staff is actually just about
7 feet tall. We made it as a prop for a movie that fell apart awhile
back, feels good and proper to finally put it to use.

Chris and myself, verbally working out some fight choreography. The
prop sword has no "edge" to speak of, but it's made of wood to get
the proper "weight" in motion, same deal with PyroThinker's staff - so
if either of us "miss" and connect it's still gonna hurt like hell. So far,
no injuries (and we really got into it after this shot) so fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

I'd really much prefer if you left out all those stuff you have added recently, the new characters, ninjas, bad guys etc. I can honestly stay and listen you for hours but now that you had added all these useless things, I just have to skip the video and find the stuff that matters.

Anonymous said...

Hate to say it, but I'm with that person, too. =/

I kind of stopped watching GO and now watch all of your stuff on The Escapist instead, The Big Picture being my current favorite.

Jetamungo said...

I like the action stuff, so long as the usual Gameoverthinker commentary is there too.
So fight on!

Anonymous said...

Don't knock it. As long as he's having fun and giving us the info we like I say roll with it.

Plenty of people gave up on their ideas because it wasn't fun for them.

Aiddon said...

good times. I'm just bracing for the inevitable stink Episode 58 is going to cause amongst more butthurt of people despite the fact that they were demanding more explanation from the FIRST time you did ala like your Expendables review

Sylocat said...

I love how everyone who wants Bob to ditch the storylines seems to think they're the first one to suggest it.

Anonymous said...

Keep making whatever story and fight scenes you want, Bob. I think after all the other shows you do, you should be allowed to do whatever the heck you want on this.

I think talking over your action scenes was a good choice. Its actually pretty funny to listen to you overthink while flipping out and ninja'ing ninjas.

Come on, guys... he's having fun with it so he does not get burnt out.

KevinCV said...

I've got pretty much one thing to say about those pics: WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET THAT GOOMBA SHIRT?! I WANT ONE! XD

TheChippa said...

Actually it's a buck-and-a-quarter, quarter-staff... But I'm not tellin' him that!

Evilkinggumby said...

I haven't been following your G.O. series as long as most of these folks, but I have been keeping up with it ever since I caught an eye of it a few months ago. You make so many damn great points and bring to light a side of gaming that I think many people don't take into consideration. For this, I bow to you. The video's are great fun. I enjoy listening to you "think" more then act, but the scripted stuff isn't bad so much as sometimes feeling unnecessary. I don't think it all needs to be cut, but I hope in time the scripted stuff doesn't overtake the mental dialogue you have going and make your great narration play second fiddle. I doubt it would happen.. But hey. Keep at it and kudos!

Ezenwa said...


And I love how everyone who's posting it here is stating they are "Anonymous", when they are probably the people who said they'd stop watching b/c of all of this further exposition. Funny thing is, I'm sure everyone who couldn't stand it still leaves comments anyway. So, yea, save it. It's been done. He's not stopping. Deal with it. I know I am...and I don't mind it.

Anonymous said...

Think the problem with the other M episode was that you basically talked about all the troll problems with other M.

If you watched the Spoonyone or Extra Creditz video on other M then you would have to agree with their statements

1) other M was too short and majority of the game was cutscenes.

2) The story was terrible. Samus has basically no personality in the story. She comes off more as a robot then a human in a game that is trying to give her a personality to begin with!

3) If other M was a prequel then Samus blindly taking orders from Adam would of made sense. But no this is a game that takes place between Super and Fusion. So her blind loyalty makes to no sense.

Misterprickly said...

Actually... It's a "buck 'n' a quarter" Quarter-staff but we're NOT tell'n him.

OT: the pics look cool and I can't wait to see the next episode.

muebles vallecas said...

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