Saturday, October 29, 2011

EPISODE 59 now viewable for ADVANTAGE subscribers (UPDATED!)

UPDATE: Okay, now that I'm no longer posting this in-between reel changes at an all-night film festival...

EPISODE 59, "Bat-Slap," will debute wide NEXT Saturday November 5th at 11pm EST; but ScrewAttack Advantage members can get an early look as of now RIGHT HERE.

Just to clarify, as I'm seeing some misunderstanding circulating about this one: It's NOT a review of the game (I really, really like the game so far - though I wish more of the missions/challenges weren't essentially "follow the Bat-GPS to [blank]"), nor is it a follow-up to the previous episode (re: this has NOTHING to do with "Other M," Japan, etc.)

In fact, it's primarily about the way online gaming culture reacts to criticism and/or negative observations about the medium (re: like a bunch of infants, too much of the time) with the Arkham City mini-blowup as a jumping-off point. In this respect, it's more of a "sequel" to 'Supreme Responsibility' than anything else.


Anonymous said...

It might help if you gave them the right URL, bob.

Karellen said...

Enjoyed it. Glad you didn't take it in the direction I imagine a lot of people are expecting. I hope you follow it up with an episode on game journalism some day. Not to excuse the terrible amount of groupthink on display by gamers in situations like this, but I suspect a lot of it starts with that year-long AAA hype bandwagon.

Charles Phipps said...

I actually wrote an article about the same subject you're discussing on my webpage if you want to check it out.

BTW, I absolutely loved your podcast and think it nicely summarized a lot of the problems with internet gaming culture. Plus, the introduction with the Riddle of Steel was great. This is the first podcast of yours I've read and I'm going to read a lot more because of it.

*two thumbs up*

Pat said...

This was a really good episode. It was awkward to show to somebody who doesn't usually watch the show (she seemed a little weirded out by the story elements). I think you might want to try and keep the story catch-up parts brief (like under a minute) so that you can get right to the point. Also there were probably a few too many *CLANG* moments. Those are just my criticisms since I think you're still trying to look at ways of improving your story integration. A great formula to follow is Linkara. He has probably more story than any other internet reviewer I know of, but he puts almost all of it at the very end of the review with a little teaser at the very beginning. That way people who are more interested in the point of the video can get right to the point and the people interested in the story can look at it as something extra if they keep watching. Just saying, if it takes 5 minutes to even state your thesis for the episode, you have to ask how many new viewers are going to want to wait that long. However, if you throw in a quick tidbit at the beginning, they may be interested enough to find out more.

That being said, I was really surprised with the direction you took here. It was very thoughtful and I'm glad you made a conscious decision of not comparing it to the Other M discussion. As always, you really know how to get to the heart of the issue.

Anonymous said...

this is going to be about filmcrithulk isn't it?