Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The TGO Section of ScrewAttack is Back Up!

GOOD NEWS! The original ScrewAttack episodes of the show are back up on the site after being unavailable for a short while during their upgrade to the new, improved site. SEE THEM HERE.

I'll be going back through the archive and changing the embed codes when I get a free moment, and probably tweeting the new links as well. For right now, I want to just very quickly touch on a way that show fans who are also ScrewAttack fans can, if they so choose, "help out" in support of both entities...

As you may or may not know, ScrewAttack is now offering an "Advantage Program" membership whereby users can subscribe to an ad-free version of the site that also offers early access to content. It's similar to premium or "prime" memberships offered by other sites, essentially.

Here's how this affects this show: Advantage members are able to "favorite" the particular shows that they like best on the site; and said shows get a 'cut' of the Advantage revenue. So, yes, this is blatant self-promotion. I encourage fans so-inclined the join Advantage and "like" the show, because it will give a tangible boost to my ability to produce and maintain this site and this series.

As always, I appreciate any and all support that this show recieves from it's fans and viewers - yes, even those of you who are exclusively logging in to demand that it revert to it's unrefined form, return to youtube, etc ;) TGO exists because it was, and continues to be, supported by fans and I truly thank all of them.

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Misterprickly said...

I can't access your section.

A script error is causing my browser to crash everytimg I click on your link.