Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The OverThinker WILL be at PAX East 2011

Title kinda says it all. TGO, aka MovieBob, aka ME will be out and about at PAX East this year, so if you see me feel free to say hello ;) Can't say at this time exactly what days/times or in what capacity, but I'll be around.

Postscript for smart-aleck's: Astral-projection, that's how.


Smashmatt202 said...

"Astral-projection, that's how."

Oh-ho, how clever. Didn't realize you had that sort of power, Mr. Overthinker.

Sorry to be such a smart-aleck, but I really don't care for your "storyline", and taking every opportunity to make fun of it is... Well, actually funny. Even more funny then your actual attempts at humor.

Okay, that was mean, sorry about that. Keep on trudging, I look forward to your next episode, regardless.

Arturo said...

Nice save, Bob

Anonymous said...

Sooooo.... I take it this would be the wrong time to bring up the whole dickwolves thing then, eh?

Bob said...


Eh, I don't see the harm in bringing it up - though I've tried to stay out of the whole thing.

Frankly, I think the whole "incident" is a textbook case of unintended consequences i.e. the innability to predict (or control) what your fans will do.

From my perspective, the PA guys were absolutely in the right as far as their direct actions: The negative reaction to the original comic WAS overblown, wrongheaded and missed the point IMO, and it was perfectly within reason for them to be be sarcastic in their initial defense - especially since that's their "default setting."

HOWEVER... I think it was maybe a bit shortsighted to fail to predict that too many fans desire to "defend" them would wind up inadvertently feeding the ugly subset of geek-culture that has a chip on it's shoulder about feminism. In other words, if it were me I'd like to think I'd have stopped responding to it a little earlier and I wouldn't have made the shirts - not because it's not funny, but because you don't want idiots acting idiotic in your name.

Patrick said...

Hope I get to see you there! I'll be there for all 3 days, what about you?

Popcorn Dave said...

I think Penny Arcade's problem is they've got two public personas at once. On the one hand they're the "edgy" F-bombing comedians who'll make fun of anything and everything, and on the other, they're ALSO these great humanitarians who set up a charity for sick kids and an awesome convention where everyone is supposed to be welcome. They usually walk the line pretty well, but the "dickwolves" issue was an instance where those two personas ended up coming together and clashing, badly.

The problem was they tried to play "edgy" by mocking the complainers and selling T-shirts, which is exactly what Yahtzee or Maddox would have done, but then they realised they're supposed to be "nice guys" so they had to awkwardly backtrack. Their excuse that "Penny Arcade and PAX are two different things" or whatever it was they said was pretty weak. They tried to have it both ways and failed.