Monday, September 27, 2010

Texting of The Bread

Below, the trailer for "Texting of The Bread" - a new mobile game that marks's first foray into game development:

The basic idea is it's a 2D spin on "Typing of The Dead" (re: "House of The Dead" as a keyboard-training game, cult-classic) with mobile texting and evil Gingerbread Men instead of zombies. I saw it in action back at SGC, and it looked like a lot of fun.

You can pick it up for your iPhone, iPad etc HERE.

1 comment:

Marsgreekgod said...

Thats... kinda lame honstly. They could make a better rip off of typing of the dead, which is epic.

I can see the soul, the idea here, but it's lacking. It is a hollow, fragmented game.