Monday, September 7, 2015

"Can The Nintendo NX Save The World?"


Damian said...

I disagree. Mainly due to the fact that online downloading is already proliffic and being adopted by a younger generation at such an astounding rate, it wont be surprising if the bext gen console will be a solid state device with a focus on online game streaming or straight up downloading. Also cartridges are more expensive to produce than discs. And from a company thats loosing money and is still content in creating the same mario, zelda metroid games pver and over again because new ips are so gosh darn hard. I cant see them wanting to pick up that cost or responsibility

Anonymous said...

Interesting concept, but I have to disagree as well. I just don't see carts making a comeback for much the same reason Damian can't. They make sense for a portable device due to increased durability vs discs and how much more power you need to spin a disc vs read a card, but outside the portable realm where people are expected to have a stead storage place for the games and a plug means you wont drain the battery, discs are kinda the way for physical media...

...and dont get me started if you are wrong and this machine is download only.... THAT would be DOA

- Megabyte

Anonymous said... I can assume you actually care so little you won't even fix the comments sections anymore, Bob?

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have to disagree as well for cartriges for the same reason as Damian. To be honest, when I saw the patent I thought it just the equivalent of the Playstation TV for the 3DS.

If Sony and Microsoft announce no physical support for their next generation consoles, I think Nintendo will stick with disks. You can be sure that specialised resellers would boycot consoles with no physical support (this already happened with the PSP Go). Most shops would basically become Nintendo exclusives.

Freelance said...

But will it be able to support the FF7 remake?

.... You know, I meant that as a joke, but Squaresoft really did brake with Nintendo at that time.

Nixou said...

A bit off topic but Bob: you asked on twitter which newspaper would be the first to publish a "Mario Maker has ruined gaming".

Turns out it's the Washington Post

Well, at least it does prove that Video Games have indeed won their struggle for acceptance, if even the Post feels relevant to publish stupid article about Nintendo ruining gaming.

Anonymous said...

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TheRezro said...

To be absolutely honest it isn't that Mario Maker was first, but Minecraft and in most cases this new approach bring many decent offspring titles, what surprisingly weren't just clones. In this case Mario Maker was basically catching up and quite obvious solution, not as much prediction but it has also its limits (quality) as professional made levels are simply commonly better. It is great jump point, but not replacement for classic games.

As for cartridge.. as most people here I disagree. More probable option is streaming not backing for outdated solution. We shouldn't forget that consoles use so called "razor blade" tactic now, that is companies sell main device on lover cost then it cost to produce in order to push sell of consumables. Basically that mean cheaper games = more money (and cartridges aren't cheap), and that don't work only when pore game sells can't return money for overcomplicated hardware with overestimated price (aka what happened with PS3). So yes, it could work with handheld but not on big consoles.

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ke7eha said...

I tend to agree with you about cartridges, Bob. They seem to be a semi-optimal delivery mechanism for a gaming experience in the modern age.

As has been mentioned before, carts are more expensive to manufacture than discs are. This is why discs are more ubiquitous at the current stage. However, there are benefits to using carts that discs do not have. Namely, access speed. In a connector in the same size and relative form factor as an NES or SNES cartridge, I can fit 16 lanes of PCI express connectivity in a card edge connector, more if I use a more complex connector. That is insane bandwidth something like 32GB/sec), and can enable next-gen games without any loading times. Carts can even be made with additional performance boosting hardware, like the old SNES FX chips and internal DSPs.

Sneakernetting games (a-la cartridge) can also get around bullshit like ISP bandwidth caps. I have a sneaking suspicion that these are going to be around for a while. This will likely kill next-gen games download or streaming models. Current gen games are enormous downloads (GTA V is 65GB, Fallout 4 is 26GB), and as caps become more widespread, I think that shortcutting around ISPs is going to become more common.

My concern is that Flash memory does not last forever. What sort of impact to the culture would games being unplayable ten years after launch because the data stored in the Flash memory had eroded too much to be readable?

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