Sunday, March 29, 2015

Unhappy News

Sad news* to report from the Game OverThinker family.

Dylan the rabbit, who portrayed Commissioner John "Bunnyface" Buonoffacio on the series, is no longer with us. At an unknown time today while his humans were out, he (apparently) sustained an accidental self-injury that is, I'm told, unfortunately common in his species; and the only humane care option was to put him down earlier this evening.

We (myself, Dylan's pet-parents and everyone who knew him) are devastated. He was a loyal friend, beloved by all who came to know him and, to the end, an emphatically good bunny. He went to rest peacefully, with the people who loved him best, and he will be missed, dearly. I ask that you please send whatever prayers, thoughts, well wishes or "good vibes" you may be able to spare to Dylan's family and loved ones, who are understandably having a very difficult night.

Rest in peace, my friend. We will never forget you.

*P.S. I welcome Game OverThinker fans to share any thoughts or memories they have of Dylan's appearances on the show below. Additionally, given the sad nature of the event I ask that those who've made it their regular place to troll every post on this blog please be respectful and not do so in this case - because any abusive, mean-spirited on hurtful comments I see on this post will be deleted and likely result in an IP ban. I mean it.