Sunday, February 1, 2015

Angry Joe on #GamerGate (and Everything Else)

There was some Internet Drama over the weekend as the great Angry Joe's yearly Top Ten Gaming Controversies video got hit with a (seemingly, from this angle) bullshit Copyright claim by some other YouTube fixtures I won't do the favor a mention. Suffice it to say, it's back up, so give it a watch. You'll want to go to 31:43 the "big news," i.e. AJ on #GamerGate; but you should absolutely watch the entire video HERE.

I imagine it goes without saying that I'm not in 100% agreement with Joe re: GG and the "both sides" stuff; largely because I see (and have always seen) GG as a "congealing" of multiple trends and themes I happen to think gaming (the industry and the "community") is long overdue to shake off and evolve beyond; but there's a tremendous amount of rightness and hard truth being said here overall and I'm glad it's being said by someone who's an important voice in the "hardcore" set.

More importantly, I'd say that Joe manages the difficult task of being decidedly even-handed without indulging in false equivocations. i.e. calling "bullshit!" on the "it's about ethics!" nonsense, calling out the real abusers and knocking down conspiracy theories (no, no one wants "gamers" to "die.") overall, a very good piece.