Monday, January 5, 2015


NOTE: This post will not have active comments, in order to avoid confusion.

Preparations are now underway to ensure that you will not have to wait the same overlong amount of time for Episodes 98 and 99 as you did for Episode 96. As those two episodes will both be dedicated to viewer mail, part of that entails locking of submissions at a certain point.

To that end: Episode 98 will exclusively utilize questions from the original "Final Mailbag" comments section (located HERE), which in turn will cease to be active (read: no more new comments) on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 7th. After that, a new post will go up, the comments for which will be used for Episode 99.

So! Anyone with questions, you still have until 11:59pm January 7th 2015 to post them to The Comments At This Link; after which a second opportunity will open in a new location. So get to it!