Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rumors & Exaggerations

Hey, here's a video that was ALMOST an OverThinker update but became a Big Picture instead...

More news after the jump:

So. Have things been quiet here and on the other blog? They have. Is Episode 97 late by more than a month? It is. Do I have an excuse? Sure - busy season, personal/professional upheavals, all manner of things - but it doesn't change the lateness.

So. Here's the update on where things are:

  • There will be approximately 4 more "official" episodes of the current iteration of Game OverThinker, released over the next few weeks/months heading into 2015.
  • These episodes will address current and ongoing events in the games industry while simultaneously addressing the need for the show to change (in the real world) and bringing the overrarching "storyline" that began in Episode 43 to a conclusion.
  • The show will go into official hiatus for retooling (much of which is already in-production) afterward, aiming for a re-launch in early to mid Spring of 2015. As of now, fans can look forward to a new regular/episodic OverThinker series focused on spoken editorials without a (heavy) narrative component - think something close to Angry Joe or Jim Sterling's work, mixed with MST3K host-segments.
  • While I can't disclose which ones (since it would spoil who does and doesn't survive the finale, duh) fans of the various other characters can look forward to some experimentation with separate projects built around those personalities that will likely incorporate various plot-threads from the original series.
  • I am still toying with setting up a Patreon for this series and my other non-contracted work (just so we're clear - I'm not actually an "employee" of anyone right now - I'm a freelancer with contracts) but haven't made any final decisions stay tuned.
  • At some point between the final episode and the re-launch of the new series, this blog (and the other) will both cease to be updated. I won't delete them right away for archival purposes, but there will be no more posts and comments will be shut down. A new site, serving as a hub for my entire web-presence, will replace them shortly thereafter.
It's been a rough year, professionally. I'm not going to lie, and I'm not going to say that my work and output hasn't suffered. But I've always been grateful for my fans, and I'm excited to show you what comes next.