Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Call of Duty: Ghosts (Single-Player Trailer)

As near as can be discerned from this reveal trailer, the story of "CALL OF DUTY: GHOSTS" goes like this: Astronauts with machine guns take over a satellite-based weapon and use it to bomb America into "I Am Legend"-level ruin in advance of a ground invasion; which is opposed by a team of heroes - and their trusty dog - who've all adopted the signature look of a previous COD game's popular masked-hero "Ghost."

Okay. I'm paying attention now.

One of my ongoing issues with previous COD titles has been the disconnect between their sensibilities (dumb as a bag of hammers and cartoonishly militaristic in the vein of Michael Bay) and their narrative/presentation (winkingly "realistic" and sombre in the vein of John Philip Sousa.) This one appears to have addressed these concerns rather adequately: If you're going to be dumb (spoiler: This is going to be dumb) you might as well be Astronauts With Machine Guns dumb.