Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rad Raygun

I downloaded indie title "Rad Raygun" off XBLA a while back on a whim and wound up playing through the whole shebang right then and there because it was so insanely awesome, and was delighted to meet it's creators here at SGC. Seriously, this is a great indie game.

Basic pitch: It's Mega Man, but as a gung-ho Reagan-era/anti-Soviet propaganda lark... for the original GameBoy. Sticks to the premise and the aesthetic admirably, and the soundtrack is fantastic. So let's help them get on Steam Greenlight, huh?


TrevorMcD said...

This looks boss, I might give it a try if it comes to WiiU. Two Brothers, coming on the WiiU also looks GameBoy good!

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