Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Tropes Vs Women" Releases Episode 2

Oh hey, look at that:

I'm on my way to work right now, so I'll be watching in-full and commenting further later. For now, have at it:

UPDATE 1: Work was canceled, video watched, comments below the jump:

UPDATE 2: Some vengeful asshats have (apparently) gotten the clip taken down by exploiting YouTube's draconian TOS. A written transcript is still available HERE. Obviously, as soon as I see where it goes back up, I'll repost. People with mirrored links are welcome to post them in the comments until then.

So, then...

In many ways, I feel like this episode was a really solid reaction to the "where's the new substance?" critiques of the first one - much more in depth, much more focused on the "why is this problematic?" aspects, etc. Everything from 22:35 on, in particular, should serve as an answer to the "misandry is just as bad!!!" fools; laying out how patriarchy is also disempowering to men.

Honestly, though? I actually feel like she wasn't hard enough on some of this; particularly the "The bad guy corrupted me and you must kill me to set me free!" thing. What gets glossed-over so often with the Damsel in Distress thing is that the original context of "Save The Princess!" fairytales was rescuing women from having their virginity stolen (via rape or otherwise) by parties who did not have the proper claim on such in an era where virginity was inextricably tied to marriageability and thus the entirey of female worth. "Kill me, I'm a monster!" in other words being a modernization of "Kill me, I am a 'ruined' woman!" It's a fantasy-ization of honor-killing, basically, and that's pretty fucking pernicious.

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Anonymous said...


MachineMan said...

Oh, what the tits? It happened again!?

Sabre said...

1000+ comments, most of them critical of Bob and Anita, gone. You know, this is starting to look suspicious.

REPTILE 0009 said...

Seriously, what happened to all the comments? There used to be over a thousand of them. I guess Bob decided he was gonna follow the example of Anita, and just delete all the comments, most of which where critical of Anita and Bob.

JeffBergeron said...

I see Bob is now following the Anita Sarkeesian School of "discussion".

REPTILE 0009 said...

Do you care to explain what just happened to the past 1000 comments on this blog post? Did you decide to get of them because most of them where critical of you and Anita? You do realize that you’re not helping your cause, or even Anita’s cause by getting rid of all comments that criticize you?

Wolfboy said...

Most of them were revoltingly myopic and bordering on sexist by way of "Sexism is over 11!!!eleven!!! Derp!" (I suspect).

Anyhow, this is useful. You won't like it, because it contradicts your "Women bitch too much, sexism is over now!" narrative, but y'know, dem's de breaks.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=2_4aDJV_gjU - go watch it.

Wolfboy said...
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Herbata said...

You suspect wrong. Most of the comments were reasonable and not the kind of straw man Anita uses to avoid any form of discussion.

The majority didn't even act like there isn't any form of sexism in games, but that doesn't mean they can't criticize how she is presenting it, like for example the assumptions she made and then treated like pure facts. There where a lot of good points people had against her arguments, but it seems Bob didn't bother to confront more than a few of them and instead decided to take the easy way and just delete everything.

Anonymous said...

You can still see most of the comments in Google cache in case someone's interested.

MachineMan said...


1,051 last time I checked.

I was on a roll too... *sadface*

REPTILE 0009 said...

No response huh Bob? Figures, I knew you were too much of a coward to do so, what with you refusing to respond to the Amazing Atheist’s or any of the other response videos to Anita’s video and instead just say “its crap,” or “they’re not worth my attention” and now you’ve taken to just deleting all the comments on this blog post.

Once again Bob, you are not helping your cause or Anita’s by doing this. In fact YOU and even Anita are perpetuating the stereotype of feminists and the people who support them of being a bunch of Nazi’s who silence anyone with a dissenting opinion. Ironically, it’s the same thing you accuse the Amazing Atheist of doing.

Hell, in my book, I think the Amazing Atheist is far more deserving of respect and integrity that you or Anita. For someone as controversial and divisive as he is, he has not once tried to censor them, or act he’s being persecuted against. He’s willing to acknowledge and refute his critics, which is far more than I can say for Anita or Bob who simply choose to go “La la la I can’t hear you!”

Anonymous said...

You guys do realize that comments disappearing and the such is a problem that has happened on the blog before? And let's just say hypothetically Bob did delete the comments, if he could make them vanish without a trace, why do we even still have any comments from people like James? Also keep in mind that the comments are now being made in a form that Bob no longer uses on his blog. Also this blog post is old as fuck, he's probably not responding to fucktards like Reptile 0009 because what would be the fucking point in that by now? I'm pretty sure you're now being paranoid about this and making conspiracy theories to explain your petty annoyances, just like how everybody moronically claimed Anita was actually a con artist.

Anonymous said...

Okay then, here's a nother comment for the pile:

"Go fuck yourself, Anonymous 11:39."

Anonymous said...

On page 191 of his new book, The Game Overthinker reveals that he didn't move out of his parent's house until he was kicked out at age 31.
He also admits that he left his grandmother's funeral early to go install an air conditioner and play Nintendo games.
I cannot tell whether he's legitimately autistic, or just a colossal scumbag?

Seriously, Bob. How can you attempt to justify this shit?