Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Canned "Gritty FPS Reboot" of Mega Man SHOCKINGLY Only Looks About 1/3 as Shitty as You'd Expect

Polygon has a great piece up looking at a previously-unknown project - ultimately canceled by Capcom - wherein a bunch of ex-"Metroid Prime" developers (a game series which The Internet has decided, in absence of any factual evidence, that I "hate") attempt to reboot Mega Man (okay, technically "Mega Man X") into a gritty first-person shooter. And yes, there's video...

...Yeah. The story itself is a pretty fascinating look at Capcom wasting presumably good sums of money on a game they never seemed all that sure about and the devs sound sincere, but the Proof of Concept vids look about like you'd expect. I especially like how the "big get" of Adi Granov redesigning the character literally looks like a fanboy-photoshop of Granov's Iron Man armor tinted blue with a Mega Man helmet stuck on it. Still, one supposes I should be thankful that should this have ever actually happened they opted to use a few colors beyond rust and mud.