Wednesday, January 23, 2013

EPISODE 81: "Let This Be The End"

New episode, now available on Blip:

Our subject this week (inspired in part by Mr. Croshaw) is whether or not we really, really need yet another generation of new individual consoles...


QWERTY67 said...

Why do you hate halo so much bob?

Smashmatt202 said...

Wow, how come there's only one comment here? Weird...

"Miss Bunnypenny"? Will we ever see her? Probably not.

So Senator Liberson sent that Beardo guy? Does that mean... Hrm...

Believe it or not, that real-ass fight between OmegaThinker and RoboThinker is a lot better then the ones that try to shoehorn in all those incredibly crappy special effects. Just to (relatively big) guys whaling on each other! I like it!

You know, the best thing about the possibility of this being the last generation means that perhaps people will stop arguing about this BS. Hopefully. I want to be optimistic about this kind of this.

But I'm with MovieBob and so many others, I'm just not that excited about this new generation... Maybe it's because pretty much EVERY non-gamer I've talked to had no idea the Wii U was out... Or Hell, even that the Wii U exists! I had to explain it to them, and I'm fairly certain most of them would rather just stick to their Wii then deal with a new "upgraded" version.

You know, much like when the Nostalgia Critic does stuff like this, I have to wonder, what do the neighbors think of all this? Like there's some guy in a pink wing with his brother in some weird Power Ranger outfit with a leather jacket fighting each other... Just-just don't look at them.

So, um, why did you randomly insert "Satan" there? Did you really need to, ONCE A-FUCKING-GAIN, point out something that everyone would have gotten regardless? Seriously, stop that!

I like how you went back and clarified some things about your "PC Gaming is Dead" video. I'm still not entirely sure I get it, though... I mean, I kind of wish I was a PC gamer, but it feels like there are too many boundaries for me to hurdle over. Because yeah, like MovieBob said, PC gaming is a pain in the ass, even IF you can apparently plug in your Xbox 360 controller or whatever.

Maybe that's why PC gamers are so uptight about it, because they feel a certain superiority out of not being bothered with it's bullshit or whatnot. Point is, I am NOT a computer person and likely never will be, thus I'll probably never be a true PC gamer.

I also feel like this video backs up a comment he made in an Overbytes episode about it being easier to fix his NES than any given video game console or PC these days. Although, I, myself, would still be flummoxed about what to do. :(

BTW, I recall Nintendo say the day they stop making consoles is the day they stop making video games in general. That probably won't happen, or at least I HOPE it doesn't happen, but who knows for sure if they really mean it...

Aww man, I know that music that's playing as the scene focuses on the RetroThinker and the yellow gem, but what is it?!

Anonymous said...

That's the music from Lord of the Rings when someone's being tempted by the power of the One Ring. Perfect analogy for it, IMO.

I'm not that excited about this new generation myself, tbh. I didn't even care too much about this past generation either. Hell, I avoided the Wii for the longest time because I just thought of it as a stupid party games console, and it took Skyward Sword for me to finally see the strengths of it. And right now, I'm just not seeing what big advantage the WiiU has. At least, I haven't seen many games that utilize the full strengths of it.