Wednesday, May 30, 2012


UPDATE: Technical issue has been resolved, my apologies for any confusion that may have arisen.
Here we go: EPISODE 71: "Eulogii" will go live for all-audiences this Sunday 6/2. ScrewAttack Advantage members, however, can get their usual early look starting, er... right now HERE.

ALSO: The big announcement made at the end of this one is that Episode 72 will be another MAILBAG... but this one will be exclusive to ScrewAttack G1's (read: members) who ask their questions in the comments-section under this episode (on the screwattack page, NOT HERE.) No, G1 isn't Advantage (i.e. it doesn't cost anything) and yes, we will do another for all-audiences soon.


Botman said...

Interesting that you mention wasted potential, as I have the feeling that's how I'm going to be feel about the current story arc from what I saw from this episode.

I'll save my judgement for the next video, but unless you take a completely different route then I think you will for the climax (Namely, hoping beyond hope you'll have an actual debate with a non-strawman caricature for once. Instead of once again falling back on the tired TGWTG cliches of bad special effects and hollow game references, like I saw in this episode), I think I may finally give up on your storyline segments for good.

Naner said...

6/2 is Saturday, not Sunday.

Anyway, pretty cool. Looking forward to "Eulogii".

Popcorn Dave said...

Man, the "big announcement" being a mailbag episode was a bit of a letdown the FIRST time you did it. I suspect people won't take your "big announcements" very seriously in future. Oops! This is marketing 101, Bob!