Sunday, December 12, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Spike VGA's Dominated By American Games, Shooters and Fan-Service! ALSO: Water Wet, Grass Green!

I'm sorry, but Music Games should not be qualified for a "best soundtrack" award. They don't let a Greatest Hit's compilation compete for a Grammy, do they?

Nice to see Epic Yarn at least nominated for Best Graphics.

Incidentally, YES there will be a new episode coming soon - hopefully this week.


Ryan Keys said...

Did anyone see the trailer for the new SSX

Is this REALLY what we've come to? 'Yeah, don't give them a colourful enjoyable snowboarding game like all the others, nah, give them Call of Duty on Skis, they'll love it'

It's all I can do not to swallow a fucking shotgun right now.

Alexander said...

Yeah but lets face it shooters are big in america/the west and the VGA's are dominated by american/western games in much the same way the academy awards are dominated by american movies. It would be nice to have an ultimate this-is-what-is-best-so-we-will-give-it-an-award award show, in either video games or movies, (or hell music too) but thats looking like its just not going to happen any time soon.

Axle said...

Spike's VGA's are about as meaningful as the MTV movie awards.

At least there was an original score category, but then best soundtrack just ends up being best music game part 2.

There are separate categories for team and individual sports but the ultra-vague "action-adventure" is just one. Mario Galaxy and God of War don't really belong in the same category (to me at least).

Character of the year went to a game that barely has a single player campaign and from what I've read is a pretty bad campaign.

I wonder how many years past never it will be before video games have a more respectable award show.

Anonymous said...

is it any surprise? America's been dominated by American games for close to the past decade now, I guess starting with Halo. Nowadays, only Nintendo (which is "too kiddy" for some), Squenix, and an occasional hit from miscellaneous other companies (Capcom, Konami, etc.) serve to remind everyone that they used to grow up playing nothing but good ole' fashion imports from that surrealism-embracing island in the north-western corner of the Pacific, and even those are steadily getting drowned out by the sea of FPSes. It saddens me, really.

akkuma420 said...

yea... This years VGA's were no different from any other year, pretty biased and pretty boring.
I am glad that Red Dead Redemption got Game of the Year seeing as it's an amazing game and very much deserved.
COD:Black Ops for best FPS... WHAT A SURPRISE! lol.
I also thought it was pretty ridiculous that Neil Patric Harris was hosting the show and just so happened, oh so conveniently to win an award... considering who he was up against... (facepalm)
It's like they said to themselves before the show "Hey, he agreed to do the show for almost nothing, might as well give him an award while he's here"
Also... What the hell was with that Kratos Vs. Hades fight they showed? It looked all fine and dandy at first, game play footage, a stage dressed up to look like a GOW set piece, bla bla bla... then all of a sudden there are CG chains, ghosts and arms coming out rocks all over the place.
What was that? I don't get it... Did the audience see what the viewers at home where seeing? Was it meant to be viewed on a 3D TV? What was the point!? ugghhh.... whatever.
Horrible celebrity appearances as usual (I use the term celebrity loosely)
Majority of them had no idea what they where saying nor did they care.
Olivia Munn was annoying but hot as usual.
Neil Patric Harris was kinda funny.
Overall though... Could have been ALOT worse, still unacceptable though.

I also find it pretty fucken lame that Nintendo got snubbed... Considering all the awesome titles they have dropped this year so far, they should have been alot more involved, it was almost as if Nintendo didn't exist at the VGA's.

Not "HARDCORE" enough I suppose...

Drake Sigar said...

These people aren't gamers.

Dave said...


oh please. If there is any region that can be characterized by rejecting foreign games, it would be japan. Western gamers grew up with japanese games...we kindof had to.

The issue is that japanese devs didn't grow up with us. Take a development environment where not only are they pathologically opposed to foreign games, but even foreign ideas and you end up with a stagnant environment. When the creator of megaman, one of the most important figures int eh japanese gaming industry says that "our game industry is finished", you know there is a problem.

The problem isn't that americans only like american games, its that by and large, japanese games are horrible.

An excellent example is forza and GT5. Largely identical kinds of games. And yet the forza team made a better game in 2 years that the GT team did in 6....with the last year having the advantage of being able to see what forza did right. Look at what happened with the FF series. Look at metroid. Western devs took it into 3d which is something nintendo wasn't even sure oculd be done....and the first thing the Japanese devs do is regress it to a pre snes level of gameplay and retcon the previous 3 games out of existence.

I defy you to find a single genre in gaming where western and Japanese devs are in active competition where japan is still the main creative force. Because in racing,horror, music and rpgs...all genres japan defined for years, that are now western dominated. Western development practises may involve some sameness here and there, but the overall result is a VAST advance in quality over japan, who is now struggling just to remain relevant.

The 'too kiddy' thing is also a cheap shot. That was a complaint in previous gens, but not so much now. LBP is if anything, even MORE cloying and sickly sweet than anything nintendo has ever made...and it was well received.

Renan said...

It's absurd that the only thing Nintendo won was "Best Wii Game". Why the hell isn't there a "Best Platformer" category? It seems they only want to throw PS3 and 360 fanboys against one another.

vestibual said...

The VGA's were bull and i don't even live in the US. The way i see it is that games are going the same way as movies. The big movies that are talked about for ages, even if there crap overshadow the amazing films like foreign films and small developments.

The fact that Super Mario Galaxy 2 wasn't on the game of the year nominations was tragic, it actually really annoyed me. That game got better scores critically on average than every game at the show. Actually i think all the games in the best nominations have some sort of gun in or gratuitous violence.

Oh and no best platformer category, that's a main genre of games. They put shooters in there. I'm not even a fanboy for any console, i just want to see diversity in the nominations.


Bob said...


There's a certain amount of truth there, but for what it's worth - withouting wading back in to the Other M vs. Prime thing again - I'd say Japan is still kicking The West's ass in the realm of Fighters, Platformers, Shmups, Hack-n-Slash and Turn-Based RPGs.

Then again... I'm not sure how much any of it can be called a "competition" as Western devs have essentially given up on several of those genres, and likewise the genres Western devs ARE concentrating on (FPS, Sports, Open-World) are met with similar disinterest in Japan.

Either way, all this sociological analysis is a bit more than the subject at hand calls for: The VGAs being overwhelmingly Western isn't any indicator of the relative stability of the Japanese games industry - the VGAs are mostly Western because they're run by freakin' SPIKE and the Japanese design-aesthetic is "gheeeeey" ;)

REPTILE 0009 said...

I don't see why we see it as a problem that japanese games are under represented, especially considering how japan is racism and xenophobic against our games.
Also one point I'd like to bring about japan is how sexist and exploitative of women they are in their games. Some of the worst offenders come from japan.

Alastair said...

Did anybody else read Reptile 009's comment and think of that one Zero Punctuation episode where Yahtzee calls the Japanese a bunch of xenophobic dicks?

...and flashes up on the screen the words "LOL IRONY".

I hope to god that Reptile was making the same joke, otherwise I fear for humanity.

Karl Kablisk said...

I've never liked the VGAs. It should be something representative of the gaming community and popular opinions but it seems so far disconnected from whats going on ANYWHERE. I remember a few years back (since I stopped even attempting to watch it) all these sports games won. Probably a few FPSes as well and nearly every other genre was ignored.

This is in no way at the level of music awards or movie awards. It should span across every category. And thats right, "soundtrack" would imply an actual soundtrack, not a music collection seen in ANY music game. The only possible exception I can think of is if every song or something like 99% of the music was ORIGINAL to the music game, like a lot of the old Konami music games where Konami produced their own music.

The VGAs just needs to be handled by someone else, another company or possibly the community in general. If they opened it to the world and not just america it would be a lot different too.

muebles camobel said...

Here, I don't really believe this will work.