Friday, October 15, 2010

Podcast Interview (Armchair Thinkers)

Chris and Kyle, aka "The Armchair Thinkers," had your's truly as their guest on the Podcast this week. I thought it went pretty well, Judge for yourself.

Armchair Thinkers Facebook Page.

Armchair Thinkers on iTunes (I'm on EPISODE 9)


john said...

Is there a way to judge for myself that doesn't involve signing up for a "free trial" of an Amazon service?

awwnuts07 said...

I knew what you were going to say in the lightning round when the questions were:

q: Name a game you love
a: SMB3

q: Name a game series you hate
a: Halo

LOL. Sometimes you can be so predictable, Bob.

Anonymous said...

Mario Bros. 'continuity' is well handled just not from a nerd angle but more a publishing one. Like RL Stine's novels or the Left Behind series, or some other multi-tier product with numerous spinoffs.

The Mario is put into stuff because him and his artifacts sell, they are pretty intuitive to deal with and they create a nice buy in. I mean Mario Kart didn't have to have Mario but I think we've had more of those than any of the Fzero games in the US.

REPTILE 0009 said...

We knew that Halo Reach was going to be awesome not only because it was made by the world's greatest game company(Bungie), but they were improving every single aspect of the game. They brought back Firefight and it was better than ever. They brought back Forge, and it was better than ever. Multiplayer was better than ever. And they had SPACE COMBAT!!! And you know what? Reach was awesome. said...

This can't really have effect, I think like this.