Thursday, July 29, 2010

Extra Credits

Daniel Floyd has been all over the web for a number of years now, consistently putting out magnificient game-commentary content that you really ought to go look for and watch if you haven't already. Now, he and his compatriots James Portnow and Allison Theus have had their show "Extra Credits" picked up by The Escapist.

You should DEFINITELY be watching this one. I'll put it simply: I'm glad y'all like MY show... but this show is better, so give it a look:


chasco1551 said...

That is quite the humble statement. But Your show is Much better. Keep Up the good work Mr. Movie Bob :)

chasco1551 said...

Oh and one more thing, It was cool to see you an Noah "the Spoony One" in the same room together... I've been flamed at times because I'll shamelessly plug your show over at TGWTG. You see they have this Guy named Bennett the Sage that is there resident "game over thinker". None the lest. Love your Blog and hope all your ventures are fruitful!

Daniel Floyd said...

Wow, thanks for the plug! Don't sell yourself short, though. I've been a fan of yours for a while.

I'm always impressed by the amount of research you've done on each topic you cover. Even when I don't agree with your perspective on an issue, you've always put together a solid, well-researched argument.

Besides, until now you've managed to come out with an episode once a month where I managed like three per year, so I think that makes you better by default.

DanielShin said...

Funny, I recall he said almost the same thing about you, a few months ago.

maybe you should do a battle like the AVGN and the nostalgia critic?
Or an animated voice vs live action voice insults war!

toosoo said...

this is weird i learned about this blog show thing from daniels blog and now this blog is pluging daniels show

its come full circle personally im a fan of both daniels videos and the overthinkers their alot alike but have 2 very different styles daniels is happy and optimistic while bobs is more combative and argumentative

and both have their own sense of humor to them and both have well thought out,informative, and presented videos their both quite good and its really just an apples and oranges argument when it comes to preferances(same thing with yatzee and his vid which are really tounge in cheek funny and very ,for lack of a better term, in your face)

Anonymous said...

maybe you should do a battle like the AVGN and the nostalgia critic?

You're show is better.

No, yours is!

I said yours is, damn it, and I meant it!

Admit you have the better show or I'll punch you in the throat.

Come and try it, commentator!

Smashmatt202 said...

HEY! Daniel Floyd actually commented on this!

I also find it nice to hear you think he's better than you when it comes to video game commentary.

Funnily enough, I was introduced to Daniel Floyd after a guy on a forum when on about how biased and unfair you are when it comes to "hardcore" games and Nintendo. He THEN proceeded to talk about Mr. Floyd and how he was criminally underrated.

Which is a good thing he's now on the Escapist and able to get a bit more publicity!

abdulsalam said...

This is great


Mousa the 14 said...

I love Mr. Floyd's work and i'm so glad you agree. This is a very great step foreword for him.

Mark said...

wow, bob, thanks for the notice. i'd never heard of this guys videos, but they're great and now i'm a fan!

very similar to yours, i'd say. but there's plenty of room for that, i'd say

Eric said...

Honestly? Decent video, but I'm really not that impressed with the content. I liked the other stuff this guy has put out but his commentary here is positively pedestrian and seems to be aimed at a group of people who - for lack of a better way to say it - don't really have any idea how games are made. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, and likely more my fault than the fault of the Daniel, but I found myself thoroughly uninterested.

It's okay though, it's hard to come up with great things to say every time, and it's not like I have any claims to fame myself.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob. This is really great stuff. So much in fact that I went and found a lot of his older material on youtube. In one of his videos, he spoke about video games growing up as an artistic medium and the resistance it's faced. In particular, he cited a game called Six Days in Fallujah that almost takes a documentary approach to the current war game, even going so far as to utilize first hand documents and testimony in the development of the game. Something like this seems very game-changing for the video gaming medium as a whole and I can't believe I didn't hear about it until now. Is there a particular reason why you chose not to cover this? Not that I'm trying to accuse you or anything, it just seems like something that's right up your alley. It would have fit in well in several of your video's, particularly the Shadow Complex or Games as Art videos. What are your thought's on the game and do you plan to address it in future videos?

Renk said...


Anonymous said...

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